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Follow Up: Bishop‘s Phone Call Encounter (long)

mASF post by New-Alpha

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Follow Up: Bishop‘s Phone Call Encounter (long)
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mASF post by "New-Alpha"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Last week, I posted a phone sarge I did with a woman when I was transferring my
phone service.
Well, this past weekend is when she came down to Las Vegas, so here is a nice
This took me 2 days to write, so as to be sure I was very accurate in my recall
of the night.
So you better learn something here, dammit! :-)

Her name is Tara, and while she could have used a little less make-up, overall
she was acceptable in the looks department.

Anyway, on Saturday we made plans to meet, in the late afternoon at a
restaurant/bar. I told Tara to meet me in the bar area.
In lieu of a pic (I never asked her for one) I told her to tell me what she
looks like, and that I would find her.
I knew she had come down with her girlfriends, so when I showed up, I brought a
girlfriend of my own!
Not my wingfem though. Instead, I brought an amazing friend of mine, who was
going to UNLV, named Jamie.

Once we got to the place, I began looking around the room for Tara. I couldn't
tell which one she was. There were three random women that MIGHT have been her.
So, I sent her the following text message:

"Why did you wear THAT to meet me in???"

Then I sent it, and waited to see which of the three women picked up their
phone, read the message, and started looking around.

About 15 seconds later, I had spotted Tara looking at her phone to read the
massage. So I took Jamie by the hand, and it was game on.

If Tara was surprised that I brought a woman with me, she hid it very well.
So introductions were made. Tara had 2 girlfriends with her, and I only
remember the name of one of them; Danielle. (The other I'll call "The other
chick" so you can follow along better)

The interaction began very basic: What they had planned for their weekend, how
long had myself and Jamie lived in Vegas,

Jamie has a way of asking a question sometimes, and it can come across as a
possible insult. Which was the case when she asked Tara and her friends, "So
where are your boyfriends? Or do you not have one?"

"The other chick" made a face that nearly made me laugh out loud. Danielle gave
a prompt reply of "Who needs a man?" as she then looked me in the eye. And Tara
stared that she had recently broke up with her boyfriend.

In response to Danielle's reply, I said, "Well, maybe you've never really had a
man. You've probably only had BOYS in your life."
Danielle asked, "So you think you're a man?"
I smiled and replied, "It's not relevant, because you're not my type. Sorry."
Danielle looked at Jamie and said, "You put up with this?"
Jamie, bless her, gave a beautiful reply of, "With what? He said YOU weren't
his type, not me."

Danielle gave one of those laughs you give, when you're got off guard and can't
think of what to say.

Tara started to say something, but I shifted my attention to "The other chick"
and asked her, "So, what's your story? Blood type? Criminal record? Favorite
midnight snack?"

She laughed and replied, "No criminal record, thank god. My favorite midnight
snack would be 'Heath Bites.' Love those."
Tara jumped in with, "I love grapes as a late snack." (I gave her look as if
she had said "I love shit balls")

I forgot what exactly Jamie and Danielle had begun talking about around this
time, but they seemed to be warming up to each other.

I told Tara, "You look a little different than I pictured you, when we talked
that first time."
She of course asked, "What did you think I would look like? Good or bad?"
I shrugged and said, "Just different. But I like the blouse. Where did you get
Tara beamed and replied, "Thank you. Back home. A place called Sharon's
Creations. It's a small store, but really lovely clothes."
"The other chick" offered, "Yeah, they have nice shoes too."

Since Jamie prefers just women, romantically, and was obviously getting
something going with Danielle, I threw a little "P.R." comment. I said,
"Danielle, ask Jamie to show you what she does with glitter."

Jamie has this really cool thing, where she uses glitter on a woman like it's
make-up. Highlighting features and stuff like that. Looks freakish on a dude I
would imagine, but looks HOT on women!

Since this is a purely "chick thing" I excused myself, and went to make some
calls and grab an energy drink.

