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Audio: Bashev on 8MinuteDating

mASF post by roumen_aka_bashev

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Audio: Bashev on 8MinuteDating
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mASF post by "roumen_aka_bashev"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Bashev -- My Participation on 8MinuteDating
July 21, 2005

Here is the Link for the mp3 download Winrar file (contains 4 mp3s)
Right click
and select "Save As" (Internet Explorer) Note: 60 MB download

The below is a time annotation accompanying the recordings of my
experience at 8MinuteDating. 8MinuteDating is a speed-dating service
where you meet 10 women, 8 minutes each. The allowed age range is 23-
32. If you like someone, you take down their name and assigned number
and give it to the company. They inform you if there is a mutual match.
Credit for my participation goes to phillosophy who couldn't show up
and was the reason for a routine as my tag showed his name. I raised
my value by busting on his non-show.

At such an event you meet the hosts at the door and you are free to
mingle until the event starts. The event was in a cool artsy lounge
in downtown Houston which is on my sarging list, so the environment
was familiar to me. There were other regular customers around, but
the couches were reserved for the event. There was a 20-minute mixin
break half-way.

It is important to work the room as soon as you enter -- approaching
both guys and girls before start. I was surprised to find the women
at this event were attractive, in the 23-28 range. I proceeded to
establish a home base. Using an opinion opener, I hooked to a non-
event 3-set at the bar which contained a 9. I held the set strong. I
told them they are going to be my wingchicks and they all played
along with it.

The first recording begins with me getting a Courtesy Cheer from my
wingchicks as I meet Bianca.

Bianca - 8.5 waitress, seemed younger than 23

00:08 - I get Courtesy Cheer from my wingchicks (credit: David D. )
00:45 - Name introduction
00:47 - Catfight opening/routine (modified Mystery)
01:53 - Qualifying questions after routine
02:20 - She is a waitress and she spilled water on a customer! Keep
the neg in mind for later.
02:53 - Qualifying myself: mentioning my best female friends which
are bartenders
03:50 - Value extraction: "Would you do that?"
04:50 - Me: "Are you nervous now?"
05:00 - Me: "Keep your shoulders up. That corrects your posture"
05:40 - Backwards-referring neg: "So did you spill milk on your
girlfriend's baby?"
07:10 - Time to show her my base for social proof: I point to my
wingchicks. I tell her they are my friends! When we look at them, one
of the wingchicks visibly winks at me.
07:35 - Cheating boyfriend routine & discussion
08:50 - She: "People dont come to me for advice."
Me: "Let me see your hand." I go to palmistry and tell her
... well ... people dont come for her for advice.
10:35 - She: "Brad Pitt is a dog."
Running a pattern (weak) about people looking at each
other's eyes while looking at hers at the same time.
11:20 - Switch signal! I wear a necklace with a small bell, so I
bust the hostess that she should use my bell for the event.
11:30 - Writing down her name. "Did your mother give it to you?"

Mariseta - 7.5 elegant, professional 28, goes to the gym - shaped

00:30 - Catfight opening/routine (modified Mystery)
01:23 - The "where are you from?" question followed by guessing
02:10 - The "how long have you lived here?" question followed by
foot model routine
03:00 - She: "Do you play video games?" Me: "No. But you do."
04:05 - Guessing her age and overestimating to lower value
04:48 - Feeling her biceps
06:45 - Qualifying her: "What are the arsty movie theaters in town?"
She gives several names and asks: "Do you think I am cheating or
07:34 - "You have a cool name. Your mother gave it you."
07:36 - Weak ending comment on my side.

Angie - 7.5 elegant, professional 25-28, cool convo

00:30 - Her name is like the one of a horse from a movie. She tries
to guess the movie.
01:50 - "Where are you from" followed by foot model routine.
03:10 - She asks me if I would like to be cremated or buried. I bust
on her trying to use a pickup line on me. She says to an
acquaintance, "He is pulling a lot of shit on me".
03:30 - Treating me like a piece of meat (DYD)
03:55 - Keeping the frame and not answering her cremation question
04:20 - Mystery personality conveying routine
05:00 - Brings cremation question back. She: "I would not like to be
cremated, so I can be put back together later." I: "I will make sure
you don't".
05:30 - I AMOG a guy she addresses. Me: "Did you give her that
pickup line?"
06:10 - Bringing my female bartender friends in the convo and asking
a "What do you like about it?"-style question
06:50 - She tells me I am cool. I already know that.
07:00 - "Where do you live?". Listen to what I say. I say I live at
the end of town at a shack with a hammock outside.
07:40 - Getting into how LIBERAL she is.
08:40 - Super ending. Leave her curious about a story.

