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Field Report: “Will you please leave now?” (week 1)

mASF post by InGenius

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Field Report: “Will you please leave now?” (week 1)
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mASF post by "InGenius"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

FR: “Will you please leave now?” (week 1)

As this is my first post I should start with giving the obligatory background
info about myself. I first came across ASF about 9 months ago (as I was
searching for p0rn ironically). At the time I’d just broken up with my LTR and
suffering from AFC syndrome / one-itis-(and NO, that was not the reason I was
looking for p0rn, I look for p0rn all the time) :) Anyway I suspect that my
story isn’t too different to a lot of the guys here. I forgot who said it…
“behind every genius there was some girl who totally fucked them up…”

So I spent the next few weeks consuming all the material I could find (DYD,
Ross Jefferies, David Shade, Bishop’s Journal and everything else in the Player
Guide) – awesome stuff, just awesome! This stuff changed my life seriously!

This is the first in a series of FR’s leading up to my first LR. They are long
reports because I have included lots of analysis. This first FR is my crash
and burn story. It was really painful reliving it so I hope you guys
appreciate it. Like they say with learning anything “It always gets worse
before it gets better...”

OK so onto the FR

I’ve been reading ASF every night for a week and I’m full of new-found
confidence (I feel at least 2 mm taller haha) so I thought I’d go out and see
what happens. I’ve lone-wolfed before but I pretty much sucked at it. For
some reason tonight I kept saying to myself “work the room, work the room…”

I hit this bar in London and the place is packed. It’s office Christmas party
time so there are large mixed groups everywhere. Guys this has to be the best
time for PU. You can assume the workers are not fucking each other and there
is minimal amoging and cock blocking.

I befriend this guy in a 15 mixed set. They all work for Toyota. You can tell
they’re in sales because they’re all super friendly - shit even the mechanic
was friendly. Now personally, I hate sales or anything that smells like a hard
sell (I’ve since changed my views on that since I found out what seduction
really is ;)

As tonight was supposed to be about desensitisation my unofficial mission was
“be a salesman”. My mission was to be accepted by this group. So I basically
develop rapport by copying them being all super friendly, lots of kino because
everybody was pretty drunk from all the free wine and I’m pretty pissed myself.
I try to vibe with the girls in the group but they’re running all over the

I spot the manager by himself so I quickly engage him like I’m one of his
colleagues. I fire all this shit at him about international finance, the
economic recession in Europe and it’s effect on Landcruiser sales in Chelsea
haha. I’m basically trying to impress the guy so he offers me a job. I figure
talking to this high status dude is at least going to up my social proof. He
cleverly swings the conversation around to travel and as soon as I mention
Poland he introduces me to his new mechanic from Poland. Clever tech dude, I’m
gunna remember that.

We all move to the dance floor and all the chics in the group are grinding all
the guys including me. I start wondering all over the dance floor busting into
other HB sets. I’m really drunk now.

I remember busting into one set (2 girls, 1 guy) and the guy says “She’s
married and the other one’s my girlfriend”. Ouch! “Sorry dude, my bad.”

I bust into another set of 4 HB’s and one of them says “Can you please leave
now?” Ouch ouch! Those words will be forever etched in my brain! Damn you
ASF! This never would have happened if had stayed an AFC.

Is that Major Mark’s soothing voice I can hear? “That never happened, nobody
cares, nobody saw it, it’s all in the past, just let it go...” Arrh feeling
slightly better now.

On my way home I pass these two little fatties at a bus stop. I tell them
there won’t be any buses here till morning and then one of them ask’s me for a
kiss. I say “Um wait a minute.” I pull out some tic-tacs and give her one and
one for myself. Then I kiss her (making sure I keep my eyes closed haha). I
asked her to go around the corner with me for a BJ and she was all for it but
her friend CB’ed it. Bitch!

PU Notes
Where in the fucking manual does it say “Get drunk and be really obnoxious”?
How’s my body language? Do I look alpha? Was that shove in the back an AI?
Hey! I need a female opinion. Did you ever have an incredible connection with
an inebriated fool?

“Friendly salesman” and “work the room” are definitely not my style. I can’t
be congruent with that.

What the hell do I need confidence for to kiss fat chics? I hope nobody else
uses their “new found confidence” to sarge fuglies or chics they wouldn’t have
sarged when they were AFC. That’s a trap guys, got to watch out for it. But
then again, a BJ is a BJ :p


"With great power, comes great responsibility" - Spiderman's Uncle

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