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the board reeks now

mASF post by ox

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the board reeks now
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

i dont know if you have notice but you have to. the board reeks of
commercialism and guys advertising themselves and their methods. it is not real
shit anymore, like you only get to read lr and advice totally biased to one
method or the other. it fucking sucks. what is it? these guys never do a fuck
up. give me a break. it sucks and brings down the quality of sharing sarging
experiences around here. like you read a field report where the guy did
"flawless" moves with such and such method. i hope this trend changes otherwise
i am loosing interest in the board big time. i think that method guys that are
selling this shit should understand that this is not for advertising themselves
and that this board is meant to help people for real not to sell...anyway i say
things as i see them and you are gonna flame me save yourselves the trouble, i
dont give a fuck anyway, i dont know for the rest of the true masfers
that come here for whatever reason other than selling i am all for you guys.

since i dont have any interest other than sharing i post everything that
happens to me in particular day. i would like for everybody to do the same.

let´s get real and share in the true sarging spirit.

btw, i dont mind if a "method" guy posts a fr or lr as long as it is in the
true spirit of sarging and you post everything including your fuck ups and not
so smooth sarges. we want to learn from them too.

i am getting to the point where i dont read the posts anymore if they are
commercially biased.

see you,

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