As I sat outside the place, having my drink and checking my voice mail, I would
periodically glance over to see how things were going.
The girls were getting along well.
While I was sitting there, two very cute brunettes started to walk by my way.
Since one of them had more of the kind of energy I prefer, and I was impressed
with how she was dressed, I decided to talk to them.
I approached as they walked toward me and I said to the one I liked, "Nice
fashion sense. Come with me real quick. I want to show you to my ladyfriends,
so they know how a woman's supposed to dress for summer."
The other brunette said, "We have our friends waiting."
I replied, "Then we better go do this now, so you can get going."
I motioned them into the bar, and they went in with me.
I asked them their names. The one I had "tagged" was named Jennifer, and the
other one was named Lily.
Once we got to where Jamie and Tara and the others were at, I introduced
Jennifer and Lily was interested in the glitter make-up thing Jamie was doing
on Danielle, so that prevented any "Okay, let's go now" behavior for a few

So in less than 20 minutes, I had a 6 women group with me.

"The other chick" complimented Jennifer's attire, and Tara agreed.
I said, "Now see, THIS is how a woman of summer, dresses. So take notes."
Jennifer was eating up the attention, as a discussion began on her clothes, and
EVERYONE (except me) simply HAD to feel the material of her top.
Jennifer had on a butterfly ring on her thumb, so I said, "Hey, wait a minute,
you're trying to copy me." (I have a thumb ring)
She smiled and said, "Maybe you're trying to copy ME."
I playfully rolled my eyes, and caught part of the conversation Lily was having
with Tara and Danielle. They were talking about the clubs "Ice" and "Studio 54"
and Lily was saying she and some friends might be going to "Ice" later that
night, and invited them to meet her and her friends there.

I made a mental note of that. Because if I decided to go to "Ice" that night,
now I would have instant rapport with some people I knew would be there. You
see, it's quite powerful when you "unexpectedly" run into someone you met
earlier that day. Women have an interesting "We were meant to meet" mentality
sometimes in such a situation. So imagine showing up someplace where
potentially 5 women might attach that kind of mentality when they saw you
again. It not only gives you instant rapport, it also gives you social proof to
whatever friends they brought with them, and thus gives you a "High choice/Low
effort" oppourtunity. It's a beautiful thing.

I asked Jennifer, "So what are you enjoying more, the attention you're getting
right now, or the validation?"
She replied, "I'm just enjoying myself. This is nice, meeting people who seem
like fun."

Since there were multiple conversations going on, I decided to isolate
Jennifer, and see what kind of potential she had.
Her 'Phanting indicated to me that she was very much into new experiences. So I
told her to come sit with me a minute, that I want to see what she's got going
on besides her looks. As she followed me, I simply said to the group, "We'll be

I sat Jennifer down, and asked her, "So what's your favorite kind of new
She was confused at first and asked, "Like how do you mean?"
I said, "We all give off an energy, it's just how we are. And the energy you
give off, is one of curiosity and fascination toward new experiences. So, I
want to know, what has been your favorite kind of new experience?"
She thought about it, gave a shrug, and replied, "I just like having fun. I
love being around fun people. I love going someplace and not knowing what
really fun things might happen. I can't sit for long, I have to be doing
things. I can't really sit and watch a movie unless it really gets me in.
Mostly I rent movies, so I can pause them and do other stuff and come back and
watch the movie. Does that make sense?"
I smiled and said, "You're weird."
She laughed and said, "But I'm fun."
I asked her, "So, if your fun meter had a scale from one to ten. What's your
fun level right now?"
She thought about it, and said, "Well, my curiosity is kinda up there. I'm not
sure what to expect from you, but you seem interesting."
I said, "You misunderstand. I wasn't asking what you thought of me. I was
asking where your fun meter was right now."
She said, "I don't know. About a four or a five I guess."
Then I said, "How much would you enjoy learning more about yourself right now,
and having fun in the process?"
Jennifer turned her head slightly and said, "What do you mean? How am I going
to learn more about myself?"
I raised my brow and said, "By giving me your right hand, and getting ready for
some fun."
She gave her her right hand, and I did a modern version of my old "Warmth
Builder" accelerator, called (quite simply..) "The Accelerator." I have three
kinds, three "levels" of it. I did the first level with her, which helps
eliminate LMR from popping up when you go in for the close.
(I'm not going to share that here, as there is a certain way to do it, so as to
guard against potential bad outcomes, or stalkers, and to test to be sure she's
even in the correct flow to move into this kind of thing. But, if you're one of
my AlphaList members, I'll likely include it in a future broadcast, or make a
free mini-PDF available about it with an audio file)

