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Field Report: Thursday SmoothDate in London

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Field Report: Thursday SmoothDate in London
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005


I have been in the studio with Hollywood.

We just made a dub house track.


He's like my alter ego.

He can fill the rest in on that.

It basically rocks, I imagine model chicks in Ibiza getting down to it then
sucking our dicks cuz we're the hot stuff behind it.

Too much talent. Wasted here.

Which means, we're going somewhere else. London's full of noise. Too much
noise. Average.

We want the high class. We deserve it. Paid our player dues.

I'm the moon he's the sun. Now we're going to clain the Universe.



-3rd Aug 2k5 1654.

Last night.

Incredible. I had a real good template sarge for taking me into SHB TEN STATE.

This girl, she was edgy, a little wasted. I watched her from the mid of the
square. Two very hot and well groomed looking guys were trying to pull her
off. She didn't go. I followed and Hollywood, he saw my edgy taste in chicks
and I rolled into set.

I said something like..

"Do you think there are any guys around that would say
something like.. why don't we all go and fuck each other?"

She responded cooly "No, I don't think there are any guys like that".

I said in a very SecretSociety way.. "Well you've just met two guys that are
JUST like that".

She was digging the strong frame. Very Very Strong Frame.

Her friend comes over and tries to cockblock saying that we need an appt. to
talk to her friend. I say that SHE needs an appt to talk to us and to call our

I hold out my arm, she takes it, walk out of the square to Charing X Square and
we stand near the Bus Stop. Hollywood witnesses some mad stuff.

I literally DIRECT her with patterning. I took her mind over and basically
made her do things to me, recalling amazing things, directing all of her senses
and she was my slave. This is me at my best. Holly can fill this in. I make
her recall all her boyfriends that she has ever loved, PICTURE, SEE, TASTE,
SMELL, I do some SUPER VAGUE patterning, she's slowly falling into my body as I
wisper into her ear. She's SOOO tranced out. She was so rolling in an intense
blissful trance state. THIS IS JEDI PUA.

She starts exploring my body ever so slowly, like ghost hands of a beautiful
girl, around my back. With sheer respect in her touch.

Hollywood: I look at the guy and roll my eyes. I have this girl all over me
by WORDS alone. I pattern her to feel confused as if it never happened and to
leave and she duly does.

Two police men walk by and admittedly I feel a little manipulative. I took
over this girl for that period of time. This is my path. I am a shaman. A
bridge from this world to the next. Power.

Last night, we hvae a couple of girls that don't realise what they have. We
throw everything at them. I show Hollywood my negging style on them, funny
thing is, the things I am saying are all TRUE. We drop it all on them. It's

I am finished with London, it's real hard to find an 8 or 9 these days amongst
the noise and the new intake of Polish and Liths.

Really, I want high class that's where I belong, a 9 in that setting would just
tease right back and we'd be game on. The 6s and 7s don't understand what is
going on when I game them. They think it's a sick joke.

Funny, another set in Soho, a minature 32yr old Danni Minogue, I was patterning
her, she was agreeing with everything and trancing out, HollyMack DLV'd nicely,
props to him. She called him 'David Hasselhoff head' LOL.

We laughed about that.

She blamed him for their leaving, saying that he said something wrong, I
couldn't give a fuck. He's my bro and he comes before a hoe. We left and
Chilled at a friends house of his, got some sleep and hit the studio and wrote
an anthem.

Now it's 1111pm tonight, I might go out and sarge some, I am looking for a last
minute flight to Europe's Beverly Hills.



In town weekend. And a PUA from Glasgow? Sounds like fun.

Might have to stick around.




Oh! By the way, I saw TD and some RSDs in the square.

One of the instructors who has taken on a bit of a Top Gun air pilot/college
baller look was hugging away a girl protectively.. aww.

We see a two set of newbies gaming two posh London femmes both about a 7. They
loose their cool and eject. We open and stand there in front of them with
BADDASS body language. We stand there like the twins from a Stephen King film.
We smile sweetly. Like the sun and the moon. The girls laugh and are fucking
surging. They walk away and keep looking back for ages. They want us to
follow. HOLLYWOOD that was so fucking money!

We pulled up with a two set of poles, mine looked like a babe from Blade
Runner. About a 9 face, 8 body. She's fucking taller than me. We stood and
watched RSDs for a while then we fucked off for some fun in the night sky.

I pull a fucking sweet ass 8 hippy on the bus coming up from Balham into town
last night. I am stoked about that. Emailing her now, just with my number
saying. Hi, it's the hippy from the bus. I like you. Call me, we have a good
energy. *My NUMBER*.

Fuckit. We have moved on from this shit.

Shamens twist this world to shape your lives for success.

Smile with your favorite David Hasselhoff head,


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