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Advice needed

mASF post by putnik

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Advice needed
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mASF post by "putnik"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/17/05 3:51:00 PM, zarathustra_fi wrote:
>I understood that you are doing the
>direct game. I have nothing against it.
>My comment is about the choice of words
>for the starting frame.
>I feel that if possible one should
>choose the words for the frame so that
>she has no chance of making of herself
>the prize in the first answer to you.
>For example I would prefer for such a
>direct approach to escalate possibly the
>same day to kino with the purpose of
>going into isolation as soon as
>Also DHV is very important here. Is it
>being so direct ENOUGH DHV in this case?
>I mean she sure notices that you are
>being very Alpha in being so direct but
>is it enough? In the convo I wrote I
>sub-communicate Secret Society
>membership, being a real fun guy, with
>lot of friends, coming from a frame of
>fun and excitement, international
>traveling and so on..

Man we are talking about same thing.

About the amount of DHV. Well I don't think it's enough. I didn't have any time
to DHV more, mainly cause of logistics. But I told you that your story is great
for after opener. It's just that I don't like to open indirect...I find it much
easier if I open direct and then go to stories like that example you wrote. I
combine that two things.

PS. It's not that I don't do indirect but I use direct on girls I really like
and really want to be with. Indirect si for 6s and 7s. It's when I don't care
about the outcome.

"There are no rejections - just shit tests"

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