Once Jennifer opened her eyes, her first words were a breathy, "That was really
I said, "Now, don't tell Lily or your friends about it. Otherwise, they'll want
to experience it too. I'm not going to give a gift to just anyone. So your
payment for this gift, is that you keep it to yourself."
She smiled and said, "But that was so fun, and...really exhilarating. I can't
tell anyone?"
I gave a faux "surrender" sigh and said, "Oh, okay. But you can't tell them it
was me. Just say this really cool and powerfully charismatic guy showed you
something about what you were really capable of experiencing."
She smiled and said, "Deal. Cool and charismatic? You're sure of yourself."
I replied, "Stop flirting with me." Then I stood up and told her we should
rejoin the group.

Apparently the others had gotten into a discussion about what lipstick names
they would come up with. I swear, chicks can be as goofy as guys sometimes.

I was hungry, so I told Jamie and the group that I was going to grab a table,
so whoever was joining us should let me know so I can get us all seated.
Lily, surprisingly, felt like hanging around longer. So when Tara and her
friends said they were going to eat too, Lily asked Jennifer if she wanted to
hang out with the rest of us.
Jennifer said she wasn't very hungry, but that she would hang out with us for a
little bit.
I of course said, "What about those friends you said were waiting for you?"
Lily replied that it was just some guys they agreed to have a drink with, and
that she liked this group better.
So we got a table for 7 (which at first was going to cause a 15 to 20 minute
wait, but someone had the wise idea to just put two tables together, so it only
took 5 minutes)

Since I had been ignoring Tara for most of this time, and I had established
solid rapport with Jennifer, I decided to throw Tara a verbal "bone" and talk
to her.
I said to Tara, "So, where are you staying while you're here?"
She said they were staying at Excalibur. Which was EXCELLENT, because that
place has a "Cold Stone" ice cream establishment. And if it's one thing I've
learned, living in Las Vegas these back few years, it's that such a setting
helps create some great rapport. You see, women in a group in such a setting,
seem to have this NEED to go "What did you get? Oh, can I taste some?" So a
taste of this, a taste of that, and BOOM, it's like you've bonded. The more
women you have in the group, the better.
Plus, since the ice cream place is in their hotel, it's convenient if things
advance to something more physical.
So I made a mental note of that as well, as I said, "Cool. They have a 'Cold
Stone' ice cream place in there. Maybe we'll grab some ice cream after we
Danielle said, "Not me. I don't do dairy. That stuff's bad for you."
I replied, "I was talking to Tara, actually."
Tara was showing the first signs of interest, as she said to Danielle, "Well,
we'll see if they have any non-dairy kind." Indicating she wanted to join me.
Then I teased Jennifer by saying, "You can't come."
She gave one of those "shocked look with a smile" and said, "I have a Cold
Stone by where I live anyway. So..." And she stuck out her tongue.
At this point, I gave Jennifer little attention, and gave Tara more attention.
Basically, I would look at Tara as she would talk, and not look at Jennifer
when she talked. And I would ask Tara questions, but not ask Jenifer questions.

It was having an affect, because Jennifer began asking questions directly to
me. And I would give short answers, then change the subject. I wanted to see if
she was interested in further contact, or if she was just wanting more of my
attention. There IS a difference.

