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Re: Montreal: I Met an Angel Last Night

mASF post by phattninja

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Re: Montreal: I Met an Angel Last Night
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mASF post by "phattninja"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Over the weekend I slept with a friend of mine that I wasn't attracted to, and
I spent some time with my most recent ex-girlfriend.

With my friend, I was hanging out with her that night, and as I was driving her
home, she made it clear she wanted to fuck, so I took her to my place. I
figured I wasn't doing anything else that night, I might as well get laid.
After the fact, I wished I hadn't, cuz even though it was sex, it wasn't that
great, cuz I had no interest in the girl.

Later in the weekend I saw the ex. She knows I study pickup, and I was telling
her about my sarges so far that weekend. I have a really strong connection
with this girl, and we just both realized that even though we really want each
other in our lives, the best way to do that isn't as a romantic relationship.
She has been a really positive force in my life since I met her, and likewise
me in hers. As I was telling her about a sarge I did earlier that day, she
asked "But you want something sincere, don't you?" I realized that, yes, I do
want something sincere with the women I meet, and to have trust, respect, and
all that other positive stuff. I happen to want it with a LOT of women, but
that doesn't diminish the value of having those things in my interactions.

It has been easy for me to get blinders on during my journey learning this
stuff and only look at women as potential lays, but then I lose sight of all
the other elements of interaction between me and a woman, and all the other
ways that being with a woman feels really good.

I want to get laid as much as the next guy, and I won't stick around forever
AFC-style waiting for a girl to put out, but I guess that my point is that I am
trying to make women want to be with me by making them feel good when they are
with me. Even if I DON'T get laid from an interaction, it's possible for ME to
feel good too when I am with them.

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