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Field Report:Shakespeare never did this at friday night:))

mASF post by crnaosa

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Field Report:Shakespeare never did this at friday night:))
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mASF post by "crnaosa"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Hello guys:)!

I’ve been here (on this forum) quite a long time, but has recently began to
post...cause I think that having an interaction with people is something that
can change us big time...ok, lets start!

It’s Friday night and I’m going to hook up with Putnik for the first time:) and
forward to that very much, expecting to have some great time:))...and later we
are going to hook up with my buddy, who is very good looking guy, very
peacocking look

Ok, I’m wearing my new orange pants and green “von dutch” t-shirt and they
rock!! Ok, now I’m in the streetcar and on the next station two girls are
coming in: both curly hair-style and kind of similar look, like they are
sisters. There is EC, while there were entering the streetcar and and taking
their sit. Streetcar is pretty empty, but they chose to sit down on the sits
that are turned to me, so that they can look my direction. So, I decide to open
co: “Hi”
sisters: “Hi”
Silence for a couple of seconds, long EC with both of them (I prefer to do this
when the situation allows)
co: “So, you two are sisters?”
sisters: “Yes:)”
co: “I couldn’t miss...because of your hair-style and your kind of, which one of you two decided to that hairstyle first?”
sisters: “We are natural curly...”
co: “Oh, really? Now there are a lot of not unnatural curly girls
everywhere...because of the sister had a prom recently and she was
also curly...
That really opens them to talk about girls and curliness and about being
original.....and that is quite a challenge to be original today...itc
co: “So, you are twins...”
sisters: “No, we are not...but a lot of people think we are...”
co: “No??I thought that you are the one that talk, and you are the quiet one:)”
because all the time, one of them is talking and the other is just watching and
sisters: (giggling)
Now, both of them are really opened and we are getting into rapport phase...
co: “So, did it ever happen that you...see someone and...if you don’t know him,
you somehow wish to get to know him...?” (thanks to Ross Jeffries)
oldersister: “No”
co: “No?Have you ever had a boyfriend??”
older: “Yes, I have boyfriend now for three years”
co: “So, first time when you saw him, you didn’t feel that?”
older: (she doesn’t know what to answer:))) well, no...
co: “Well, ok...:)it’s kind of friendship that has become something
I then continue asking questions a younger sister who is giggling all the
time...we talk about having a good time Friday night, peacocking style, they
are dressed casually,but they are very, very good looking and are very
feminine...So, it’s quite a good rapport, now, younger sister has become quite
a talkative person:))but suddenly, they stand up and go for the door saying:
sisters: “We are getting off here...” smiling...
co: “Ok...:)” I feel like some hot shit...and therefore do,
there are a lot of girls and that is true, but off course, this attitude ain’t
gonna get me laid these two hot, opinions welcome!

After that, I’m at Terazije square and I’m waiting for Putnik to come...he
sends me SMS about being late five minutes or something so, I spotted this so
fucking hot blonde, walking near by while I was calling my buddy with my cell
phone...I approach to her,
co: “Hey!”
she is looking into me now, and we are walking together now...
blonde9: “Yes?...”smiling!(I guess my attitude rocks the boat!I’m very, very
confident here)
co: “You know, there is something in your energy that simply forces me to meet
She is walking a little faster now, so I picked up on this and stopped walking,
and said:
co: “Hey, where are you hurry now?:)” in playful tone
blonde9: (she stops to!!!Turns around and she is all giggling) “Well, I’m in
co: “Wait, we shall meet each other first!:)” approaching her...we are now
shaking hands, she is, I introduced myself, she said her
name...and, at that point, a group of guys that pass by, who obviously heard
the last few sentences, give me credits!!:))
guys: “That’s right man, don’t let her go:)!!”
I showed them a thumb...they were very positive, but they fucked up the
situation!She immediately comes out of a state and walks away
co:”Wait!Where are you going?”
blonde9(turns around for a second, again giggling):”Well I’m in hurry...I
should meet doesn’t matter with whom...”giggling
co:”Wait, off course it does...:))”
But, she is giggling and turning around at the same time but, I don’t have a
habit to run for the I stayed...opinions welcome!

After that, Putnik soon arrived and we talk a little bit about each other and
decided to walk around and meet the girls while we are waiting for my friend to
join us soon. Putnik is really cool, tall guy and looking good, I have a
“theory”:)) that girls like tall guys veeery, we are walking through
the “walk zone” in the center of Belgrade and I spot a group of three girls
that are watching postcards and greeting cards, so I opened one of them using
co: (I took one of the birthday greeting cards) “Do you think that this one
would be appropriate one for my kid sister birthday?”
hbtall: Well, for the sister, yes
co: “For the sister, yes...ok...and which one would it be ok for girlfriend,
something like...this?”and I took other greeting card:)with love messages and
hbtall: “Well, I don’t like that love kind of thing...even if it’s for a
co:”So, you are more into the friendship kind of greeting cards...something
like this?”and I pulled a greeting card with teddy bear and neutral messages:)
At that moment she starts to talk with her friends who turned out to be her
mother and aunt:))))so, they seemed they are going to continue walking and I
didn’t want to let it go like that so, I changed my position slightly to turn
myself in the direction, like me and her have kind of conspiracy between us and
co: “So what has to happen in that friendly personality of yours, so that we
can see each again?”
hbtall:”Nothing , because I have a boyfriend.”
co:”We talked about friendship.”
hbtall:”Well, I have a lot of friends already”
At this point her mother and aunt already went and she is still here talking to
me:), but!!
co:”Well, you don’t have a friends like me:)” confident and playful tone
hbtall: “I do”
co:(I just shrug my shoulders and smiled):”ok”
she walked her direction and Putnik and I ours....opinions welcome!!