Somewhere after we munched on an appetizer, but before our food arrived, the
topic shifted to the differences between men and woman. (Gee, I wonder who
brought THAT subject up??? *self point*)
I asked, "Have you ever really noticed the subtle differences between men and
Danielle replied with, "Besides women being the better sex?"
I ran with it, and said, "Interesting illusion you've bought into. In fact,
what have you accepted as true, in order to believe that women are the better
Lily asked me, "So you think men are the better sex?"
I replied, "For me to say yes OR no, would imply I feel the genders are in
competition. Why would you expend so much energy to try and feel better about
yourself by competing against a man? Are you so unsure of yourself, that only
having victory over a man validates your self worth?"
That got ALL the women's attention.
Danielle was the first to reply. She said, "I don't compete against men. Men
just seem to all do stupid things that I don't see women doing. Men get stupid
and 'Hey baby' at women they see. Women don't do that."
I smiled and said, "True. And women get catty about some woman who's getting
all kinds of male attention. Men don't do that. In fact, when a man gets
dressed up, he's not looking to make other guys jealous. Yet a woman will spend
four hours or more getting her make up and attire just right, partial in hopes
to make other women jealous. So you see, both genders have odd behavior. But
it's the subtle things that separate us, as well as brings us together."
Tara, Jennifer, and Lily all got that "leaning forward" posture, which
indicated I had their attention and interest. (Jamie and I already had this
discussion, so she was just on the ride)
"The other chick" seemed to have gotten herself confused, and just had that
blank look of "can not compute...need more input."
Danielle had her arms crossed and was leaning back.
Lily asked, "So you think you know women?"
I laughed and said, "I think I understand them better than most women even do."
Jennifer asked, "Like what?"
I replied, "Like why a woman can be cold and abrasive through most of her day,
yet can't fight back the tears during an emotional scene in a movie."
Danielle felt the need to say, "I don't cry at movies."
To which I said, "That's nice." and continued talking by saying, "Do any of you
know why a woman does that?"
Tara took a guess by saying, "She's shut off, maybe because of bad experiences.
But the movie is her way of letting some of that out."
I waved my finger and said, "Nope. That's a common belief, but it's not the
real reason."
Jamie, having already gone through this conversation with me, revealed the
answer. "It's because next to laughing, sadness is the one emotion a woman is
least able to guard against. We are able to get ourselves to not get mad, or
not show enjoyment, but we can't NOT cry if the emotion is there."

I smiled and said, "Well put. It's true. Men have been conditioned to believe
that crying, showing sadness, is an expression of weakness. So they've had lots
of practice in distracting their emotions when they begin to notice a potential
moment that might lead to tears. That's why you'll notice most guys make fun of
a sad scene. Often it's a defense mechanism designed to get him to distract
himself from feeling the sad emotion that's looming inside. But a woman is a
work of art who is not only very in tune with her emotions, she's not
discouraged to express them. A woman can feel lust, love, joy, and humor, and
still get themselves to a place where they can hide it from you if they want
to. But sadness, tears, and those things connected to that emotion and feeling,
are in the deepest part of a woman. So it's also the hardest thing for a woman
to NOT do. Besides, as a nurturing energy, it's part of her power. Hell, many
women have even experienced getting their way, if they just show a tear in
front of a guy. You know, 'Oh, baby, don't cry. Okay, we can do what you want.
I'm a wimp, I have no balls.' "

Danielle gave a slight head tilt, and looked down. I was reaching her.
And "The other chick" seemed to grasp my point this time.
Jennifer was the most enthused, and asked, "How did you learn this?"
I shrugged and replied the truth, which was, "By being observant."
Danielle wasn't ready to admit I was right just yet though. She said, "That
still doesn't mean women are the weaker sex."
I laughed and said, "Who said EITHER gender was the weaker sex? Men dominate in
some areas, women dominate in others. So if you look at it overall, we're BOTH
the weaker sex AND both the stronger sex. If you, Danielle, are great at
painting, at art, and I'm not, does that make me weaker than you? And since I'm
great at writing, and if you're not, does that make you weaker than me? You're
only as strong or as weak as the situation at hand."

Right around here is when our food came.
I wanted the conversation to change, as this line of dialogue had already
established my knowledge of men and women well enough to get their attention.
So I said, "Enough on that topic though. Hey, Lily why are you and Jennifer
friends? What makes you both compatible as friends?"

