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the board reeks now

mASF post by ox

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the board reeks now
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/8/05 7:22:00 AM, Sharpshooter wrote:
>Perfect lay reports are as
>interesting as movies with no
>challenge for the hero.
>There's no drama, no interest
>in the action or the
>The real glory is in facing a
>reversal and having the spirit
>and skill to recover. That's
>what's really impressive.
>Not: "I came up to her and she
>wanted me, right away." Wake
>up: you didn't need any
>ability to do that. All you
>needed was your face and your
>body. If a woman thinks you
>are hot and she's horny, she's
>going to sleep with you if
>you're not a bumbling, awkward
>Pick up artistry comes in when
>you meet a woman who's
>initially skeptical and is not
>that interested in you
>physically, at first. She
>puts up resistance that you
>must reverse.
>Read The Prince by
>Machiavelli. He says, "There
>is no doubt that rulers become
>great when they overcome
>difficulties and the attacks
>directed against them. For
>this reason Fortune,
>especially when it wants to
>increase the power of a new
>ruler, encourages the growth
>of enemies, and makes him
>fight against them, so that he
>will be able to vanquish them,
>and thus rise higher, as if by
>a ladder that his enemies have
>provided. Accordingly, a
>shrewd ruler should seize any
>opportunity to encourage
>hostile forces cunningly, so
>that when he crushes them his
>reputation and power will be
>greatly increased."
>What Machiavelli is
>recommending is not that you
>purposely fuck up your
>approaches, but that you
>challenge yourself. When you
>challenge yourself you are
>going to face difficulties.
>If your sarges have no
>challenge, it is a sign that
>you are complacent (just as,
>if you are playing baseball
>and you have a 1.000 batting
>average, that means your
>opponents are too easy and you
>need to bat against better
>pitchers). The women you are
>seducing might not be as hot
>as you think. Or they are hot
>but they are stupid or
>desperate or LSE or easy to
>manipulate. If that is the
>case you need to approach more
>impressive women. Only then
>will you deserve glory,
>reputation, and power.

amen to all this. perfectly illustrates my point. thing is that guys that try
to sell method or guys that endorse them for some reason show themselves doing
effortless stuff where they always come up on top and look good. they never
show you what happened for real with other sarges where i am sure they fuck up
or didnt do well or may be they converted a lay after some idiotic crap they
did. it happens to all of us. by tooling us into believing their methods work
they try to sell. still it absolutely works against their credibility. people
will see through that sooner or later. there is no perfect method. guys want
methods to work 100 percent and that´s unheard of. there are too many variables
in this game to have that. like a guy says i am approaching 20 women i should
be getting 10 phonenumbers and 2 day 2´s and 1 fclose. bullshit.

keep it up.

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