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Field Report: my first few cold approaches...

mASF post by kAckAmAtic

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Field Report: my first few cold approaches...
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mASF post by "kAckAmAtic"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

First off id like to say that ive been reading this site for a while, getting
different ideas from the material ive read, and have been wanting to do some
approaches… but I seem to have been more of just an internet jockey. While I
have done some approaches and used the material in different aspects of gaming
chicks, I finally did a nite of mini-sarges and did some cold approaches on
with the show…

do a ‘warm up’ set by talking to a chick that a friend does a mini introduction
into.. no material just basic rapport..

First ‘cold approach’: HB6.5 walks out to smoking section (I don’t smoke but
friends do) and I open with “belly button opener” she bites the hook, ask
about any tattoos she has.. run with it into rapport … after 10-15 mins run
strawberry fields… start asking about any truth in the ‘game’.. and here where
things go sour… she says “heres the wrong thing about the game… “im married and
still a virgin” so I laugh.. thinking ‘wow this chick is drunker/dumber than I
initially thought”…
and she calls me on it HB:“wow you cant even keep a straight face”.. me: “how
do you expect me not to laugh after u tell me ur married and a virgin”.. turns
out she said “I’m NOT married and im still a virgin”
obviously offended about it… attraction sinks faster than a brick… 2 mins later
I get a “I promised to go dance w/ my sister” (which I meet and seemingly won
over with a “but she has a sparkling personality” –when target tried to down
compare herself to her sister; by being shorter with smaller tits)
Try to reopen later.. to no avail.. see her and sis leave later with 2 guys in
tow (or could just be following… who knows/cares)

Cold approach 2: HBeyeshadow 6.5 and HBBlonde 7 .. stand right near me, start
to talk
Kinda turn to them*, run “belly button openerHB eyeshadow shows no interest,
HBBlonde hooked… follow up with asking about tattoos… while doing this HBBlonde
takes my hat and lifts it off my head.. looks at my hair.. and sets it back on
my head… im kinda surprised by this… so I counter by running my finger over her
temple and ear and putting hair behind her head.. giving her this half ass
smile that I tend to do… seems to enjoy it… but kinda stall out and eject..
just to open another girl with “wow.. since when do girls use magic markers for
eye liner??” ends up dead ending because turns out shes the gf of a friends
friend… so back off
*note: my BL was weak on this one, feel as though it kinda killed set from
I feel it was weak because I kinda waited for them for a few seconds
like a jackass, turning fully to them in the meantime….

Highlights: -Well, actually made multiple cold approaches (would like to have
made more.. but gotta start somewhere)
-Attraction game ran strong with first approach (a lot of kino initiated on her
part, to which I of course returned) as well as a lot of sexual innuendo and
-probably could have plowed thru second approach.. but kinda was getting bad BL
from them, seemingly disinterest; but could use the practice for when opener
doesn’t fly

Sticking points: need to just approach more… got EC from a HB8 and later a
HB7.5… stalled out on both approaches (ill approach later mentality)
-poor BL from get go with second approach.. seemed to weaken set from getgo…
-need to strengthen inner frame, something that I have needed to work on
-care less about outcome: in past used to focus on getting girls #.. which
wasn’t a problem.. however getting them to not flake was…
-just try and have more fun with approaches.. maybe getting a good wing can fix
this.. right now my ‘wings’ are AFC and tend to have the oneitis mentality (im
tryin to get with X chick so I cant wing Y chick for you…)

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