Dude, the look of "Uh...I don't know how to answer that" on Lily's face was
In fact, Jennifer had to be the one to answer it. She said, "Lil and I just
click, we did from the first time. I can share things with her and she can do
the same with me, and we know it's just between us. We have fun, always have
fun. Don't we, Lil?"
Lilly replied, "Always. Jen can cheer me up like that." *snapped her fingers*

That showed me something interesting. It showed me that Jennifer was the
leader, and Lily was the follower. Lily followed Jennifer's lead, and Lily was
the one who needed "cheering up" at times. Notice that Jennifer didn't say,
"Lily can cheer me up too." That tells me that Jennifer doesn't look to Lily
for validation, which is useful knowledge in a seduction.
So I picked the right woman (of course) to focus on.

This initial question that I had asked, prompted the others to discuss how they
had met each other, and what they like about each other. Jamie had spilled some
sauce on her shirt, so she got up to use the bathroom. Not surprisingly,
Danielle went with her. I figured one of two things would happen in that
bathroom. Either Jamie would start to advance things with Danielle, or Jamie
would get some info on Tara to pass along to me. Or BOTH.

Not long after that, Tara asked me, "So, is Jamie your girlfriend?"
I replied, "I prefer the term 'ladyfriend.' She and I are just friends, yes. I
only make friends of women who can really inspire me and show me that they have
more to offer than their looks. Jamie does that, so I enjoy her friendship."

That apparently stimulated Jennifer's curiosity, because she asked me, "So you
can be friends with a woman, and just friends?"
I smiled and asked, "Why, are you applying for a ladyfriend position with me?"
She smiled and said, "Maybe. You seem really cool to hang out with."
That prompted "The other chick" to say, "Yeah, you seem interesting."
Tara teasingly added, "I agree. This is nice. But don't let that blow up your
ego, mister man." And she added a wink at the end.
I replied with, "Ahh, being highly regarded by boring women. What more could a
guy want?"
Jennifer, who was sitting closest to me, playfully swatted me with her napkin
and said, "Don't be a shit."
I faked surprise as I said, "What, you ladies didn't know you were boring? Oh,
my bad. I thought SURELY someone had already broken the news to you by now."
With a laugh, Tara said, "Don't be an asshole."

I looked over at Tara's plate and asked, "That looks good. What is that?"
It was feticinni and shrimp, with Alfredo sauce.
Tara asked, "You want to try a taste?"
So, just like what I said earlier about ice cream, it happened here first. I
was tasting Tara's stuff, she was tasting mine, "The Other Chick" tasted
somebody's stuff, they were tasting her's.
The group was now displaying being in great rapport with each other. (minus
Jamie and Danielle, who were still in the bathroom)

Flash forward 15 minutes. Jamie and Danielle finally return to the table.
SOMETHING went on in that bathroom. Not only because they had been gone so
long, but also because Danielle's mood was much more relaxed.
Naturally a couple of the girls teased them about what they were doing for that

I don't recall anything of real value happening during the rest of our meal. So
let's flashforward to afterwards.

One thing that I've learned about being in a group of women, is if you get them
to collectively go to the movies with you, it supercharges the rapport
afterwards. If most of you hated the movie, you build rapport from trashing it
together. If most of you liked the movie, that feeling gets connected to you,
since you were present for the experience with them.
So I suggested we catch a movie and then grab some Cold Stone ice cream, and
then go get ready to hit a couple of clubs.
Lily said, in regard to her and Jennifer, "Oh, but we have to work tonight."
(This is Las Vegas, so swing and graveyard shifts are insanely common) So I
simply said, "No worries, but you can both still join us for a movie and some
ice cream. Right?"
She looked at Jennifer, in a kind of "Can we do that?" way.
Jennifer said, "Yeah, we can do that."

Now the part came where we could all agree on which movie to see. There was NO
WAY IN HELL I was going to go see "Must Love Dogs" nor "The Dukes of Hazzard."
Well, the latter wasn't an argument, none of the women cared to see Jessica
Simpson (She doesn't do anything for me either)
So it became a choice between *shudder* "Must Love Dogs" or "Stealth" or "The
I called a couple of theatres, and found a theatre playing "Must Love Dogs" and
"The Island." So that's where we went.
Once there, I threw them a curve and said, "Okay, my movie starts twenty
minutes before yours. So whoever's not seeing 'The Island' with me, I'll give
you easy directions on how to find Cold Stone, in Excalibur."

