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mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I do agree it's an inner sanctum thing, that's why she's the ONLY chick I've
ever shown this shit to. Really, she's not the kind to remember the site names
and start reading up = to be honest chick's natural game» is pretty high up
there. Maybe a paranoia thing playa, since I am not too worried, especially
since she's working with me, she has to have a certain level of knowledge to be
useful to me in this area don't you think? She already opened up to me about
stuff. Her parents died, father heart attack n car crash, mother tumour. She
is a tough cookie.

She's come to London, got a few guys, knows how to play. She's sitting up
there in a NICE part of London with a choice of guys, like tons of them trying
to tap her ass. I just need to skill her up on the acronyms and the terms,
she's already shown me she knows the rest. Even tho I still played her by
showing indifference, social proof, cool guy persona and fucked her in my
brother's back garden.. Oopsie!

Interesting points tho player..

> The last thing fellows need is nice guy type advice. But > real female
players know the score so will tell you just > what it takes to fuck them that


OMG yea I have met a couple of these type of girls. Boy are they good. They
spin it all out really good, yet they have amnesia the next day and say "I
didn't say i would.. x y z ..or whatever they said the day before". CLASSIC

I have learned big time from them, so keep on gaming girls. You make us
stronger. Let's drink to evil secret society success with each other!

Smile on playas. Still waiting for some of you guys to say what you love about
this lifestyle, or do you not like it?


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