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mASF post by thrillseeker

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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/2/05 2:00:00 PM, arctic_joe wrote:
>Hello thrillseeker,
>The recent reports you've been
>posting are nothing short of

Aww, I'm blushing. I am inspirational, aren't I?

>man, not only are you opening
>sets are crazy but you've got
>the drive and
>spirit to get where you want.

DISCIPLINE AND INTENT will get you anything.

>Even more so that you decided
>to go with the flow rather
>than use
>routines. Respect.

The most useful routines for me are LINES. Like "You guys are total badgirls."
"You're my new GF. Wait...can you cook? Clean? Are you rich?" "We would
never get along. We're too similar. We'd fight all the time." Etc. I use
this stuff all the time, and it really helps to pump up their buying

These lines helped me DISCOVER the flow of a charged, teasing, flirtatious
interaction that ignites sexual chemistry.

I dug up
>your old posts and remember
>you saying that
>you had trouble keeping the
>chick's attention, and now
>look where you
>are. Talking out your ass,
>I'm still stuck on routines,
>and this "talk about bullshit"
>is what I'm
>aiming at right now. Do you
>have any tips you can share? I
>think this
>will really help me understand
>the game a little more.

Alright, I think having preplanned stuff (ie routines) is really helpful to
springboard yourself into action. For example, the night after the one this
report is about, I couldn't bring myself to open cause I was in such a pissy
mood, and all of my routines suddenly seemed lame to me anyway.

But then I was like, "Fuck it. My little pony opener. Go." And I started
opening girls with my little pony (by Jlaix) and I started getting attraction
and my state started improving.

This is why I think warm-ups are so crucial. My mission when I hit the venue
is to get 3 warm-up openers under my belt ASAP. It's fine if they're ugly.
Just talk to whoever's there. Ask them about the correct order of
brushing/flossing is. Whatever.

"Game is the expression of your inner state through the rythmes you use to
direct the social interaction," (RSD) and the best/only way to get in state is
start interacting with girls (especially if you can get attraction from them).

Likewise, I think it's helpful to have a few stories and/or things to talk
about, already cued up, so you don't stall out. Once you launch into it, that
gets your juices flowing. Then just start free-associating. Blah blah blah,
fish, that reminds me there was this time when I was little and I went fishing
and caught a rainbow fish...rainbow...there was this time I saw a rainbow...

Once I get the juices flowing like this, I can't shut up.

The delivery is the important part. OWN THE SET. Use wildly varied tonality
and facial expressions. Be energetic and entusiastic, but at the same time
calm and relaxed. Be playful and having fun.

Tonality is crucial. It's hard to explain. You'll figure it out through
experience. I think I was hypnotizing those girls through the sound of my

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