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Lay Report: Good to be bad

mASF post by the_jacas

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Lay Report: Good to be bad
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mASF post by "the_jacas"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I initially didnt think this was worth writing up as it was handed to me and I
ran no game. However after looking back at the situation I learned some things
at a higher level then specific tactics, perhaps even more than a typical ASF
lay as it was not my typical style.

Sarged the Sunset Strip in Hollywod with Iconoclast. Then we met up with my
boy Chongo (who was doing a Juggler workshop) at around 2:00 am at Mels Diner.
He is meeting up with his new primary virgin HBKennewickWoman (who I met once
before) and her friend HBGoodGirl (who Ive never met before). They are both
church girls that attended a symphony earlier. We are all just bullshiting low
energy. I think of sarging HBGoodGirl but decide she is not my type as a good
boring church girl type (I like the party type) and dont run any game on her.
She points out a stain on my shirt I got from eating cake earlier in the night.
Im like 'oh shit. oh well fuck it'. I think this actually attracted her in a
fucked up way since I was all rockstared out but the stain showed some
vulnerability. I was just being my natural high value rockstar self that did
not need to impress or play anyone. I then proceed to eat half of Chongos
shake and HBGoodGirls french toast. HBGoodGirl pays the entire bill and we
walk to the cars.

Chongo then suggests I ride with HBGoodGirl and he HBKennewickwoman rides with
him and Iconoclast. This is standard stuff but it somehow surprises me as I
wasnt even thinking of gaming her. I actually felt somewhat awkward like I was
talking to one of my moms friends or something as she seemed fairly boring. It
is about a 20-30 minute drive and Im just talking randomly all the way. It was
definitely not standard Jacas attraction material.

We get to club 501 (chongos pad) and HBGoodGirls car (a rental) light does not
turn off. We mess with it for a few minutes and I say we will worry about it
later. She says 'yeah I will worry about it in the morning'. WTF? I guess
she is planning to stay the night. She then opens the trunk and pulls out a
bag of clothes. ok I guess that is an SOI...

We all get inside club 501 and pull out the the tequila shots. We all hang out
for about an hour then chongo and hbkennewick woman go into the VIP room (his
bedroom). HBGoodGirl and I are sitting close together. I start to tell her
how I thought she was really boring when I first met her but now I realize she
is cool. As I begin telling her this I think to myself wtf am I doing and
stop. Such a routine is not needed and for some reason I know doing that would
blow me out. I proceed to kiss her and the game is over. No LMR. She ends up
having an amazing body that the clothing was not showing that well (and I
havent had an asian HB in a long time so was nice). She especially loves
sucking cock and cant get enough. So much for the good girl.

In the morning we are all hanging out and HBGoodGirls church group guy friends
keep calling asking where she is (it is sunday around noon). She says 'oh
HBKennewickWoman and I are just hanging out'. hahah funny shit.

I later tell Iconoclast and he cant believe it as he thought the exact same
thing that HBGoodGirl was a boring good girl and just had Chongo drop him off
at his place as he didnt think she was gameable. ahahhhah we could have
probably double teamed that shit.

Lessons Learned:
Removal of Limiting beliefs. Even good girls love a good time. All women love
cock. Dont prejudice against good girls.

No outer game required. I wouldnt even consider this fool's mate since fools
mate implies making a move. However, just chilling out and being a cool,
non-needy guy can give surprising results. This was all inner game». Sometimes
ASF tequniques can come across weird if not appropriate for the situation. If
I would have ran game on this girl I believe it would have backfired on me.
All I had to do in this situation was not screw it up. A couple years ago I
definitely would have screwed this type of thing up even though it was handed
to me.

Chongo and I are the types of guys these girls come to after attending a
symphony with their friends and likely some needy nice guys trying to date
them. Some creepy guy was probably laying in bed wondering if he should have
tried kissing HBGoodgirl while she was sucking me off. He will never have a
clue about this secret society shit.

I dont need to be in state for women to be attracted to me (such as during the
drive). They may be interested even if not giving obvious IOS (such as at mels
diner). I realized I am just a naturally cool guy that does not need routines
that women are attracted to. I can comfortably go back to the basics (where I
would have been needy/nervous before) when I so choose now that I have been
trained in the advanced stuff. Im at the point now where I can truly just be
myself and know women find that self attractive.

Thanks to Chongo for handing this lay to me. I guess it was good karma for
getting him into the game. About time he payed me back as he has hooked up the
last 3 times Ive come to visit.

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