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Sluts who want you, I‘d like feedback!

mASF post by Flin

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Sluts who want you, I‘d like feedback!
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mASF post by "Flin"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I need some perspectives on this.
Let's say a girl wants you, but you don't feel any attraction towards her.
Would you fuck her? Would you think about it as long as I did?

I was just down the block in a videostore. Since I just moved here I'm cusious
about getting a membership there.
I walk in, and there's a girl behind the counter. She's a bit chubby, and adds
up to a 6 in looks.
I walk over to the counter, and all the way she's eyeballing me. Looking at me
and smiling. I stop in front of the counter and she's all leaning over the
counter, putting her breasts on there.
I greet her, she greets me back. All the time never took her eyes off me. I'm
thinking "stop staring at me, it's too obvious!" like I want to give her PU
advice, lol.
She told me what I need to bring there, like my passport and adress (and a big
sack of condoms...) And told me that, if I'd be back before six, she'd help me
PERSONALLY, and also so "she could practice filling out memberships" ...yeah,

I'm sitting in my appartment now thinking of what to do. I could go down there,
let her fill out my member(ship), meet up when she gets off work and fuck her.
But I don't feel like I want to. What's the reason? At the moment I want sex to
be an expression of liking her. Like it has to mean something. (you're
thinking: "you faggot! go down there and stick it in! on, I'll explain"

I know that girls use this rationalizing as well. "No, I don't want sex this
soon, I want it to mean something." That's what we call ASD. Society thinks
it's ok for a girl to initiate sex after she's known a guy long enough.

I might have ASD, but not from sociely, I don't care if people know that I fuck
a lot, it's from myself. If I fuck a chick who I DON'T like, it's like being
"nice" in the worst kind of way. Giving up your personal values to make other
people feel happy.

What also COULD be possible is that I might just fear getting rejected. Like I
can think of it in my head, and feel good about the fact that she likes me. And
not take any further steps because "I don't like her". While at the same time
AVOIDING REJECTION by not living it out. Just to avoid the chance of messing up
the perfect picture in my head of me being a really good pua.

So here's the solution I thought of:

I would fuck a girl for two reasons: I like her and feel a connection with her
OR I like the sensation of having sex.

I don't get that good of a feeling out of sex. Blowjobs don't do shit with me.
I'm ticklish. When a girl gives me a blowjob I feel a lot in the beginning and
then the feeling in my dick just shuts off. Same with fucking.

So, as I'm writing this, I'm thinking to just go for learning how to enjoy sex.
If I take that mindset, any girl will be a potential bedpartner again, and it
will take only trying out all of the pussy in my proximity I can get, to
discover wich ones fuck best.
And then I'll have a new target group to pursue with my sarging. YAY!

Right now I'll disqualify girls really easily. I know exactly what kind of
character and looks I want: assertive, entertaining, laid back, honest, hot ass
and not too chubby.
If I don't find these in a girl I'm usually gone very soon. (Then again,
there's a thin line between finding certain qualities you like ESSENTIAL, and
disqualifying them for arbitrary reasons, just to *not take* the next step.
Then AGAIN, I know these girls exist, as I met some of them during sarges of
the last weeks, which escalated pretty well. No sex yet, but I AM making all
the moves, not resisting her.)

Anyhow, now, with my new solution, I wil start to learn to like sex better. And
if I like sex better, there will just be ANOTHER huge thrill to gaming (besides
the adrenaline rush, self discovery and having fun with friends), and make me

My ultimate goal for now is to have FRIENDSHIP with women......... Yeah, but
also HAVE SEX WITH THEM! So I have my male friends to chill and hang out with.
And I have my female friends who I chill, hang out AND have sex with. I believe
we call them FB's... lol.

I'm just figuring out for myself what sarging is. I know that in the past I've
been doing it to fit in this ideal image of being a player. But I don't feel
like I need that anymore. I don't need to seek proof that I'm a good person
I know that whatever I want is all good, and human. And I want to pursue what I
personally like. Not what society would desire of me.
I'm changing, and want to share that with you. So you can either whack me over
the head if I'm all wrong, or give me some good advice on this.

If you have a perspective on this I'd like to hear it. Feel invited to respond.


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