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Lay Report: i cant stop it, man(pics)

mASF post by ox

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Lay Report: i cant stop it, man(pics)
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/10/05 9:54:00 AM, GoneSavage wrote:
>>new money line: “I don’t know
>>if we would work out in bed”.
>>I think this line got me laid,
>>specially because after we
>>fucked this is the first thing
>>she asked me “do we work out
>>in bed or what?”.
>I like. You and I should work
>on some sexual/sensual tests
>for false screening that lead
>to this line.
YEAH. basically stablish a challenge body language wise, laid back, like you
are not sure that she is good in bed. if you play it right she will jump
through the hoop.

>>My dick is so sore that to
>>maintain an erection I have to
>>think of 2 chicken going at
>Um...Spanish humor, right?....

ox humor. i cant seem to get arouse by porn anymore so i am going chicken...
>>Anyway let´s talk average. 11
>>for 14. 11 new girls in the
>>last 14 weeks. Let´s talk
>>fb´s: 4 fb´s fully operational
>>plus 3 newly laid girls
>>pushing to join the team.
>Life sucks. ;)
>> If this not a harem tell me what
>>the fuck is.
>All this under one roof.

>>Anyway I am not a big day 2
>>guy. Actually I don’t do
>>them..i think if you do day
>>2’s your game is weak.
>I'm finding that follow-up
>game is a much greater
>demonstration of skill and
>artistry than finding the
>immediately accommodating SDL

yeah it takes a lot of skill becuase many things can go wrong. that´s why i
dont like it. too many variables outside my control. there are advantages
though, like longer comfort and trust, stress free, etc.

>>She called me and I acted as
>>if she was a friend I was
>>getting advice from and I said
>>I had met this girl on
>>saturday and she was a good
>>kisser and she had potential
>>and what did she advice me to
>>do about her?
>Nice playful
>Keep it playful yet direct and
>you won't seem needy and hung
>up on 'advice.' IOW, She
>knows that you are roleplaying
>and the scenario is about her.
>>We set up a date for yesterday
>>because she is free in the
>>afternoon. I also apply the
>>rules of phone game: finishing
>>the call first, being cooler
>>than her on the phone,
>>non-needy, playful, etc.
>Fair enough. The biggest
>point being that you are on
>the phone to set up a meet and
>not 'just talk.'
>>Show a picture of me at work. They
>>still cant guess my job. I
>>tell them finally.
>Good. I assume you are showing
>them on your digital camera.
>What is your job? Don't make
>us guess...

yeah. my digital camera goes with me everywhere now. it is fucking
unbelievable. all kinds of shit you can do with it. it is great for befriending
large groups, it is great for e-mail close, it is great for comfort and
trust...multiple use device. i think should be part of your tool box. again i
stole it from my man loverboy and mystery(photoroutine)..but i have found to be
more useful in other ways...i work for a major company and i supervise the
language department. basically i teach and supervise.
>>Talk about my upcoming Vegas
>>holidays etc.
>Tell us more. Dates?

from the 12 to the 30 of august. i am excited. i will sarge there.
>>We had kebabs. I paid.
>>Exactly. Lover provider shit.
>Just wondering why you made
>that move. Dd you feel
>pressured to pay?

kind of. yeah. i think it hurt me later when she tried to withdraw sex from
me(she started saying it was not the right time).

>>She asked me
>>“how old are you?” more than
>>20 times in the whole date. I
>>finally said my age after we
>>fucked. Of course.
>You must have really known it
>was ON to be so playfully
>evasive so many times. Good
>to have some point that you
>keep mystique and intrigue
absolutely. it is a shit test that backfired on her. she was trying to get at
me and she ended up chasing me all night..very playful yeah. i have many age
destroyer frame stealers that i use regularly. funny how very young girls never
ask my age when i fuck them. only after. but they dont give a shit basically if
you lead them and fuck them right.

>>Brunette:not gonna happen
>>today. It is not the right
>Could have done a preemptive
>strike and said this first.

sure. i always do. she stole my line.

>>Ox: I wasn’t thinking about
>>that. What were you thinking
>>Brunette: wtf?
>>Ox: yeah, you have a dirty
>>Brunette: well..
>>Ox: I don’t think we would
>>work in bed anyways.
>>Brunette: really? Why are you
>>so sure?
>>Ox: well you are such a good
>>girl…I don’t think I can
>>Brunette: I am not a good
>>girl. I am sometimes bad…
>>Ox: I don’t know
>Remarkable turnaround. Good
>>because I am playing the role
>>of the shy guy that doesn’t
>>want to get horny so he talks
>>about boring things. She gets
>>into the role play and we have
>>a good laugh.
>Good because you are overt
>about the role-playing. I
>know some guys will
>miscalibrate and *become* the
>shy guy.
>>My dick so sore.
>Thanks for the report! I
>always wonder if you sarge in
>Spanish but write in English,

yeah. i do. pain in the ass. i know. for the record i would like to say the
game works in any language. only slight tones in the routines have to be

>or if you are sarging in


thanks for the comments. very valuable to have your take on my shit...

see you in vegas.

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