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Field Report: Friday‘s HB RockChick..

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Field Report: Friday‘s HB RockChick..
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

HB Rockchick. It's 8:13am Saturday.

I promised myself I wouldn't go into town. I walked to the station. Almost
sabotaged myself by thinking that the train would have gone. The doors of the
train was about to close and I jumped inbetween. Off for the ride. To High
St. Ken.

I hit South Ken. Boujis. Wasn't saying much.

Jumped on the bus to Amog Square. Went up and down a couple times. Talked to
a flower seller that I knew. He accused me of being a player. I denied it.

Walked up to a rock club. Hung out around there. Failed with my first attempt
of opening. Shit man these social circles are all buddies with guys and not
seeing them, the guys are total wussbags it seems.

Talked to a 4 set at the bus stop. They're very young. Got some good rapport
but wasn't feeling it enough to jump on the same bus as the girl.

Calibrated properly the social scene at last. There's this guy that keeps
asking ppl for cigarettes. Doing little dances and comedy things. I thought
he might be an actor.

He looks cool, a little gay looking, short but a good guy.

He's hanging out with a blonde. I kinda wanted that blonde. Then she comes
running up to me.


"OMG, do you remember me? You're that guy with the guitar.. yea months ago
remember? You got off with me and my mate xyz". (At the same time).

Here's the money. I deny it. I get her really wound up. I really make her
work for it. I pull cuckoo shit to the guy as if she's mad.

Calibrating the guy, he's afc maybe gay.

Eventually with good level of value set, I agree with her and tell her so much
has happened since then.

Now my value is a little too high at a certain point. The guy is a diamond. I
am gaming her right off him tho.

She's hitting me a lot and I know this is standard attraction. The other guy
doesn't have a chance. I am hitting her back and playing with her. It's
really raising my emotions let alone hers. This was the peak of the sarge imo.
I really wanted her after that. Girls are so clever and they don't even
realise it. The guy is busy playing clown to get her cigs from passers by.
Cool guy tho. I number closed him. I DLV'd with "I'm sad". She's like
instantly wondering why etc and I play on this. I also recall telling her that
girls always give me a hard time. More DLV. She likes this. She starts to
mellow. We're playing around, teasing hitting each other. I fucking liked
this, this was the best part of my experience with her. This is what raised MY
BuyingTemp and made me carry on and stick around!

The 2 wierd guys come along trying to bust her off us. They are ultra direct
they don't give a fuck about us yet they're not violent. I come right in and
say she's my sister. I hold her protectively. I walk her off. I whisper
things here. The other guy is such a nice guy etc. Also other things, she
starts to hold my hand and then it's as if she's trying to bash herself out of
state she pushes me away, again standard stuff.

We walk back to the guy who's really cool, he's just shy etc. I think maybe
later on in the sarge he might have been trying to kiss her. He was trying to
venue change us both back to his friend's place where there were drinks etc. I
think he quite fancies it with the both of us. Oh well, not really happening,
she's not jumping at it or moving for it. Nor am I.

Man this girl could get guys so easy. It's so easy for chicks to score in all
sorts of ways. So many guys coming onto her, she's real popular.

He storms off after he gets her yet another cig and she doesn't give it back
and hogs it. He doesn't like it and storms. Turns out he's the other side of
the fountain, too late, I have done enough rapport work to have this in the
bag. He hangs by the other side of the fountain, I am in the advantageous
location and he feels frozen out sexually I guess. He's the friend now, she's
even saying 'we' to him. (IE US vs HIM). Man I have gamed her good by this
point. He takes his leave.

Lots of rapport. I bust her out of attraction by saying.

"So are you able to sit and talk about things, you know, things that we might
have in common and stuff? Are you ever normal and chilled?"


Straight into solid rapport. Few hours go by. We are getting off with each
other and talking like an old couple. We are wrapped around each other. I sit
on her lap, she plays with my hair, we observe people, play around. Play
games, thum wars etc. More tonguedown, lots of solid rapport. This makes her
feel really at ease.

Easy rapport game, agreeing with a load of stuff, I could feel my perception of
her changing. Wierd thing, rapport and comfort. I could really sense this
shift in her too. Amazing isn't it, the mating game?

Stay in there and persist, just be agreeable, the psychology of time almost
does the work for you sometimes.

She's a blonde. Real nice eyes, they really stare around and very piercing
when they lock onto you. Great breasts and she's fuller figure. Good aura.
Nice girl deep down, fun to be around, I talk about lots of value building

She gets hit on by this two set of idiots again. They're really leery, like
foreign guys they try to touch her tits, look down her top. Literally trying
to take her from me but like really fucking wierd, they have no chance. I am
like very heavy with them, From.. "You might feel like going down the road that
way, you might find two nice girls over there, etc".. to.. "OK, guys now fuck have had your fun now. Go away before I call the 5-0". They get
the message.

Well they are like touching her n shit, she's getting pretty angry, she grabs
one by the face and pushes him, I found it all quite funny. Sensing that they
are probably illegal, they fucked off real quick when I mentioned 5-0s.

She's saying in the supermarket later, "none of my other boyfriends did x y z..
in a positive way, bigging me up".

I am thinking like woah.

Then I..

Things I DON'T like:

1. She smokes. I can still taste cigarette on my tongue and it's jizzed up my
tastebuds, yea I am sensitive to it. I can feel that they're excited and it
makes me want to eat more. My right hand, which has been holding hers smells
of smoke.

2. Guys, ever had wind after hanging out with a girl on major rapport trip?
Shit man I let that crap out like a volcano in Starbucks.
Vrooooooooooooooooom! I so needed to take a whizz too. Really, God could have
implemented some other techs in the human body to account for these careful hrs
of politeness and rapport.

3. She lives with her Mother and Brother? I think her moms is away a lot and
she kinda wanted me to come on the train with her..she actually asked. I asked
if her dad n brother is in, she said her brother might be in. I think she
wanted me to come back. Still, the Smoking Thing is an issue.

Ok it's like 8:34am and I am getting off. Funny how I met this girl before.
We go into how she thinks that I really fancied (funny how you pick up their
words, I never use the words 'buff' or 'fancy'), her friend. I say I prefer
her, she has more of a sexual dominating thing going on. I remember tongueing
them both down on Oxford street at the same time, turns out that the girl I was
with, her bf came by at the time and was upset but didn't approach haha. The
other one had a bf too, I called her and the bf is like wtf who is this? She
says oh it's x girl's friend and he's gay. I told them both I was gay and they
both started tongueing me down back then.

Oh well the rest can wait, including boning the chick. I need to drop some
sleeps. Funny thing is, before I go, I said, "I'll have to see your bedroom
another time". No smart comments from her. No retractions. She was SO trying
to get me back to hers for a shag. Another day, I have this Russian to day2
from the night before, at the bus stop with her, she grabs my face, kisses me
quickly and so intensely on the lips again and again. Woah.

Again, nice understanding frame, let them chat their shit. I'll call her
today, I really want to get her set up for Monday. Coming out of rapport with
HB Rockchick, she's not my thing in all respects. I like a girl to have her
own pad and to be non smoker. I will screen more carefully for this.
Furthermore, I can feel what it's like to have chased yet not feel too much
attraction after the sarge.

This was a good night of learning and sarging. Have fun folks. I am going to
have to go home and crash.



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