Jennifer, Lily, Jamie, and Danielle chose to see my movie. Which influenced
Tara and "The Other Chick" to see it with us.

The movie didn't start for another 10 minutes, so once we all found seats
together, I told Jennifer, "Come with me real quick."
I took her to the very back of the theatre, and said, "Ready to learn more
about yourself?"
She smiled and asked, "You gonna do that thing again?"
I smiled and said, "Sorta. Assume the position."
She layed back, gave me her right hand, and closed her eyes. Which I corrected
her on and said, "No, this time we're using your left hand."

Then I did "The Accelerator: Level Two"
(Like I said, be patient, I'll likely put something together that teaches you
how to do this)

Once I finished, I touch my finger to her lips. She kissed my finger. (Unless
you've totally creeped her out, kissing the finger is the most common reaction
she'll give. That, or gently biting it)
She was looking deeply into my eyes, so I let that linger without saying a
word. (Most guys would want to break the silence, out of nervous habit. But
keep in mind that in this moment, she's processing and rationalizing the
thoughts she's having toward you. LET THAT HAPPEN! LET HER BREAK THE SILENCE!
Just relax, and maybe glance at her mouth, and her eyes, and her mouth again.
That's a nice way to signal to her that she should be kissing you right now.)

Me, I just tilted my head up slightly, and look down toward her with my left
brow raised.

She smiled, and simply said, "Thank you."
I joked, "That'll be 20 dollars, please."
She smiled and said, "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"
I replied, "Because I wanted to. And because I knew you were someone who could
appreciate it, and value this gift."
She said, "This is, like, I don't know. Not real. I don't mean not real, like
fake not real. It's just, I don't know, it's like... I'm not making any sense,
am I?"
I just smiled and didn't say anything.
She put her hand on my leg and asked, "Just tell me you're being real."
I replied softly, "Look, if this is too much for you to handle, that's all
good. Some people aren't ready to step outside what's typical for them. So
maybe we should stop now, and join the others, and leave this as a cool
experience we shared once upon a time."
I started to get up, and she said, "Just, wait, hold on, please." as she
grabbed my arm.
I say back down and just looked at her.
She said, "The way you talk...your whole...YOU. I like it, I REALLY like it.
And I can tell it's really you. I like that."
I leaned in slightly and said, "Jennifer, I like being single right now. You
seem like a great person, and I'm sure you're going to be a valued friend to
me. So, if you're having thoughts of something more...involved, then I'm going
to be blunt, and tell you that I don't think either one of us needs a
relationship right now. You have a personality and a sensuality that is very
attractive, I fully confess that. But...I don't want to do something tonight,
that we'll write off as a moment of weakness tomorrow, and regret it. We
deserve better than that."

(Guys, I was absolutely honest with her. This was fully from what I was feeling
in that moment, and NONE of it was prerehearsed or preworded...well, except for
the part about "doing something tonight that we'll write off as a moment of
weakness tomorrow" I got that from the movie "Valentine.")

Jennifer put her hand on my arm and said, "I know. You're right. But I want to
find out something."
And with that, she reached up and planted a nice....looooong....kiss on me.
The movie previews had already started a couple of minutes ago. But we were
having a "preview" of our own.

As we lingered in that kiss, she was rubbing my chest. That's a signal that
she's open to more than just kissing. Maybe not full on sex, but definitely
open to caresses and more intimate touching. So I decided to amp the fire a
little, by gently touching and rubbing AROUND her breasts, but not ON them. I
rubbed inside her leg, but not ON her crotch.

This went on for a handful of minutes, then I whispered, "We need to stop."
(Pulling LMR on HER) Then I pulled away.
I could almost see and hear her circuits frying, as she tried to make sense of
how she became the recipient of LMR.

Would I have shagged her, either right there, or after pulling her into a
bathroom stall? Maybe. But I didn't want to yet.

We started watching movie for a little while. Then about 30 minutes or so
later, she leans in and whispers, "Let me out. I'll be back." Then she gets up
and goes outside the theatre.

