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dumped again

mASF post by PussyForever

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dumped again
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mASF post by "PussyForever"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, June 6, 2005

Hi all . I figured I would try to post here and gain better understanding of
why this seems to happen to me over and over. The thing is there is no place
to talk and learn about that stuff, male friends don't talk much about that
stuff or are clueless themselves

Some background info I am in my late 20's, . I traveled a bit in the US and
Europe, have met women in all those places. I used to have no clue of what I
was doing until I read the Playboy article on Ross Jeffries, bought the book
which is one of the best self help book I have read. I read also some De
Angelo stuff and "The System" which is very interesting. With that I don't
have much problem approaching women in general. I am lucky enough to be good
looking , get a lot of looks from women. I don't get a LOT of girls but I enjoy
approaching women independently of the outcome. Whenever I end up dating
someone, it works rather well since we kiss and then sometimes have sex. Then
it's over. Some stop calling altogether, say they are not the right girl for
me, are too busy for a relationship, don't want a relationship, etc.

I recently met someone who I was moderately attracted too physically but whose
quality of honesty and kindness I thought were exceptional and I went into
relationship mode after 3 weeks as I also thought for sure that's what she was
looking for as well (or sent such signals such as talking about buying a dog
and a house). Now the "perfect wife" turned into one of the most insensitive
bitch I met. She just kept canceling dates, can come to my town to visit, then
eventually admitted she had no time( read:desire )for a relationship.

I don't get it. The sex was great (I am pretty sure of that ) as is most often
the case. I absolutely love eating pussy and spend hours doing it, I think I
have begged girls just to do it and nothing else . Anyway you would think that
alone should make them stay at least for a couple of weeks (or months). I
haven't had a lot of relationships , lots of one night stands and short term
affairs but they never last very long. I do tend to be what is called a wuss,
and I am way too nice offering help etc and I tend to seek physical contact
when we are together, hugging, cuddling kissing etc, but I stay aware of it and
don't think I am doing too much. I also get worried about her safety and say
things sometimes your parents would say to you. Anyway often time I don't even
get to that point, since
it was a one night stand or we just had a couple of dates. Ahh yes I am broke,
having no real job/income ( let's say I am an entrepreneur ) but that doesn't
show I think other than I am tightwad but I try to hide that :). I am always
very well dressed and everything and go to nice places. That last girl I was
with said she felt I was checking on her all the time cos I was calling her
every day for a week , when she was studying for a very important exam . I
said I was just trying to show support by calling to say Hi how you're doing .
I also taught her some NLP techniques to gain confidence for that exam. I don't
see how that could have put her off. I bought her some gifts, clothes and
little things and get the most insensitive feedback I recall getting.

OK most of these girls are not supergorgeous, usually 7 to 9ish, so not the
cold bitches that think they are hot shit. I have even had some not so
attractive girls, not returning calls, canceling dates and disappearing WTF ? !
I guess I have to become completely insensitive

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