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Chicks behaving weirdly

mASF post by Wulfen

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Chicks behaving weirdly
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mASF post by "Wulfen"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Antics, DoctorOwl, thanks for your responses. Answers are below.

To update things a bit yesterday night I k-closed and made out with the girl
that gave me the ride home. So I just doubled my statistics :).

Strangely I didn't find any hard at all to kiss-close her, even in front of her
group of friends (I saw lost_and_found doing this once and I just copied the
way he did it, moving just a little bit away from the group - but still in
plain sight - and going for the k-close as if it was the most natural thing in
the world). Crap, two years ago I had no idea how to kiss a girl and now I do
this outrageous stuff. It seems things are coming together nicely now :).

Antics wrote:
>>She gave you a ride home?

>> Did you get her inside? Try to hook up?
>> Overcome LMR and fuck her?

>> If the chick offers to give you a ride home, she wants
>> you to take her inside and show her your place.

Hmm no, I didn't try those things, though perhaps I should have, though my
calibration (which might be flawed) told me that this chick wanted to end the
interaction. I tried pushing a bit but she didn't reciprocate so I let her go.
I suppose once I learn more I'll attract them more, read better their
responses, and so on. Still is ok since I k-closed her, though I might have had
the opportunity to do it that first night. If I can I'll debrief her later.

On 8/9/05 11:58:00 PM, DoctorOwl wrote:
>Hey, sounds like you're on the
>right path. I think you are
>overanalysing this stuff but
>it's fun so I'll join in.
>Just keep practising and try
>to take it a little less

Thanks! I think I was a bit paranoid since I kept practising and practising and
apparently I was getting better but seeing no results was setting me in a
strange mindset, like "there must be something wrong with me atm that I can't
exactly figure out". Today I'm a bit more relaxed.

>Set 1:
>It's happened twice in my life
>too. Kind of sucks. Next
>time, the moment they bring it
>up, experiment with pacing her
>reality, "I know it's a little
>strange because I just met you
>in a club and we don't really
>know each other but phones are
>pretty safe and we can just
>chat." See what happens -
>probably nothing, but who
>knows. If they persist then
>"You're making me really
>uncomfortable, I'm just
>calling to catch up and you're
>being really weird." Once
>again, low-chance shots :)

Heh, it's still 10 times better than simply giving up. I'll use your advice
next time I have one of those weird flakes.

>Anyway you most
>likely did something else
>wrong earlier, didn't build a
>strong enough connection or
>did something creepy. I think
>that considering her friend
>forced you to do it, you could
>not have expected much anyway.

I hadn't seen it that way, but it makes sense.

>If you consistently have
>problems closing the hotter
>girls in the group but they
>all like you, number close ALL
>of them starting with one of
>the average ones. A girl will
>be less likely to refuse your
>number after seeing her own
>friend give theirs (maybe?).
>Anyway I used to number close
>groups a lot and it works
>well, "We should all hang out,
>here, give me your number.
>*get it* Okay, and you."

I like this. Will field-test next time I have one of those sets in which the
girls decide which guy is for which girl and I end up being with a girl I don't
really like.

>Set 2:
>Next time the guy says he'll
>introduce you, why not just be
>like "Thanks but I'll talk to
>her myself, anyway you seem
>pretty cool I'm X, what's your
>name dude" and get yourself

Yeah, it was mostly what I did, but without the verbalizing. I didn't really
want the guy to introduce me, because I already know that if you approach
directly and confidently you already have won some points, the wingmen I
introduce later to the set don't have these points.

I must mention here that when I sarge with my usual wingman, who is a 9, this
works charms. I come in first and I get attraction cos' I got the balls, and
then he comes later and he's got attraction cause he's hot, but he doesn't
eclipsate me that much since I still got the balls. Win/win.

>When guys introduce me,
>it rarely goes well! You can
>also crack a joke with him,
>"Are these girls harassing you
>dude? They're such sexual
>predators ..." right after the
>"what's your secret" line.

