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Whats the interest of having a LTR?

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Whats the interest of having a LTR?
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

On 7/11/05 2:22:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:

>I am referring to TD's description of
>secret society. I believe that most
>active (but not necessarily promiscuous)
>women are de facto secret society in
>TD's sense. Franco, care to comment on

I am very grateful to TD for inventing this concept. It gives words to what I
knew already since I was a natural and 17 yo and could not find the words to
describe. I also think that TD is a genious.

I agree 100% with you, especially with the "not necessarily promiscous". I have
been careful in my writings about giving opinions of "how many women are Secret
" because the subject is very complex.

I would say that on the MIND LEVEL ALL the women are Secret Society except the
rare ones who are badly AFC and all the women are Secret Society Because 98% of
men are not aware of CRUCIAL PARTS OF WOMAN'S PSYCHOLOGY. ( I take away the 1%
players and 1% gays TD mentions in his post ). It is difficult to give opinions
about how many women are DE FACTO Secret Society because this is a fluctuating

Let's take as example one of my former secondaries, HBSvetlana divorced from a
AFC Finnish man who was her husband.

She was just divorced when I met her. She took part with me to any kind of
adventures, 4somes, 3somes and whatever, was my pivot and whatever.

She had a daughter and she had very strict borders about her education. Our
adventures were strictly between 5pm and 9 pm when she said:"I need to go now
to take care of my daughter", she left from a 4some once, which became
afterwards a 3some for that reason.

Afterwards she found another man - no information about him but I guess AFC
that, too - and she said she had to quit and as "present" she introduced me to
HBRussian who was afterwards my secondary for long.

Now this "How many women are Secret Society" is a FLUCTUATING CONCEPT. In the
case of this HBSvetlana she was and I was Secret Society to her former AFC
husband and almost probably Secret Society to her following AFC husband but

Because of the AFCness of these two husbands! If all the husbands would be like
me and you well... would Secret Society be THE OVERT SOCIETY? Now this
HBSvetlana tells to everyone that she is in a good and committed marriage and
how fast she will get back to Secret Society depends on how AFC her new husband
is ( of course not only from that, personality structure is also important!)

So difficult to give figures about how many women are Secret Society.. Right
now we are talking with my wife are we going to visit Swinger clubs so that we
are not letting the others touch us.. or are we letting them touch us..

And I am the ruler of THAT frame.. From which I can calibrate. She is probably
one of the happiest wives in the world: she does not need Secret Society to be
wild.. But I do not get responsibility alone for how far we will go.. Because
she told me at the beginning:"I do not want to share you with the others,
Franco.." and I, Franco am the "HB" in the relationship, LOL.

So guys: be players and you will be WINNERS in Relationships.

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"Sarge Est Necesse, Vivere Necesse Non Est " Gnaeus Pompeius, revised
>>"The high dominance women ... were
>>inclined to promiscuity and
>>experimentation - many had had lesbian
>>experiences or tried sadomasochism. They
>>liked males of even higher dominance."
>>Those I consider best suited for a
>>relationship constitute 90% of the
>>female population:
>>"Medium dominance women, the largest
>>group, were basically romantics. They
>>liked the kind of men who would take
>>them to restaurants with candlelight and
>>give them flowers. They were looking for
>>Mr Right. They were capable of a certain
>>amount of promiscuity, but it was
>>essentially a second best - what they
>>really wanted was a husband who was a
>>good father and provider. They also
>>wanted him to be slightly more dominant
>>than they were, but not too dominant.
>>Very high dominance males scared them."
>Sure, just like my gf, except she has
>most of the
>traits of secret society in the TD
>Specifically: `Every day is all about
>and I will back-rationalize all of my
>emotionally-driven behavior to ensure
>congruence with my public persona.'
>And: "I am not really a slut."
>OE's First Law: Any sufficiently long
>thread on mASF devolves into a flame war
>about SS.

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