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Re: Contemplating ASD

mASF post by BadPirate

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Re: Contemplating ASD
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mASF post by "BadPirate"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2005

Cool thread.

I wrote this up at home last night and had only read the first three posts by
that stage, but I'm pleased to see my theory is similar to what everyone has
written so far.

It is that ASD is to do with primal sexual POWER.

A statement made to me by a chick once epitomizes my theory: "I have to wait
for guys to pick me up. I mean, I could do it, but he'd just be like 'uhh yeah,
fine, I guess I'll have sex with you.'"

Chicks need sex, same as guys, but to a far greater degree to guys they need
attention, loyalty and protection. In the wild, if they did not get these last
three from somewhere outside themselves THEY WOULD BE DEAD. These needs are not
necessarily served by someone she is in a physically sexual relationship with.
It can easily be many guys she has betaised and neutered, or one alpha guy she
is fucking and several beta losers that serve him and therefore her, whatever,
but they have to be guys.

Now, seeing as a guy's primary need from a chick is sex, making that scarce to
increase it's value is their best method for getting the other needs met by him
and so basically, stay alive. The problem with ASD is that they get horny and
want sex without making a decent trade for their more essential needs. If a guy
has THAT much power over them, their needs have a small chance of being served
because what she has that HE needs is abundant and therefore has low value.
Hence attempts to control state, freaking out and running away etc.

Serving their need for sex, or bartering sex in exchange for not much of the
other three, could get a chick killed in the wild, so she has bartered away all
her power because she is horny. Girls like this are labelled 'sluts', although
since civilised society and contraception there are absolutely no negative
consequences for it, it's a throwback to less civilised times.

A great way to ensure that a guy does not have this power over her is by
betaising him. And make no mistake, they WILL try to betaise an "alpha male",
or someone they get a lot of validation from being with, as well, IF THEY THINK
THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. This is why subcommunicating secret society stuff,
or blatantly telling chicks you are only interested in casual sex, and having a
strong frame (really alpha qualities anyway) can make them seem like they are
"after" sex .. it is how they know you are there for sex and not protection,
and won't serve her non-sex needs for free, so triggering ASD has no point
unless of course she is really stuck in only betaising guys to serve her needs.

This stuff about comfort & trust or rapport is to prevent flaking and ensure
isolation. If you can isolate without that, have attraction (dominance & things
in your frame) and kino, you can still fuck her. It's where ONS comes from.

Betaising a guy has some kind of "romantic" value to a chick, from the equal
trade of values in a healthy relationship to the subjugation of a beta loser
that she likes as a 'friend', but I haven't got this phenomenon figured out to
anywhere near my satisfaction.

Also please note I am not advocating exchanging sex for something here. You
don't have to exchange sex for SHIT. The key is to PUT some other price on
meeting her other needs, which is not the typical guy way ("all guys want is
sex" sound familiar?), in order to have her want to use sex to increase rapport
and closeness and respect you enough to want it. Like Juggler says: Think about
how you would like a relationship to be with a chick if sex wasn't involved.

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