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Field Report: Kiss SHB 9.5, My First Field Report!!

mASF post by Zooose

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Field Report: Kiss SHB 9.5, My First Field Report!!
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mASF post by "Zooose"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2005

January 30, 2005
Tuscany Suites, Las Vegas, NV

You should know that I began in May 2004 by walking up to cute girls in public,
asking for the time of day, and then retreating in terror, my heart thundering
in my chest.

Now, after nine months of serious work, of having girls back-turn me, laugh me
off, and literally bolt in fear from my weirdo rAFC body language, I finally
have a field report worth posting. Tonight was one small step for PU, one giant
leap for Zooose.

First…mad, mad, mad, mad props to Geoff of, who in the
last 48 hours of RSD bootcamp has managed to take my clumsy, over-serious,
uncalibrating ass to a level of game that I can hardly believe.

Note: I’ve had a few vodka red bulls tonight to get me over the hump, and I’ve
been literally humming with super-state for a few hours, so some of the details
of this FR may escape me, but here goes.

RSD BootCamp, Las Vegas, Second Day

5pm, mall inside Caesar’s Palace. My state is utter dogshit, and I’m exhausted
from gaming until 6am the night before. Geoff and I run some mall sets, and he
totally carries me. I watch in frustration from the sidelines as my targets
inevitably ignore me in boredom or disgust and gravitate toward him. I decide I
will probably never get an HB to bed, even if I memorize a fucking seven hour

Frustrated, tired, and hopeless, I join Geoff and the RSD bootcamp crew for
dinner. I feel like I can’t even hold a conversation with my community
brothers, much less an HB. After dinner, we all head to Pure, the hottest new
Vegas club, located in Caesar’s Palace. As Geoff would later say as we waited
in the endless VIP line, “I can smell the wealth.”

Before we enter, in the throng outside the club, I see a skinny HB lone wolf.
Something compels me forward. I open her in a nearby shop (yes, with Jealous
Girlfriend), and something amazing happens. I find myself suddenly able to
VIBE. We chit-chat like friends, and I manage some playful push/pull that goes
over money. Then, just as I go for # close, her two warpig friends come up to
ruin my momentum. Fuck it: As Geoff says, “Be a closer.” I go for the number
anyway and she happily punches it in my phone. Even better, I really liked her,
she really liked me, and she was HOT. A nice skinny 7.5.

Hmmm…so you think that’s the extent of my big FR? Uh….not even close, kid.

Boom, we hit Pure, after unfortunately losing half the crew due to dress code.
The club is hopping hard, pristine white walls and billowing white curtains
splashed with a dizzying array of dance floor colors. The music surges as I
draw a quick vodka red bull from the bar to combat fatigue. I turn and see a
two-set by the dance floor. Both are hot, one of them is very hot.

Well, as Chariot says, the first three sets don’t count. Let me get blown out
real quick so I can get on with my sarging.

I open with Who Lies More, which *never* works for me, but it’s too loud and
hyper in here for Jealous Girlfriend or anything with substance. To my
amazement, they eat it up, laughing at shit that simply isn’t funny. I realize
that the very hot one is very, very hot, a SHB 9.5. She later turned out to be
the hottest girl in the hottest club in Las Vegas on this amazing Saturday
night. Six feet, slamming body, peacocked, aspiring Playboy Playmate.

Best Friends Test lights them up even more. Thank you, Mystery, for teaching me
to neg the target: “How do you roll with this chick, anyway, she’s so fucking
hyper!” They love it. Wasn’t even funny. Retarded, even. But they love it.

Geoff swoops in to occupy the second half and suddenly I’m 1-on-1 with a
bombshell. Routines start flowing. Push/pull starts flowing. She’s loving me.
Giggles, kino. Holy shit.

I try to isolate, but no go. Keep gaming. Cube. Qualify. Keep gaming. Thank
you, Mystery, for the “I Like…” game and the “Questions” game. Multiple threads
in play, careful to sprinkle in push/pull. She’s loving me. Out of the corner
of my eye I see Geoff: “Kiss her!”

I kiss her on the cheek, but she dodges the lip kiss, offers a boyfriend
excuse. I keep gaming. Questions game: “Are you dominant or submissive in bed?”
Very submissive, she says. Ahhhhh. She asks me what my shoe size is. Cute.

Eventually, her friend starts pulling her away, girlie restroom break. I go for
lips, get cheek. I go for lips again, get other cheek. She’s submissive, right?
I grab her head hard with both hands and force a caveman kiss. She kisses

She tries to leave with her friend, and we get into a tug of war, which I
eventually lose. I never get her back, but let the record show that I
kiss-closed the hottest chick in the hottest club in Las Vegas.

Needless to say, my state explodes. I’m suddenly Superfly T-N-T, the god damn
Guns of Navarone. Out of my fucking mind with the endorphin rush. I start
opening chicks all over, not giving a shit what happens, attracting like mad.
Geoff backs me up all the way. The dude is so money it’s sick. Watch him work

I kiss close another girl, a Catherine Zeta-Jones look-alike, but a little
heavier. Gentlemen, before tonight I had *never* kiss-closed from a pick-up.
Not once. Suddenly my state is Richter 9.5. I’m going god damn supernova, right
there in the club.

I lose Geoff in the crowd, and out of boredom I open a nearby HB. She
interrupts me: “You’re that guy!” Huh? “You’re that guy…..the guy with the hot

“Um, which one?” :-}

I’m so fucking high, I decide I don’t even need to game, I can just kiss her. I
go for it, and suddenly I get full-on body-checked through the VIP fence by her
250 pound boyfriend. He grabs her and drags her off into the crowd. Christ, I’m
so fucking money.

Geoff and I open some more sets, I get blown out a couple times. Previously,
this would have stung me. After having kissed “hottest girl in club,” I find
myself laughing out loud at the small-minded little 7’s that can’t perceive my
utter PUAness.

I see a little Asian HB eyeing me from a wall. In my ridiculous state, Shark
speaks through my mouth: “If you can look at me like that…you can also talk to

She smiles and asks my name. I tell her, and then I spin her. Geoff whispers:
“Kiss her.” I do. She kisses back. That’s a hat trick for the night. Her little
posse of HBs freaks the fuck out and circles around her, shoving me away. “What
the *fuck* is wrong with you,” shrieks the Team Leader, “didn’t your mother
teach you to respect a girl’s space?”

Uh, she kissed me, you silly bitch.

Geoff tells me to wink at the Ice Princess, and I do. She shrieks some more

Geoff tells me to smile at her, and I do. She shrieks some more garbage.

The group gathers up and starts to head out in a writhing fury, my little Asian
swept in the middle. The harpy is still shrieking.

Geoff: “Go Girl-mog her dude! Go tell her that you think she’s *really* cool.”

I follow and try, but an octopus of little chick arms holds me back. As they
leave, the last of the group seizes me by the biceps and barks: “She’s just a
mid-western girl! You guys are west coast! You can’t be pulling that west coast
shit on her!”

“You’re SO cool,” I say, “You guys are so fucking cool.”

Suddenly her demeanor changes, and she rubs my arms and smiles a big,
attracted, BT smile. “Thank you,” she purrs. Duh.

And anyway…it’s not west coast shit…it’s *PUA* shit, and this is only the

Special thanks to the following for bringing me this far: Geoff, Mystery, TD,
Harmless, Dimitri, jlaix, Nightblue, Gunwitch, Chariot, Hoobie, I Am the
Future, ijjjji, Hitori, Loverboy, RJ, Shark, Nightlife, Lovedrop, PowerFly,
rocker_44, and many, many others.

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "Zooose" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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