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Field Report: Friday‘s HB RockChick..

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Field Report: Friday‘s HB RockChick..
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Thanks for the compliments, I do this not only to give but to recieve and yes,
maybe I should pump out a couple of romantic novels under a pseudonym, any
ideas? How about..

Dwayne Pharaello (Twist on Raphael, my favorite 16th Century renaissance


Which 3 good learning points did you get from the post?

Yea, this sarge was interesting in that it all flowed real direct and natural,
it was IMPOSSIBLE to get away with from the naked eye, the guy she was with was
ad agency designer chic, a real nice catch, very very nice to her, all looking
good, and I kinda took her off him, oops! AND I number closed him and I'll
prolly wing with him as my afc date bait to reel the women in, he has NO probs
approaching! I am just so fucking sly. ;) London's hard but not when I DLV,
just create-a-few-problems, vulnerabilities, 'I am sad' issues, and you steal
the frame, just make sure it's a paradox and it twists back to high value.
Then you're set. A couple of points I didn't add..

1. I KEPT ON SEEING DDB then she would hide it. IE.. She's hiding her
emotions trying to play cool and not show me how much she is into me. I look
around at her, I am seeing a half second of DDB. It's adoring looks. This is
during rapport. It's saying "I can't believe this is happening, this guy is so
hot omg omg". Then snap band out when I catch her doing it. Funny stuff.

2. Very natural set, I just wanted her and the guy knew he was lost. I know I
reek of playerishness, she even ACCUSED me of it, my understanding of female
emotions and timing are too sharp now to go unnoticed, they FEEL that shit.
It's just too on key. Which MEANS..

I DLV a lot and I purposefully fuck up during sarge and fumble emotionally and
tactically to bring the temp to a nice simmer if it's getting too noticed.

Hahah I had a chat with two women on the train about women and men. She said,
"Hmm you're quite the Casanova aren't you?"

Again, similar thing, I am very at ease and I was describing these points..

1. Women do things emotionally and they are not always emotional for the
reasons that they give, if a guy knows how to *ride those emotions* like waves,
then he's ahead of the other guys.

Girl on the right is like.. "Guys just don't understand that".

2. How that Rapport and about 4-6 hrs of it is really essential, how the face
changes, the whole thing is psychological, it's NEEDED for progression to sex
etc. It's very ESSENTIAL most of the time. That last sarge btw, after this
amount of rapport, the girl felt like she had been with me for years, trying to
venue change ME to her place and I knew what was going down, I suspect she was
going to drop an E she had in her pocket and screw the shit out of me. (She
swears she's only taken 2 in her life). Yeaaaa right.

Her friend is like "Yea, that's totally true". Of course it is! We spend our
lives figuring this out, (I didn't tell her this bit).

3. Bla bla bla.. you guys know all the rest, if you don't then book some time
with someone good, buy some books or CDs and read mASF more! Hang out with
some naturals. Don't worry bout a thing. Be cool.

Shit, i just heard a sample in this tune, I used the same one myself before, I
am sure it's Kylie Minogue, "I'm looking for that new sensation..", nice
electro touches to audio suckage Yeuuuk.

"You've just noticed?".


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