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Re: girl says:: pick any sex act

mASF post by MadMonk1138

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Re: girl says:: pick any sex act
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mASF post by "MadMonk1138"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/24/05 9:44:00 AM, esk6969 wrote:
>Yeah, that's pretty much how I was
>thinking of it when I read this as well.
>I think this is a hypothetical, which
>normally irritates me, but this one is
>fun, so here's my list:
>1. Anal
>2. ATM
>3. Toss my salad (she rims my ass with
>her tongue)
>4. BDSM missionary with alternating
>pussy & mouthfuck and COF
>5. BDSM doggie with whips (thin for
>sting, thick for thud)
>6. Crotchless french maid - she cleans
>floors on her hands & knees, sucks dick
>while scrubbing, etc.
>7. Bar meet - she sluts herself up,
>goes to bar, sarges EVERY guy, gets free
>drinks, rubs her pussy on their leg,
>etc.... then, I come in, shove tongue
>down her throat, and leave with her
>8. FMF threesome, of course
>9. Bukkake party, baby!
>10. Swinger club, swing action - either
>hard swing (swap), or soft swing (fuck
>in the club in front of/next to other

Ha ha! Awesome list! If a girl "really" did ask to make a list like this,
call her on it. If she follows through, lucky you. If not, she was just
playing a bullshit game, so also call her on it...

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