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Franco, etc: She checks me for Secret Society/FB?

mASF post by wattsecond

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Franco, etc: She checks me for Secret Society/FB?
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mASF post by "wattsecond"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

this chick is desperately looking for an reaction from you. and you keep cool
and calm all the time. i dont wonder if she says to you that you are cold and
she cant be with you cause you dont care (even if she fucks other guys!) and
show emotions. you act like a UG with a huge bitch shield you know ?

she just wants you to validate her and tell her that she is a bad girl. but you
think you have to follow the secret society post from TD and dont make any
mistakes. lol

ever seen children do something stupid and the mother says its ok. and then the
children do something more stupid ?
watch ALF. yeah that stupid show from the 80ies can teach you more than TD (at
the moment)

this secret society and matrix shit is funny but its just meant as a model to
understand this stuff. like a religion(which are misunderstood too).

the next meeting has to be in a fuckin location. everything else is walking
backwards and fucks up the sarge. stop clubbing with her.

want to lay her ?
isolate and fuck her. or do it in public if you prefer.
wheres the problem ?


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