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Fuck Up Report: Tooled By Self

mASF post by jlaix

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Fuck Up Report: Tooled By Self
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mASF post by "jlaix"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

Haha, yeah I wrote that last night when I just got home after the incident, so
i was pretty drunk. Today, I think it's pretty funny. Like, WTF? Who busts in
on people fucking and bites the guy's face off? Who does that?!

Anyway, I'm not upset, I just like to post EVERYTHING, good and bad, that I
feel is noteworthy. I don't give a fuck, I fuck up all the time, it's no big
deal, this was just unusual. But yeah, next time I see those dodes I'll go the
super-cool-friendly route with some Style-mogs thrown in. Hell, I already had
sex with her, and so have most decent players in the bay area, so it's not like
some magical unicorn lost in the dust of time or some shit. The thing that
pissed me off was it being BACKWARDS HAT GUY.

Who knows, maybe she fucked backwards hat guy's friend and not him, like I
suggested. One can only hope, I don't want that sort of hat-wearing behavior


what's the difference between us? we can start at the penis; or we can scream
"i just don't give a fuck" and see who means it.

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