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Advice needed

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Advice needed
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/16/05 12:53:00 PM, putnik wrote:

I understood that you are doing the direct game. I have nothing against it. My
comment is about the choice of words for the starting frame.

I feel that if possible one should choose the words for the frame so that she
has no chance of making of herself the prize in the first answer to you.

For example I would prefer for such a direct approach to escalate possibly the
same day to kino with the purpose of going into isolation as soon as possible.

Also DHV is very important here. Is it being so direct ENOUGH DHV in this case?

I mean she sure notices that you are being very Alpha in being so direct but is
it enough? In the convo I wrote I sub-communicate Secret Society membership,
being a real fun guy, with lot of friends, coming from a frame of fun and
excitement, international traveling and so on..

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>On 7/16/05 8:14:00 AM, zarathustra_fi
>>Starting the pickup by making of her the
>>PRIZE like this is like a straight road
>>to have her flaking. She gave you the
>>number and you put yourself in the same
>>place of her worshippers.
>>Your starting frame should be that you
>>are the PRIZE.
>You totally missed the point here...What
>I did was school example of direct game.
>It has totally different mindset than
>indirect. It's another world.
>>Franco:"Wow. Really amazing night! Just
>>a few minutes ago a friend of mine got
>>married and yesterday night we arranged
>>to him a wonderful bachelor party! There
>>were couple of his gay friends. One of
>>his girlfriends thinks it will not last
>>Her:"Really? Why she thinks so?"
>>Franco:"Believe me, I know him well.. he
>>really is not that kind of guy who stays
>>long in a marriage..anyway she is a
>>really wild one herself.. last year we
>>were with her in France with a male
>>friend of mine and on of her
>>girlfriends.." (insert whatever bullshit
>>here )
>This convo example is totally correct.
>But I almost always open direct. Like I
>said it has totally different mindset
>involved. My frame is: "I'm strong and
>confident and what I want is what I
>Like a kid in a toy store...he sees toy
>he likes and he grabs it. Do you get me?
>When I say (or open) to chick "I like
>you" or "I find you interesting" it
>comes from a position of a MAN who
>_generally_ loves women. So, I don't
>have that needy characteristics. BUT
>(this is important) I CUT IT OFF
>IMMIDIATELLY when I go into rapport.
>After all, she gave me her number. And
>we had almost ZERO rapport....I was just
>behaving ALPHA among all those other
>guys...and at the end of the night I
>asked her for her number, didn't
>chickened out when she mentioned her bf
>and finally got her number.
>I know this one is probably flake.
>Mostly because we didn't have no
>rapport...(btw. it was still perfect
>night for me, cause I was in a mood for
>partying with my friends and _not_
>chatting with some random HB)
>but I'll try with some SMS
>messages...mostly cause my phone game
>sucks and I find it easier if I warm
>them up with few msgs before I call.
>"There are no rejections - just shit

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