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Shark CD Review

mASF post by Alek

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Shark CD Review
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mASF post by "Alek"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, July 7, 2005

*Disclaimers:* I am not receiving money for this review. I have
personally met the author... And I must admit I am biased (I profoundly
respect the guy). So if you think I might cut him some slack, you're
right. So count on it.

Ok... I have no idea where to start with the review except with the
beggining. Doh! As many of you are no doubt aware, shark is the Croatian
kid who appeared seemingly out of nowhere and basically turned the
entire community upside down. He came out with statements and beliefs
that many could simply not fit easily into their reality. People either
praised him as a godsend or marked him as crazy (since he was so out of
their reality). The only way that people could actually see whether he
(and his philosophy) were for real, was to actually meet him in person.
At that time this meant doing a workshop with his then partner Badboy.
Considering that not everybody could afford a 1000$ workshop and
travelling half across the world, Shark decided to expand upon his
message in the form of a commercial product. That was the Shark - Basic
Playboy CD. Seemed like the perfect opportunity, no doubt. But the
question was easily, can a simple CD explain everything that you need to
become a "basic playboy"... Well the answer, my friends is yes and no.
And when I say this, my intent here is not to tease you with the lack of
an answer. Atleast it's not my sole intent.

How does one put this in words? Well... For a lack of a better way of
imparting my impressions upon you I will simply put it down to
communication (or lack of it). Imagine this if you will: the author
(Shark) is sitting down in a studio with the honest-to-god intention to
share everything you need to know to enter within the top 1% of the male
race. He is sitting down there and sharing all his best secrets, all the
best weapons you need to win this war. But what comes out as a result is
a message that is uncomprehensible to the end listener. And I am not
speaking about Shark's English skills (which leave something to be

What comes out is a message that is spoken in code. Huh? Yes in code my
friends. And what is this code you may ask? It is the code of guys who
are already succesfull with women. So the irony here is that in order to
understand this CD you need to be atleast a basic playboy. And the
reason you bought the CD was in order to become a basic playboy.

Am I saying therefore that this product is not valuable for anyone?
No... I am simply saying that the range of people that it is suitable
for is rather narrow. I would especially not recommend it to total
newbies - guys who don't do cold approaches, or guys who can't even
close most girls that they approach. The only people that I would
recommend this CD for (and recommend it as a MUST HAVE) is first of all
the people who already enjoy good success. I am talking about the kind
of people who are already in the top 10% and wish to get better. It is
the kind of people who have managed to get ahead of the average guy and
get good, but no matter how much they tried, they could not get
excellent. For them this CD will be the magical saviour that they have
been waiting for. It will be an instant AHA moment that will propel
their success at the highest levels.

The second kind of people that this product is a must-have for is those
that are students of direct game. If you do a workshop with either
Shark, his parent company (Fidentia») or one of the direct workshops
(RSI, Badboy), you will be able to get this CD and have it be a portable
instructor for you. It will be your portable wingman streghtening and
reaffirming the skills and beliefs you got from the workshop. Infact I
would recommend this CD for everyone who is interested in learning more
about direct game.

But again, such people are quite rare. Most of the people interested in
a product such as this one, are people who are average or below average.
For them it carries no value. With great sorrow, to them I would have
recommend Ross Jeffries's Gold Walkups CD, and his Unstopabble
Confidence Tapes. As they basically have the same end message in mind
(getting guys to approach directly and without an excuse), but the
author is much more experienced in communicating the message to guys who
don't get it. Plus he gives workable solutions and missions for the
average guy, something that is lacking in Shark's CD set. Once you get
atleast some basic success thru applying these two, I would recommend
that you THEN get the Shark CD and become the guy who flies above the
rest and has powerfull jeans (insider joke anyone?).

Note of caution: Do NOT get any other Ross Jeffries product, they will
do nothing but confuse you and turn you into an overanalyzing excuser.

*To recapitulate:* The Shark CD carries a powerfull message... What is
in my mind the most powerfull message that you could receive in your PUA
development. But (and it's a big butt) this message is not made
practical, and the solutions leave the student saying "Wow awesome! I
want to do that." and then not doing anything for a lack of a practical
manner for doing so. Get to atleast a basic level of approaching
competence and THEN get the Shark CD and it will ROCK for you. Get it
when you are a KJ and it will have no use for you.

*In all fairness:* It would also be fair to acknowledge the fact that
Shark himself has admitted to some of the issues with his product and
has therefore put himself down to work on a 8 cd-set that is both
practical and applicable. It is a product that has practical tips and
missions, and is to be officially the first product to get guys to
approach. From what he shared with me when I met him in person, it looks
very promising. And I am certain it will be able to get guys to atleast
the basic level. I will be sure to share my impressions once it has been

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