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Field Report-CliffSeminarSarge 4wayOrgyFU meet GoneSavage

mASF post by Style

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Field Report-CliffSeminarSarge 4wayOrgyFU meet GoneSavage
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mASF post by "Style"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Awesome post. I've been there before, in those rooms so full of sexual
tension that the right word can get some insane hijinx going, or fuck up the
whole thing.

So, my thought: Everyone in that room wanted it. But as soon as one person
gets uncomfortable, it's all over. (Kinda like TD's secret society post.)

So the lesson is...Your wings can get you laid. Also, your wings can get you

Next time, don't count on someone to do the right thing if you haven't
wigned with them enough. You will have to take the lead. And you'll have to
do that by arranging everybody, like a conductor.

So this was not a mistake. It was a learning lesson for next time. The lesson:
Get FOUR games/routines together that you an pull out next time this
happens. Like the dual induction massage, or a game of Asshole (CraigSD has
a post on this in the Lounge, I think), or a game of Spin the Cell Phone
than spin the bottle because it doesn't have the associations), etc.

Nice job, otherwise. Great weekend!

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