Ha ha! I like! stolen! :)

>I think you built up a big
>friendship vibe with this girl
>and she freaked when you
>turned sexual because she
>wasn't that attracted to you
>(or she was, and didn't want
>her friends to see it, because
>in her mind then she wouldn't
>be able to get back with her
>boyfriend in the future...
>don't ask me but I understand

It makes sense. If she thinks her ex-bf might happen to know that she was
picked up by some guy at a disco, she might lose points in his eyes. It's a
flawed way of thinking, but such is chick logic.

>Maybe your kino looked forced,
>or came too late. I kino
>often and early, sometimes I
>even open with kino first (and
>of course a big smile to
>disarm everything). Of you
>glanced at your hands when you
>did it. But it was most
>likely just her internal shit.

What I do is open and blast up with cocky and funny, which is perhaps my
strongest weapon. When I get strong IOIs as giggles for instance, or she asking
my name, I start kino. I always start a kino motion when telling something
interesting or funny as to drive the girls attention to my convo so kino is
like "in the background". If she does not reciprocate soon, I stop and try
again later in the same way. If she reciprocates, I escalate.

>Your best bet
>MIGHT have been to be "I know
>how it is, but we're here to
>have fun and forget about the
>shit we have to deal with day
>to day, so let's make a pact
>not to talk about boring sad
>shit" and avoid it completely.

Hmm I dunno about the "boring sad shit", remove the "boring" and I think "sad
shit" can be cool emotions that moves girls. It's like you need to give them a
rollercoaster of emotions, and that implies lows as well as highs.

Example: she was telling me she had bad marks this year at uni because
something that happened to her that she obsessed about (I assumed LTR breakup
but didn't actually ask), and I said something like:

"Yeah, it happened to me as well, its these times when you have ended up
something special, and you want to call the other person, and want to ask why,
because you really can't understand, and that's what really drives you mad, but
you know that the other person won't pick up the phone, and even if you can
talk to him he'll tell you only lies, so your only resort is to think about it
and you can't concentrate on anything else"

"But then, you discover that there are other things to focus on. Slowly you can
let that obsession go, and start doing other things, and then you start getting
results on the things you gotta do, even if it's a little bit late, and as you
improve other things in life the pain slowly goes without you noticing, and one
day you wake up and you discover that you have no more grief, and you are
relieved and happy again."

So, am I good with this shit or what? :) I had two or three moments like this
one and she was DDB on me, and I think had she been older and used to kino I
could have k-closed her on one of these.

BTW, I saw this morning this girl has added me to msn as well, so I think it
turned out a solid g-close. Perhaps I was a bit paranoid and she was simply
young and nice, and not used to guys kinoing her. I think I was just paranoid.

>Set 3:
>Did you invite her inside?
>Maybe she was waiting for you
>to make the move.

Hmm, based on what I know now,having k-closed her easily early on day 3, I am
quite convinced it was game on her part to make me wait, but she was into me

>Maybe you waited too late to
>escalate. Maybe the Day 2 was
>wierd - I did this a lot where
>you walk around all friendly
>and try to escalate kino and
>SOI later on, when you should
>kino the moment you meet up
>and walk around arm in arm or
>whatever and set the vibe AS
>IF you're already sleeping
>together bf/gf or whatever.
>That way when you go to get
>her back to your place the
>"mood" is already set, and
>there was no creepy

That's *exactly* what I did yesterday and worked like a charm. Well,
technically she started kino with me (I was a bit laid back since I was wary
because of not closing on day2) but once she started I grabbed her by the hand,
caressed her hair and other bf/gf stuff and the k-close came naturally.


Ok, summing up, thanks again to both of you for replying to this post. I mean,
when one has a well defined problem (can't approach, can't hold convos, can't
build rapport) it's easy to point out the solution.

But what I have here is a combo of stuff that upon integration were not
yielding the results I was expecting, so in my mind it was a complex problem,
because it's hard to identify my sticking points now, or even to know if I have
sticking points or if my game is just a fuzzy cloud that will be becoming more
and more solid with experience.

However I am a little bit more relaxed after this success and more confident
that others will follow. Stay tuned to radio Wulfen for more news.

Rock hard, ride free,

Wulfen, the Metal soon-to-be-gPUA

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "Wulfen" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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