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Field Report: Day 5/21: “I don‘t trust you”

mASF post by TheShangriLa

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Field Report: Day 5/21: “I don‘t trust you”
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mASF post by "TheShangriLa"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

The Shangri La's 21 Day Sarge

Day 5
I was at the RSD seminar all day, so after the seminar finished my plan was to
get myself down to Leicester Square, get my 10 sets out of the way quickly and
go home to rest.

The first 5 openers were not worth talking about - they were quick and I just
wanted to get through them as quickly as possible. I went into a bookshop and
saw this japanese chick flicking through a load of art books, so I said "You
look like you are looking for inspiration?". She looked shocked that I had
spoken to her and then repeated "inspiration" and looked at me. I continued to
flick through the book I had in my hand. I heard her turn to her friend and say
loads of japanese stuff and the word "inspiration" at the end of it. Obviously
she had no idea what the word meant. So I didn't pay much attention to her for
a few minutes. Then I turned around and said "Inspiration is like ideas, like
you were looking for ideas". She goes "Oh, ideas, yes. Thank you". I move
along. (N.B. I didn't count that as opening a set!)

There is a cute girl standing to my left. I open her with some random comment
about a book I'm holding. I cold read she is polish and she says she is, but
it's easy to guess because there are so many polish people in London. I agree
and we fluff talk. She asks me what I do. I say I am an angel - one more good
deed and I get my wings. She laughs. Then she says "No seriously, what do you
do?". She is holding a book about architecture, so I tell her I am an
architect. She says "Yeah right, what else do you do?". I tell her I'm an ass
model for Calvin Klein and tell her how my ass is on TV for 2 seconds if she's
seen the TV advert. She laughs and we talk about asses for a while.

This is a good long set and we have a good vibe going. About 15 minutes in, I
tell her I have to go, but would she like to meet for a coffee sometime. She
once again asks me what I do and I tell her "I'm an architect". She says "No, I
don't trust you". I say okay and walk away.

I've never been told that by someone to my face before, so I was a bit taken
aback. It messed with my head and I said to myself "Ah fuck it, I'm not doing
the rest, I'm just going to go home". I then realised I just had to do 4 more
and I'd be done. I persuaded myself I'd just do a bunch of quick ones and then
go home and rest.

So I go into Virgin Megastore. I walk around but there aren't many people
there, so I just decide to head out the door. I spot what looks like an
american tourist looking at some books not far from some other chick. As I walk
towards them they speak to each other and I realise they are friends. I walk by
them and notice a book called "The curious incident of the dog in the night"
and I pick it up and peruse the back cover. I turn to one and ask "Hey, have
you ever read this book". It opens and I engage her friend too asking for an
opinion about whether its worth reading, how my friend had recommended it to
me. Turns out they are students studying at Cambridge, just down in London for
the day. I talk about my literary tastes with one (who is studying 18th century
literature) and we get along well. I say "Look, I have to go now but it was
nice meeting you. Maybe the next time you are back in London we can grab a
coffee?". She's cool with that, but doesn't have a UK mobile. I get her email.
Solid @ close.

I'm fairly tired and gamed out at this point, but I have 2 left for the
evening. I go into a big bookstore. I see this chick in the "romance" section
and game her with an opinion of a "good romance" for a female friends birthday
present. She's like this really sweet black chick from the US, pretty, quiet
and nice. The whole time we just speak about romance books, nothing else. We
just vibe. I make vague suggestions at the most. Like she hands me a book
called "The Kiss of Spice" (or something like that) and I say "Well we all need
a bit of spice". I close by saying "Gosh, you are a really nice person, it was
cool to meet you. Look, we should get together for coffee sometime?". She says
yes, I hand her my phone and she taps in her number. Solid # close.

I ask some chick on the tube some vague question about something (and she
responds so nicely, like she had been waiting for me to speak to her... what is
going on?) and that's my 10 done. I had no energy left to game anymore, so I
just left the interaction with her at that.

The "I don't trust you" chick really rattled me. I was gonna quit and go home
after her because she really messed my state up. It's weird how I'm beginning
to think "state" is a load of bullshit, because I managed an @ and # close
after that - while supposedly being in a "bad" or "off" state. Just goes to
show - you can and should sarge any old time, whether you feel on or off
because state really doesn't matter. That's good to know.

End of day 5.

The Shangri La

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