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mASF post by ancestor

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Re: Teaching =?windows-1252?Q?AFC=91s_=93The_Game=94_=28ma?= =?windows-1252?Q?by_off_topic=29?=
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mASF post by "ancestor"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Mirx wrote:
> For the last couple of months I've bin trying to teach a couple of my friends
> and some others the secrets of this game. With some or little success. Don't
> get me wrong everyone has improved their skills somewhat but it's their
> believes... I just can't get through. And If they don't get it then what's
> use..
> They've whittnesed me numerous times going from first meet to lay and still
> question "the game".
> My problem is that I live Sweden.
> A very feministic country with allot of bitter guy's that hate women because
> they got dumped or whatever.
> The men are so socially brainwashed by media and women around them that it's
> sad.

Then let them sarge Swedish women outside of Sweden. You should also
know that when Swedish women start to live abroad their horizons broaden
from their femino-fascist views of Lilliputtlandia and soak up another
atmosphere. What never ceases to amaze me is how they will actually look
up to a player and to see him as a savior of their last true feminine
side. They really will do play hard games with you if you buy even an
ounce of their politically-correct-for-Sweden views or take that view
seriously. You really don't have to.

Usually they will play power games with you. Try to lead you, make you
buy drinks, flirt with other guys overtly in front of you etc. Don't
take it seriously and run standard game. Ijjjji has a good view on this.
He absolutely doesn't buy into the frame and oversluttifies himself so
that in their eyes he is the male ultraslut. This is ofcourse my take on
his posts and maybe he doesn't agree with my view of his tactics.

I was sarging mostly outside of Sweden as I got a late start into this
but when I went back I said fuck it and I went the alpha protector kind
of style. I amoged a guy that tried to approach my target on the
dancefloor and extended my arms in front of him with her behind me. Her
girlfriends didn't like it since they though it was too much macho but
she liked it as she jumped me on the way to her place. Even one of the
security guards came up to me and said "man that was the coolest thing
I've seen, like a stonage approach made fashinoable" ;-)

Another guy I know is a natural and usually sarges for ons and doesn't
go for relations at all. He seems to be quite successful as many women
want their independence and he can keep a small harem like this.

> There are some who get it.. but they are very few.
> Our Swedish forum has 160+ members and from what I can se, maby 30 of them
> it. But very slowly the number is growing.
> RazorJack is a member too, probably the best and most experienced PUA in our
> forum.
> Maby it's my teaching skills that suck because if I lay low for only a week
> two they get re programmed again. Even from the women they sarge.
> I mean they know what's going on but are still mad at swedish women and
> constantly complain about how manipulative women are.
> Most men here really hate women.. I don't get it?
> They can spit out techniques, how to approach, how to close, how women work
> think and so on.. but still hate them.

You can see it like this. Swedish women don't know any better. They are
like they are and you cannot change it overnight. Still they respond to
the same game patterns as outside of Sweden so it must be a part of them
that still can distinguish a good male even if she was brainwashed with
all of that media crap propaganda. See it as a mission to save the women
of Sweden to the light side of the force :-)

> I'm just asking advice from you PUA's who run your own camps. I'm not
> my own, don't have the time but I still want to help my friends and expand my
> wingman network.
> How do you do it?
> PS: Don't mind the login date. I've bin in this game since I was 15. Found
> a year ago and followed the Posting Guidelines.)
> Mirx> Man Talk!

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