Roughly 10 minutes later she came back.

The movie was great! (Despite what the boxoffice reflects, "The Island" is an
excellent flick!)

So we all gathered outside, at which time Lily backs out of joining us for ice
cream and leaves. Jennifer grabs a ride with me and Jamie, and we meet Tara and
her friends at Cold Stone.

As expected, everyone wanted to try a taste of everyone else's different ice
It was quite clear at tis time that Jamie and Danielle had become
quite...friendly, with each other. They talked with each other most, and would
even get into their own conversations without the rest of us.
Jennifer was quiet, just listening to others talking, and would pretty much
only talk when asked something.
Tara and I got into a conversation about travelling, and "The Other Chick"
would chime into the conversation from time to time.
Then I blew at the side of Jennifer's face, she looked at me and smiled. I
said, "Can you please shut up and let someone else get a word in from time to
She slapped my arm, and playfully tried to push her cone into my face.
Tara asked Jennifer what kind of work she does. Jennifer explained that serves
drinks at the MGM casino.
I said, "Oh, so you have a short walk to work tonight." (MGM is right across
the street from Excalibur)
She whispered to me, "I called off."
I grinned and said, "Did you now? Is that what you were doing when you left
She replied, "Yes. And I text messaged Lily to let her know. I think she was
bummed about it."
There were various other conversations, nothing of particular note really.
The subject came up about relationships past (No, I didn't initiate it)
"The Other Chick" asked me, "Why are guys so nice at first, but such jerks
I shrugged and replied, "Maybe it's who they're talking to at the time."
Tara added, "Not all guys are jerks. You don't seem to be a jerk. (meaning me)
Well, maybe a little, but not an asshole jerk."
We shared a laugh, then I said, "I can't speak for other guys. But, just like
women, a guy interprets what the other person is saying, and when it goes in a
different direction than they wanted, they get pissy about it sometimes. Guys
are nice because they want to get sex, and women are nice because they want to
get free shit."
They all laughed at that (except Jamie and Danielle, who at this time were in
their own world together)
Then Jennifer said, "So what's a woman gotta do to get sex?"
(Hmm, me thinks she was dropping a hint)
I shrugged and said, "For most guys, she just has to be in the room."
Tara asked, "Oh, so you think you're resistent to that? Is that what I'm
picking up here?"
I smiled and said, "Look, Las Vegas is full of hot looking women. Hell, the
WORLD is full of hot looking women. But, in my experience, many of them have
jack shit to offer besides their external assets, their looks. They shake their
ass, or they make their tits bounce in front of a guy, and that's their whole
power, nothing more than that. And guys, get so caught up in wanting to get a
nut, that they go blind in wanting her to be something more than big tits, a
squeezable ass, and blowjob lips.
I can jack off to a fantasy of that, and it won't cost me a dime. Yet guys will
spend all kinds of money on MAYBE getting some sex from a woman. I have better
respect for myself than that, and I demand the woman have something more to
offer than her looks. No exceptions."
Jennifer was clearly paying attention now.
I turned to Jennifer and said, "Take you, for example. Bodywise, you could get
a lot from guys, with very little effort I bet. And while sometimes it's fun to
do, it's not who you are, is it? It gets frustrating having internal beauty
that goes unnoticed. Or, only gets noticed enough from the guy until he gets
what he wants from you. You're a woman, who's curse is that your true treasure
is the one thing most guys never discover."
Tara was impressed. She said, "That was good. We need to clone you."
We shared a laugh. Then, after finishing my cone, I looked at my watch and
said, "I need to head out."
Jennifer and Tara asked if I was going to meet them later at "Ice."
I said, "I might stop by."
I said my goodbyes to everyone, told Tara if I didn't see her later, it was
nice to have met her. And I told Jennifer to write down her number.
Jennifer asked to get my number too. (Which tipped me off that she might be
calling me before the night was over)

I wasn't sure if I was going to hit any clubs that night or not. I have to be
in a certain mood for that kind of energy.
Plus, there was a message on my voicemail, from a babe I was in the mood to
have some playful "slap-n-tickle" banter with.
So I called her cell phone, and we spent the next 20 minutes or so playfully
insulting each other into arousal. She was at home, and so was her husband, so
we couldn't exactly get it on at her place. And I never let married women know
where I live, nor where I hang out. So we made plans to hook up later, through
the week someplace.

