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Lay Report: Day 9/21: Teaching the teacher

mASF post by TheShangriLa

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Lay Report: Day 9/21: Teaching the teacher
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mASF post by "TheShangriLa"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

The Shangri La's 21 Day Sarge

Day 9
Because of work, I end up going out quite late. I open a handful of sets. I'm
still feeling a bit hungover from the night before, so I guess I'm projecting a
low energy vibe. Two girls sitting near Eros in Piccadilly as good as ask me to
go away. This doesn't exactly cheer me up.

I ring up the girl I was making out with last night in the bar. It's about
10pm, getting quite late. She tells me that they are tired and just going to
have a beer near the hostel they are staying at. They tell me where it is and I
say I'll meet her and her friend there in about 20 minutes. On the way to the
tube I get a small glass of wine in a bar and sink it in 2 or 3 quick gulps.
The motor-mouth in my brain starts to chill out.

I get on the tube and make my way across London. I self talk and tell myself
that I will not be a hungover wussy boy when I meet there women, I will be the
man. I build up my state and feel pretty good.

I arrive at the station and ask a passing lady for directions to the pub. It is
perhaps the first time in months where I've walked up to a cute woman and
actually GENUINELY needed her opinion/directions etc ;) He he.

The pub is not far. I walk in and spot the 3 chicks. I sit down opposite them,
spread myself and talk in a confident and commanding manner. I pay no special
interest to the teacher chick I was making out with the night before. I sit
there and make conversation with all three chicks - mostly fluff talk. Time is
ticking on. I tell them I am going to get myself a drink at the bar. As I get
up, I command teacher chick to come with me. I pull up a bar stool and sit
down. Teacher chick comes over and stands beside me. She has her back turned to
her friends and I put my arm around her waist. This is good and I am relieved
that I've detacted myself from the low energy I had earlier.

We talk. Time passes. I talk and listen and qualify her, telling her how much I
admire teachers and how cool it is that she speaks 3 different languages etc.
I'm also trying to make it that everytime she tells me something cool I kiss
her - to encourage good behaviour :)

The other chicks decide to go back to the hostel. Teach beats me to the
punchline and suggests we go for a walk. We walk. I stop her and we make out on
some sidestreet. We are near a park and so we try to find a gate to get in to
the park. It's a private garden type thing, where only the residents have the
key to the gates, so we have no luck.

There is a house, it's quite old and I suggest it's haunted. She gets
frightened and won't go near it. I drag her towards it and we have a lot of
fun. I tell her I see the ghost of an old man in the window and he is looking
at her. Tee hee. It's fun. We sit down on the footpath and make out. I rummage
around the outside of her clothes as we make out. This goes on for quite a
while. She tells me she has to go back to the hostel because they are going
back to Spain the next day and have to check out of the hostel early in the
morning. I agree with her and look around for a dark alleyway or somewhere we
might be able to get jiggy. I stay cool, but I think to myself this may not

I go with the flow and start to walk her back to the hostel. She slows me down
as we walk, which I take as a good sign. She is sharing a room, so there is no
chance of laying her there. I tell her I need the bathroom and we find a
bathroom in the hostel lobby. I use the bathroom and when I come out I take her
hands and try to lead her in to the bathroom. We are just around the corner
from the hostel night-receptionist, so she gets too nervous. I say straight out
"You know you want me". She says she doesn't want to in the bathroom. Right
there I know it's on. I tell her we can get a taxi back to my place. She asks
is it far. I tell her no. She asks will she be able to get back to the hostel
early the next morning. I say yes. That's seems to settle her mind, so I walk
up to the night-receptionist and ask for him for a taxi phone number. As you
are not supposed to have guests (it's a YWCA!), she is surprised I talk to the

We get back to my place and get jiggy. She has very firm breasts and I try a
new position I've been hankering after for a while. We don't get much sleep.

The next morning, we shower. As promised I take her back to her hostel, all the
way to the door. She asks for my email on the bus and I type it in her phone.
She tells me she had a good night and I wish her a safe trip home, nothing more
than that.

I get on a bus on the other side of the road and head back to my place. I'm
sitting looking out the window as the bus starts and stops along the way. I
notice a person sit down beside me, which is strange as there are plenty of
empty seats elsewhere on the bus. I pay her little attention. Then I turn to
her and ask her how long it takes to get to my stop. Set opened. We fluff talk.
She is a cute 6'1 black girl. She says she isn't up to much right now, so I
suggest we grab a coffee. We hop off the bus and head to a cafe nearby.

We look at the menu and she reads "Hot toasted Panini" as "Hot toasted punanni"
and laughs at her *mistake*. I wonder what's on her mind? She tells me about
her boa constrictor. I talk about my boots. If my bedroom wasn't such a mess, I
would have considered trying to extract her back there. But I have other things
to do.

We finish coffee and she thanks me. We walk a bit further and as we are about
to part company, I number close her. I give her a hug, which she doesn't seem
to be expecting and I kiss her square on the lips. She seems to like that. We
part and I say we'll catch up soon. I'm sure I could have laid her this morning
if I had the energy/time. I'll save my hot toasted punanni for another time ;)
The Shangri La

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