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Franco, etc: She checks me for Secret Society/FB?

mASF post by Heisse

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Franco, etc: She checks me for Secret Society/FB?
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mASF post by "Heisse"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/12/05 5:14:00 PM, zarathustra_fi wrote:

Thanks for your replies, guys! I feel like going over to hers and laying her
there or doing it at my place. She said several times that now I live close to
her GF and that it's good. ;)

>>She tried to
>>change the destination because
>>her other male friend (whom
>>she was once dating, IMHO)
>>invited her elsewhere but I
>>insisted on the original. She
>>was 15 mins. late but I waited
>>for her in the store not to
>>waste time. Mild IOIs when we
>>meet. On our way there
>Why you go with her to a non isolated
>venue before the close?

I need some rapport to get sexual feelings going plus I like dancing, I'm VERY
good at dirty dancing, given my background in hip-hop and Latin. Also, I like
to escalate slowly.

>>tells me how two guys pretty
>>much told her they love or
>>fancy her to which I react
>>nonchalantly. (Home-made
>>social proof?). My general
>>vibe was: it’s all good + I
>>don’t care.
>At this point you could have framed
>yourself as Secret Society by asking
>more particulars about the guys and soon
>after sub-communicate yourself as

How do I sub-communicate it here? BTW, she mentioned that both of the guys
hugged and kissed her: Guy1, when he was telling her he loves her, Guy2 when
telling her that Guy2 likes her and consoling her that she can't be with Guy1.

>>hands, drink and hang out. The
>>HB tells me that she’s cool if
>>I go after some girl in the
>>place. I don’t react.
>This is also a shit test. You should go
>after the other girl in HER FRAME only
>if she sucks your dick at the same time.
>You can even tell her this. I would.

I'm not that hardcore yet.

>Or you go after the other girl but ON
>YOUR TERMS not hers.

That's what I did, actually.

>>thigh, etc. In retrospect, I
>>should have escalated then.
>Hmm... let's say my instinct
>tells:"Escalated in Heisse's frame"
>would be ok. But no in other people's

Actually, I didn't want to kiss her in public. Dunno why. So I did escalate in
my frame.

>>out on a couch. She came to me
>>later and apologized for
>>kissing the guy, to which I
>>reacted “It’s all cool”.
>Franco:"You naughty.. I play guitar. You
>come with the guy to my flat tonight?
>You know.. I like to play Villa Lobos,
>you know Villa Lobos?" then KINO.

Actually, I sat her in my lap and was rocking her there and that's how we


>>Some time later
>>I feel tired and I leave, I
>>shake AMOG’s hand, I kiss her
>>on the cheek, though it looked
>>like she wanted on the lips.
>Well if we take the tiredness away you
>let her in the indeterminate and were a
>challenge for her. This is also lowering
>her value. How good self-esteem she has
>will influence what happens after.
>If she interpreted this like you not
>understanding her sub-communication you
>may be OUT already at this stage.
>>I call her to invite her to a
>>night club, she wants to take
>>a friend along, I make it
>>impossible, she says she’d
>>call if she wants. She
>>apologized for kissing the
>>AMOG on Friday “it’s that
>>place, y’know” , to which I
>>said “It’s all good”. I
>>genuinely don’t care.
>I think your mistake is to not
>sub-communicate to her that you want her
>into a isolated venue ( I assume you
>invest energy because you want to fuck

Yes, I want to fuck her. I wanted to take her to a club 1-on-1 but she didn't
take the bait. The offer to "show me the nighbourhood" can be clear enough.



>>I told
>>him I didn’t know if you’d
>>call or not so he’s driving to
>>me now.
>This is a HUGE SOI from her and at the
>same time a DOUBLE BIND.

Please explain. I don't see SOI nor a double bind here.

>This is for sure Messalina's unknown

I know who Messalina was, what about her sister? Enlighten me on the history,


>>What is going on? As far as I
>>can see, she’s a player.
>And a very good one. Anyway to be sure
>about it you need to find out about
>- Is she REALLY having great sex with
>several guys or is she doing this game
>on the mind level and only making out
>with guys? In the second case she could
>be a sick cockteaser.

How do I find that out?

>- Did she have long-term relationships
>before and maybe several relationships
>at once?

LTRs, yes. In parallel - I don't know.

>- Is she having LTRs with AFCs, whom she
>controls and great fucks with the

How do I elicit that?

>Call her to an isolated venue and show
>her the pics of the chicks you fucked
>while kinoing her. If she is not a cock
>teaser (cock teasers are in my opinion
>PSYCHOS, i.e. very sick women!) you
>simply have a FB especially if you
>succeed in framing the whole interaction

I think on calling her and coming to her neighborhood and trying to isolate her
and f-close at her home. Are the pics totally necessary? ANy verbal means to
get the same result?

>If you like having 3somes she is for
>sure in. When you sub-communicate about
>the isolated venue if she tries to play
>you or if she comes to the venue and
>start to cocktease you SHOW HER THE DOOR

Actually, if she teases me I think of PUing girls in the venue so that she sees
it. As far as 3somes... In both cases there was a previous friend (lover?) of
hers: at that bar where she wanted to divert me and a that hook-up place. I
didn't want to kiss her on the lips right after the AMOG. Call me weird if you

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