Around midnight, sure as shit, Jennifer called me. She was obviously at the
club, based on the background noise. She wanted to know if I was going to be
coming to the club.
I told her I was going to pass, that I was in the mood for something more
spread out.
She said she called off work because she wanted to hang out with me tonight.
I told her that was creepy, since we had just met. Then I followed that up
with, "Oh, but we made out in the theatre, so I guess it's not THAT creepy."
She said, "I don't regret that by the way."
I said, "You should never regret what feels good."
Then she got that typical girly pouty voice, as she said, "So I missed work for
I laughed and said, "Hmm, that depends on what you expect to happen tonight."
She got a sheepish tone and said, "I just wanna hang out with you. I want to
talk to you. You're so...insightful."
I said, "Well, as long as you don't try to dump your problems on me and ask
'what should I do?' I guess we can hang out."
She said, "I'm not that type, don't worry. I can handle my issues on my own."
I liked that. Very attractive quality.

So I told her to meet me in a casino called "The Orleans."
Once there, we got into her car, and I told her where to drive.
Since she had a convertible, I had her drive us to a place I know, near the
airport, where there are no streetlamps or casinos, so you can see the stars
really well.
Initially, we just talked, and checked out the stars, and watched planes taking
off and landing.
But then, from someplace I have NO IDEA where it came from in me, I started
giving the stars weird names. And then I started saying what kind of creatures
were on that planet. Weird shit too. Like one star named "CrackRock" there are
creatures that looks like bicycles and talk with a french accent. She named one
star "BadDog" which had creatures that smell like dirty socks, and look like
stepped on gum, and have a dozen eyes, and no mouth, so they always die of

I was having fun, and so was she.

Of course, eventually the planet names got more suggestive, and the inhabitants
began having body parts that did interesting things. For example, she called
one star "PiercedNipple" and the inhabitants looked like jellly beans and they
had mouths where boobs would normally be.
After a few of these, I said to her, "You're in a nasty, naughty, very
un-Christian-like mood."
She slapped my chest and said, "So are YOU."
I teased her and said, " touched me. No touching me."
She smiled and said, "Oh, so I can't do this?" As she pinched my nipple.
I said, "Watch it. What you touch, I touch."
So she poked my stomach.
Then I poked my own stomach as well, and said, "See, I warned you."
She shoved my shoulder, so I shouved my shoulder too.
Then she lightly slapped my face. So I lightly slapped HER face.
She gave a partially fake shocked look, and said, "Hey, that wasn't nice."
I smiled and said, "Then be careful where you touch."

Suddenly she gets into this Kung-Fu playful mood. A playful smack here, a
nicely placed grab of flesh there.
This chick was getting off on this!...Okay, I was getting a warn and fuzzy
feeling from it too.
Most guys would try and be slick, and use this oppourtunity to grab her boobs
or something.
Instead, I avoided ALL sexual spots, though I would slap and poke NEAR those
This got her more and more into it, and at some point she acted like she was
going to grab my crotch. But she stopped before actually grabbing it.
I said, "Ah, that will cost you fifty bucks....Well, you can have a discount.
So only forty-five ninety-five."
Jennifer laughed as she said, "Gee, I feel so honored."
We looked at each other a moment, and then I used my finger to outline her brow
and her nose. She closed her eyes as I did this. THAT was the telling sign for
I reached in, and I slowly kissed her forehead. Then I kissed her eyes. Then
her cheeks. And then her mouth.
When I went in to kiss her mouth, she moved into me, and surrendered to the
We made out a little bit, then I took it a little farther by running my fingers
between her breasts, up and down slowly.
She moved my hand to one of her breasts. (I think that's a green light of some

Soon, it advanced to something more...oral. But I didn't shag her. I wanted to
let it linger unattained for now.

And that is all I'm sharing.


"Unleash What She's Been Waiting For"

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "New-Alpha" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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