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comfort in set, body language, projection thoughts

mASF post by live wire

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comfort in set, body language, projection thoughts
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mASF post by "live wire"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/11/05 11:48:00 AM, chariot wrote:
>like all the great PUA's - i
>notice even the slightest
>shifts in my game... its all a
>process and shifts can take
>weeks or months. but its good
>to be aware of them.
>when i consistently started
>hooking and attracting
>extremely early, i realised
>that ultimately i was
>supremely comfortable in set.
>like when im rolling up to
>girls - there are some thought
>processes that never really
>occur anymore, but they used
>to. My mind used to be
>swirling with things to say,
>how i was going to approach...
>like a movie in my head i
>would watch the set go down
>before it did... and it rarely
>happened as the movie preview
Well... dude, I am by no means a great PUA ... yet, but I can say that I am
beginning to notice a similar thing... as in changing from over-analysizing the
sarge... to just going with the flow. All my best game comes from being
SUBMERGED COMPLETELY in the moment and not being outcome dependent. Assume

>doing things like
>- Yelling "Hey!!!!... ok
>welcome back" at the girls if
>they werent focused
>- Pulling them back physically
>if they are about to leave (on
>a positive vibe)
>- Looking at girls as if they
>are RETARTED if they arent
>listening to me
>- Any bullshit thrown at me is
>treated exactly how i would
>treat a 5 year old
>- Blatantly telling girls i
>love them and want them to
>have my children and we have a
>special connection in a cocky
>way that they play along with
>- Cavemanning girls away from
>their friends smoothly enough
>for the friends not to
>- Telling them DUMB stories
>about my first kiss in
>elementary school and making
>them listen because its
>entertaining me
>- Totally fucking with them
>and they know it
>- Any negativity from the girl
>DISARMED as smooth as silk
>with total non reactiveness
Alot of this is MONEY. I have a similar true story of my first kiss in kindy...
lol gotta try that. Although I wouldnt say it was dumb... it was my first kiss

I am working on the dragaway girls... definitely gotta try cavemanning and
pulling target back physically. But I have noticed recently that if I befriend
the other girls in set, say with a few minutes of fluff or routines, they will
not interfere with the rest of the game (see my FR: random opener)

>like the best cocktail, its
>the right mix of CHARACTER
>(style, conversational skill
>and uniqueness), PRESENCE
>(tonality, body language) and
>POSITIVITY (fun) that gets the
>best results.
For sure... I have been saying on this board how KEY PRESENCE is.

>here is an excersise i do with
>my students at RSD:
>think of the most RETARTED,
>SILLY thing to say to a girl
>(not anything sexual or
>for example: "My dad has three
>green cats and one pink one"
>walk up to a girl and spit
>your retarded line as an
>opener then just sit there -
>totally unreactive.
>if she runs away - you DO NOT
>if she looks super weirded out
>if she asks what? huh? say
>that again? or laughs - your
>good, congratulations - you
>project high value
Will try... I used to call p my friends... with shit like "hey man... I just go
this pet elephant... names rocky... do you wanna buy him? I dont have a yard,
so he has to live in my room... blah blah..." I will condense this and use on

>NOW this also teaches us that
>the game is not VOCAL based...
>its what you are projecting
>that matters.
>I used to want the BEST lines
>to say, the best stories, the
>best routines... but i wasnt
>focusing on what i was
Yeah, although I realise that its the PRESENCE and sub-communication that is BY
FAR the most important, having MONEY routines and stories is still great for me
to use to focus on the voice tonality, facial expressions and body language.

>So to ultimately be
>comfortable in set
>1. You should have no thoughts
>in your head as you roll up.

Yeah agree. Last night, I was about to roll into set.. my wing asks "what yo u
gonna open with?", I said "I dunno, whatever comes at the time." Better just to
go in and assume attraction.

>2. Be conscious of what you
>are projecting - do retarded
>line exercise until you are
>consistently hooking girls
>right off that opener
Will test.

>3. Think about the right mix
>of Character, Presence and
>Positivity that suits and
>attracts you
Hmmm, I have the positivity down, and perhaps character... so to work on

>girl says "I HATE YOU" - you
>say "Have you ever eaten a
Agree. I have been doing this more and more recently, subconsciously, its like
what I have to say is more important, PLUS I know that they will forget about
the last bad thing as soon as I plow through and get good reactions (credit
chariot :)

>good luck - and always have
>fun playing. I am.
I am too. Very useful post... alot of guys could read this and get HEAPS from

Keep the insights coming Tim!

A teenage PUA-to-be let loose, gaming on the streets and in the bars of Sydney?
You UGs better get out of my way, and you hotties better watch out!

live wire

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