Cynthia - 7.5 elegant, professional 24-25, cool convo

00:25 - My friend chickened out, but I am not like him. I am here to
have fun!
01:35 - Got her! She hasn't travelled. Just crying for a neg.
02:25 - Qualify myself and introduce a twist to the foot model
03:25 - She is a nerd! Follow up with
03:40 - Me: "Do you visit"
04:50 - little girl and copier story (adapted from parkblvd - How to
construct routines available from
05:40 - Qualifying her
06:00 - Mentioning my female bartender friends
08:00 - During communism, they used to...
09:15 - She has a sister. "Do you look into each other eyes?"
09:40 - Bell rings. She talks over it. IOI.
10:00 - She: "I am not going to meet your shy friend, right?" HAHA

Back to the wingchicks
11:54 - Me: "Guys, give me feedback"
12:15 - They: "So which one?" Asking me to show them which ones. Me:
"I will tell you later."
14:00 - Me: "How do you guys know each other?"
14:50 - The 9 kicks in with mentioning "Chocolate". Trying Ross
chocolate pattern probably puts me in weirdo category.
15:20 - 9 shit tests me - makes me say her name - "Tammy". I neg
back - "You are one of those sour chocolates. You just smile and look
good on the surface". AHHHHH! She talks about how she likes to fuck a
guy who looks sweet on the outside. I finish with "I think that's
more valid for guys. I am glad you are learning from us".

Lori - 5-6, sexy overweight with potential to look much better, 25-,
cool convo

My control set Cooled down fluff.
Field-testing my bell-and-sheep routine.
She recognizes me from the HoustonPress article "Keeping score".
I thus make talking about the game a routine.
We talk about my body language. She says some guys use body language
to game chicks. Hell yeah she is right!

When it was over, the set with the 9 had left. Should have
extracted/found out where they are going.

Overall a good exercise in rapport and vibing.

So far I have a date with Bianca and a friendship request with Lori. I
requested dates with Mariseta, Angie, Cynthia, but I suspect they might
enter friendship as they were 4 years older than me. I will give them a few


Here is some initial feedback from my wing phillosophy :

I didn't get a chance to finish all the mp3s. Awesome experience man! Your
sets improve with each successive set. I wouldn't stress age as a factor
with those women. Since they are professional women, I'd give them till
tuesday to respond.

- wing cheers - thats awesome social proof - they were probably forming
opinions about you while they watched you game
- don't say, "i'm just teasing" -- it sounds apologetic, say 'did you really
think i was serious?' or 'who said i was being serious'
- good maintaining frame and leading the majority of the conversation
- I think you lost the frame when she started talking about her job, but
good recovery you got her to talk about her emotions and getting her
revealing that she's shy and what kind of person she is.
- good dyd, busting on her
- she devalued herself by saying nobody comes to her for advice and she
doesn't go anywhere
- good stacking,avoiding the silence
- i'm not sure about the 'did your mom give you that name?' thing. I'm
curious how the girls respond to it.
- I'd be surprised if you didn't get a date with this girl.

- good job taking the lead
- asked how old you are, i think you should have gave her the dyd 108 years
- good set, she seemed really into you by the end of the set
- couldn't hear alot of the responses on this recording, i'll have to listen
to it again

- just from the greeting, she sounds very warm, sophisticated, confident and
knows how to have fun
- great opening with the horse story
- good call on the sister!
- great vibing,
- prisoner number--thats funny
- sounded like she really didn't want you to go
- Best set i've heard you done
- i'd be very surprised if you guys didn't match up
- sounds like she has an awesome personality

- great vibe
- get away from the grad school sounds like you lose the frame
- good "1st grade" routine
- set sounded like it went pretty well.

- great situational opener - "friend tells you you're going to a speed
dating thing around the corner"
- awesome validation, "you're one of those ipod girls?"
- good fluff and just being social
- value went all the way up when the article came up.
- there were some moments where it sounded like you weren't really
interested in the girl, but when that happened, the girl tries to validate

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