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the board reeks now

mASF post by ox

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the board reeks now
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/7/05 12:50:00 AM, ketostix wrote:
>"btw, i dont mind if a
>"method" guy posts a fr or lr
>as long as it is in the true
>spirit of sarging and you post
>everything including your fuck
>ups and not so smooth sarges.
>we want to learn from them
>I got to go along with ox
>here. There is no "right" way
>to PU every girl you sarge, so
>CB, blow outs, C&B are
>ineviable for most guys. I
>learn from others' not so
>smooth sarges. If nothing else
>it helps me take it less
>personal to see other even
>more skilled guys also get
>blown out, stall, fail to
>escalate, etc. Isn't this the
>purpose of a FR as opposed to
>a LR? Even esteemed PUA
>GoneSavage posted some FR
>that didn't lead to a close,
>even one target turned out to
>be a working girl. It doesn't
>and shouldn't reflect
>negatively on the PUA, it's
>only good experience for the

like i said before, that´s why gonesavage is one of the most truly respected
posters here and people cant wait to read his stuff. guy doesnt have an ego and
approaches this shit like it is part of his everyday life. we learn tons from
that as opposed to read about some guy doing a completely smooth sarge and
saying how good he in one of my last frs, i was sarging a very
beautiful girl(see pic) and i turn my back on her and started engaging a group
right behind me for the purpose of increasing my social proof and some guy out
of nowhere came and stole my girl and took her to the dance floor. What does it
tell you about me as a player? that i do major fuckups too. is that negative?
no way. you learn that once you are with a very hot girl you should keep your
eyes on the ball. that´s it. no negativity there unless,of course, you are
into "motivational" crap and want to tell me i shouldnt be relating this
experience at all because i will be reinforcing the "bad". fuck that shit. in a
fr you post facts,not fantasy or you dont make yourself look good for the sake
of people respecting you or buying you or digging you. fuck that.
same shit when i say lay a hb5 as opposed to a hb8+. then if i lay a subpar
girl, then i shouldnt be posting about it. last week i laid a 8+ girl and i
posted about it. 2 weeks before however i had laid a hb5 girl, just a notch
away from being an ugly. so what man? i just say whatever. there is nothing in
pu for me except the fun of it and the girls, of course. keep it real.

see you,

see you,

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