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Franco, etc: She checks me for Secret Society/FB?

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Franco, etc: She checks me for Secret Society/FB?
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/12/05 9:56:00 PM, Heisse wrote:

>I need some rapport to get sexual

So you are not the man for disturbed women but the man for normal women.


>>At this point you could have framed
>>yourself as Secret Society by asking
>>more particulars about the guys and soon
>>after sub-communicate yourself as
>How do I sub-communicate it here?

Simply by asking particulars about the guys while doing the attraction game on
her. Generally I sub-communicate also the fantasy that I could fuck her while
the other guy is present which drives them mad of lust. This gives her the
message that you are open to let her have random sex without Over Society
restriction. Women are extremely good to get this message even when it is
sub-communicated in a very COVERT way (because they sub-communicate it with
girlfriends in the same way!)

>she mentioned that both of the guys
>hugged and kissed her: Guy1, when he was
>telling her he loves her, Guy2 when
>telling her that Guy2 likes her and
>consoling her that she can't be with

This is sub-communicating Secret Society but also a very sneaky shit test: she
just waits for you to become one of those supplicant guys to cut your dick off.

This also makes me to suspect she would be a cockteaser instaed of player but
to know that we need to test her back..


>Actually, I didn't want to kiss her in
>public. Dunno why. So I did escalate in
>my frame.

Sometimes to show extreme dominance with some chicks it can be necessary to be
extremely impudent and sub-communicate to her that you could fuck her on the
Tour Effeil while 10.000 people watch you. But this is only with certain women.
Not necessary with all.


>Yes, I want to fuck her. I wanted to
>take her to a club 1-on-1 but she didn't
>take the bait. The offer to "show me the
>nighbourhood" can be clear enough.

What is a "club 1-on-1"? Never suggest "half isolated venues". When you isolate
do it to a fully isolated venue. It works also as test to see how much she
wants to waste your time so that you can set limits for her.

>>>I told
>>>him I didn’t know if you’d
>>>call or not so he’s driving to
>>>me now.
>>This is a HUGE SOI from her and at the
>>same time a DOUBLE BIND.
>Please explain. I don't see SOI nor a
>double bind here.

You did not take the frame so you destroyed her double bind. The double bind

- If you tell me that you care I betaise you by showing that you are worried
about the other guy
- If you tell me that you don't care I will betaise you anyway because you did
not isolate me and the other guy will fuck me instead of you.

It is a SOI because she is telling you that she would have agreed to be fucked
by you if you would have been more active than the other BUT it can be also a
trap if she is a cockteaser.

>>This is for sure Messalina's unknown
>I know who Messalina was, what about her
>sister? Enlighten me on the history,

I was putting humour here. There is no Messalina's unknown sister.

>>- Is she REALLY having great sex with
>>several guys or is she doing this game
>>on the mind level and only making out
>>with guys? In the second case she could
>>be a sick cockteaser.
>How do I find that out?

You start to give her back the frames she is giving you and talk about male
sexual potency in a C&F way, slowly you try to have her talk about the
freemindedness of those guys and so on.. If she is a player she will disclose
to you sexual particulars. If she is a cockteaser who only masturbates herself
and actually hates men she will not be able to hide her hatred when you will
indirectly start to talk about the "particulars" of her sexual relationship
with other guys.

As a rule: female players get horny if you talk about sex with other men and
cockteasers start to hate you..

>>- Is she having LTRs with AFCs, whom she
>>controls and great fucks with the
>How do I elicit that?

Her non verbal will be "contempting" of those guys if you set yourself as
player and have open up about them..

>I think on calling her and coming to her
>neighborhood and trying to isolate her
>and f-close at her home. Are the pics
>totally necessary? ANy verbal means to
>get the same result?

The pics are necessary if you need Social Proof. Hotlab made good points in his
answer. You can Social Proof also by story telling, whatever.

>Actually, if she teases me I think of
>PUing girls in the venue so that she
>sees it. As far as 3somes... In both
>cases there was a previous friend
>(lover?) of hers: at that bar where she
>wanted to divert me and a that hook-up
>place. I didn't want to kiss her on the
>lips right after the AMOG. Call me weird
>if you want.

I do not call you weird. You are a guy with normal psyche and you have the
right to get sex in the way you want.

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