Now, Putnik and I talked and walked a bit, and we opened one other set of 4
girls, I introduced Putnik to them properly, cool responses and nice talk with
them, Putnik show something from his arsenal, his attitude is great and I like
it:)...but nothing special happened worth mentioning...btw. those chicks
weren’t something special...

Now, it’s about eleven...and Putnik is kind of tired and thinks about what to
do...meantime, we meet my friend and think about where to go...but then, Putnik
definitely decides to leave us...he is sorry and he doesn’t feels quite good
about meeting the girls, so he decides to, you shouldn’t push
yourself too much!If you are not in the mood for that, just enjoy the rest of
the evening...:))Glad to meet you though, hope that we are going to have some
great time together...cheer up man:)

Now, Putnik leaves and two of us are heading for the girls...we opened two
girls that were walking in front of us...they were giggling, but conversation
sucks...they didn’t talk a bit...maybe caveman’s approach here?

Later, we opened two girls that were eating popcorn with remark about they’re
energy, they are curious and obviously intellectuals, so the opener
suits...they have questions about what kind of energy...they are relaxed and
opened to talk, especially one of them I am talking with, I introduced my
friend to them, but he isn’t quite relaxed when the word is about street, we talk a bit about the energy, interesting convo, I suggested them to
go with us to the raft on the river Sava(very good music and atmosphere...),
but the other one is cockblocking me, she is like “no, we can’t...”The chick I
was interested for apologizes to me big time cause they can’t go with us, we
talk a bit more, in a cool way, but nothing more happened...I should go for
#close, which I didn’t, forgot to do that!:)Anyway, needed a wing there!
opinions welcome!

When we finally got to the rafts, it was about midnight...raft was packed with
chicks already but we couldn’t get in...fuck!
So, we decided to go to the raft near buy...which is still not full...there are
more guys then girls here(because the hottest girls are on the first raft, but
what the heck...we are here, so we are going to have great time...right?;)) We
are dancing and jumping and whatever...and suddenly the raft is full!! Ok,
still more guys then girls, but enough girls to PU...
I spotted this hot girl in white tight costume...wonderful ass and the rest ,
EC, but she is in mixed group with two girls and two big guys, but she is
dancing alone...
I opened here with: “Hi”and smile
hbwhite: “Hi”
co:”Who are you here with?”
hbwhite:(she turns around and shows the group to me, at that moment the rest of
the group is talking with each other and they don’t pay attention to us)
co:”So, these are your friends...”
hbwhite:”Well, not of them is A SORT OF my boyfriend”...he fucks
her, ok...
co:”Ok, glad to meet you...”and walked away...
opinions welcome!

Now, couple of minutes later I spotted a group of blondes and opened them with
They are all about 6 and are all into me and giggling, soon they leave me with
my target!! we are dancing a bit, she is leaning in to here me better and is
giggling, but conversation suck...(probably should do kino much more here and
just touch her as a part of dancing with her)...but, at that time my friend is
bored there, so I excuse myself for a minute, she is leaving to her friends
too...after I ensured that my buddy is ok...but, when I came back, she is still
interested, but won’t dance with me anymore (because of her friends...) In the
meantime I perceive that one of her girlfriends, who appears to be her
roommate, is much hotter than she is so I continue to talk with her;)I still
talk with my first target, in order to keep good emotions in the
chick, but, at the moment when I turned her to me so that we can dance closely,
she tells me that she is expecting her boyfriend to come soon and that she
doesn’t want him to see her dancing with me...ok, I say: “cool...”and eject the
group...opinions welcome!

I meet one more chick later, real hottie, really good vibing and dancing
together in the middle of a dance stage, really good communication with her and
her female friend, three of us danced and had fun, but whenever I wanted to
touch her or to take her hands and put them around me, she playfully
denies...ok, we are dancing and vibing and great EC, she looks like Salma
Hayek, and I told her that...and she asks her friend if she looks like Salma
Hayek and her friend who is cool with me (hehe, good girl...)says “yes, a
little..”they both giggling and she has very gentle and sexy face movements and
is really really pretty and great body...
she asks me if she looks like Halle Berry, and I say “No, because she has a
nose like Salma Hayek” playfully and smiling...
So, we are having great time actually...vibing and smiling and
friend is near by...I check him from time to time and come back to the girls...
Soon, it’s almost like 3 a.m. and my friend is tired, so we are about to go...
I ask her:”What has to happen in this beautiful personality of yours, so that
we see each other again?”
Salma:”Nothing, I have a boyfriend and he is about to come soon, sorry, you
didn’t ask”and she is smiling...
So I smile to her and leave...lady is a player...
finally the end...opinions welcome!!!!!!

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