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Field Report++: Pushing and Pulling

mASF post by parker011

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Field Report++: Pushing and Pulling
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mASF post by "parker011"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I can’t really say this is a true FR, because it did not come about through
real sarging. It was with a girl I already sort of knew, so there was no cold
approach, rapport was mostly already there, etc. But, I say let's count it,
because I learned a few things. Specifically, I learned a thing or two about
push and pull when in the bedroom, and I wanted to share it:

Last week in NYC I went to a poker tournament. Took the thing down. I mean I
really destroyed the whole field. I think I have won 9 times in a row at this
one. Anyway, I came back from almost no chips, to win it all. I felt like THE
MAN, and grabbed a taxi back home.

When I got out, I came upon SHBCorner, a 9.5 that I sort of knew from college
and had not seen in several years. She was easily one of the top 5 girls at
our 1000+ student college. Really pretty face, smokin body, the whole package.
Back then, and even now, she seemed very unapproachable. She just has this
unique, exotic, and stunning look about her that really throws people off.
When I worked with her in classes and stuff she was actually very nice. But I
was an AFC big time back then and I just felt she was way out of my league.

Now as a PUA things are different, even when not officially out sarging. Every
day, with everyone I meet, I give off a whole different vibe. My frame was
solid, and I was feeling really good seeing as though I was several hundred
dollars richer. I go right up to her and assume my position, and say “hey.”
Very quietly, very deep-voiced, and perfect BL. She immediately recognized me,
and we started catching up about the last few years. We realized we lived
within a few blocks of each other. It really turned into something of a sarge,
I got her qualifying herself, and I initiated kino, etc.

Within about 10 minutes she says to me, “why don’t I walk you home?” I said,
“sure,” and offered my arm. It does not get any easier than this. We walk
home (about a block) and I assume we’re going up to my place. There’s no
asking. She follows me dutifully.

So when we’re inside, we sit on the couch and after a few more minutes, it
grows quiet. I start triangular gaze and suddenly she asks me, “were you
attracted to me in college?” To which I reply: “Well, I guess so, but you
know, it was a big school, I was always talking with a bunch of different
girls.” She then admits attraction to me. Alright then. Tonguedown.

Soon we end up in the bedroom. I am still in that phase of being a PUA where I
can’t believe this stuff works, and works so well. Every time I am with an HB
I just still get this amazing feeling. I mean, 30 minutes ago, I was coming
home from winning a poker tournament, feeling damned good about myself, and my
night just got that much better by meeting an SHB!

Anyway, here’s the learning part: one issue I have is ASD and LMR from girls, I
very rarely get past it. Most of the time, girls give little or none.
SHBCorner was different, she was giving A LOT. So I heeded a few lessons I
picked up over the past year or so:

From jlaix: do what you want to do first outside the clothes, get her
interested, then look to get the clothes off
From ox: go really really slow
From everyone: wash, rinse, repeat

I went for a feel over the shirt. I got my hand pulled away. I went back a
step and just kissed, really slow. Soon the hand was allowed on the shirt.

I went to take the shirt off. I got my hand pulled away. I went back a step
and just slowly kissed her face and neck and put my hand on top of the shirt.
Soon the shirt came off.

I went to feel her ass under her skirt. I got my hand pulled away. I went
back and put my hand over her skirt while I slowly kissed her. Soon the hand
was allowed under the skirt.

This went on and on, all the way down to the panties, which she would not take
off. (I found out on our Day 2 that she was on her period—I verified this by
looking at her trash can in the bathroom…full of tampon wrappers and stuff.)
So we stayed at that level for a bit, but soon it was 6am and I had to go to
work. Total time: about 6 hours.

But I did use the basics of push and pull here to get all the way to the
panties. I am pretty impressed and I am convinced it works. First time I have
really tried this. In the past I would have just given up with the girl fully
clothed! The whole thing from street meet-up to panties in bed was SO EASY, my
game is just really sailing along right now. Only the dreaded monthly visitor
kept me from the lay.

One ending note, I really really should not have stayed out till 6am and gone
to work with no sleep. Bad move. I still need to balance my PU life and the
rest of my life. But this girl was SO HOT and I wanted to get with her since
college. Plus I was only in NYC for a few days and I wanted to get some before
I left town. Well, with every girl, you learn all sorts of lessons.


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