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About Confusion + lil nugget of gold

mASF post by kiLLaBee

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About Confusion + lil nugget of gold
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mASF post by "kiLLaBee"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

Are you ready? This story starts at dark comedy club and ends up with pure
gold. If you are lazy to read the most interesting and exciting things, you
don’t see everyday, scroll down to end of post and pick up that nugget of

Just the other night me and my little band „ the Treasures of Lust“ visited one
of my favorite places in town , stand up comedy show, entrance free. (All best
things in life are free, yea baby) One of best places for taking girl on date,
they worm her up for you and your bombastic night...(if you give comedian
little money he will bust on her if she is acting stuck up so you don’t need
to, that’s best 3.98 $ i ever spend)

Lights tuned down, and main reflectors were targeting the stage but on its way
were clouds of smoke and you begin to wonder is there any oxygen left in this
place? It has begun the uncontrolled laughter with few tears in eyes of the
crowd. Suddenly one comedian was doing his set (and guess who else has sets
similar to comedians? Yea Po-ahh !), and from audience one girl said something
to him quietly, and comedian in just one second lost his character. (And if you
know, anything about stand up, that is bad like when you forget what to say
while talking to cute baby) Emotional states that i seen on stage were,
confusion, insecurity, then he looked lost (like when you lose your mobile
phone witch happened to me at least 5 times this year and it isn’t so fun time,
so many precious contacts oh baby, one time i was making out wit cute lady on
bench in park and we went back to her car, when we came there i remembered i
left mobile on bench witch is only 20 mins away from car....yea exactly i said
just that what you thought about: SHIT!!!!) at the end he got embarrass, and
left the stage crying for his mommy, yelling he will quit this job because
people are mean to him. (This last two didn’t happen but i needed to boost up
the emotion and i don’t know any other way, guys did you experienced this?)

That one second turned funny and interesting man on the path of the dark side,
his mind was consumed with thoughts that were ticking like bomb waiting to self
destruct itself, witch it did after 1 min and 12 sec i know coz i timed it...

But hey, man has to start somewhere, and stand up comedians drain their funny
stories from their character. That we got in common with them, coz in the
hunting grounds only thing you can depend is your OWN self. If you depend on
your friends all the time, or you depend how people will react to you, you
don’t have much character and everyone feel that, you are VALIDATION JUNKY. (I
send letter to my government asking, could they make up law to create commune
for validation junkies like there are communes to get off crack and heroin, who
said i don’t have original business ideas?) Best thing for building character
is getting lost in woods, and finding way out. I bet you will have at least 10
exciting stories to share with everyone. (Its metaphor)

So children welcome to one of „How To do it Yourself“ sessions, in package with
„How not to get confused“ you already got free intro „How to be bad Stand up

Just the other night out, we were in bar and i noticed before everyone that one
girl got eye on one of my boys and of course i shared that with him, when he
didn’t believed me. Well ok then, then she must have giving me some signals, so
i do my double eye wink at her, and take with two fingers cube of ice and throw
it at her, coz it said in books woman like to play with ice so this cant not to
work. (Well this didn’t happen but i noticed girl was choking him out, and i
noticed that while i chatting up other two girls, point is he didn’t notice).
Later that evening he danced some salsa with her, and went asking me and other
12345423 guys what do they think does she like him? I told him he could choose
if he wants to get bitch slapped or to spit down the trout if he doesn’t take
her number. (Hey guy is green he needs little motivation). Well he ask for
number but gets „I got BF“ back, and knowing him he is too lazy to get past
that, so i only pimp slapped him on the way home. Anyway at same time on other
part of the club i was fucking dizzy and could barley stand (no i wasn’t drunk,
I picked up some strange disease during the war while i was running trough the
mine field chasing a butterfly, and it turns out butterfly was bad for eating,
well shit it looked so nice) and i still got number.

What this really means? For real...
Point is that you are not sure is she really into you witch makes you confused,
and that is a no-no. I wouldn’t wont to take a ride to a place i never been,
with confused guy who i know few mins in yugo 45 (Google this car, i wonder why
they never put him in pimp my ride...). This story showed awareness, you don’t
concentrate on it you just see it, good example is that lame exercise at nlp
where you concentrate on some colors and you don’t even notice other colors
(WooooW). At end of this post i will give you one awesome thing i want you all
to track down, because this can help you so much, pictures say million words,
and video says million words + pictures, so its million + million = two million
(isn’t that cool or what?!?!). This guy at least noticed that girl digs him,
and he at least got balls to do something about it while rest of loosers would
just stand fix their hair and always ask is she looking at me still? (You know
who you are don’t be ashamed, you all cool looking wusssy guys, i was in one
Vienna club and 80% of club are big black dudes who look like „I got 56-Cent in
my pocket“ wonna-be, they are all pimps and stuff and i was kind of cultural
shock for me coz in Croatia isn’t like that, but i figured out this guys are
all pussys when i was hooking two best girl at club, they were standing alone
in middle of that club-cockfarm and hooking was preformed in front of at least
10 huge ice-black-cube-57-cent change-dog-lassie-dog-pimp)

I wont go tuff on ya guys, i know it’s hard not knowing how to act when you
never experienced it before. I think that those things excite us the most,
that’s why seduction can be so addictive. Because when you do things about you
are thinking about, yoour whole body is yelling HELL YEA. I got same excitement
when i give really hard exam on collage, or when i got some new job where i can
learn many new things.

Anyway, i will be good boy and share some things i can define with words, rest
of things you will get at the end.

These specific actions can be seen during the daytime or at night in large
crowds of girls in clubs, so open your awareness and half of work is done, it
really isn’t so complicated. I heard some guy said pick-up is like math and i
thought shit man i hate math i still didn’t pass it (i should be learning math
right now but i will do it later...), and i thought shit man i am in trouble

Well guess what he was wrong....

At start i will say that body movement is expression of emotion, now follow
me...( i will be lil Sirius now coz it’s important, this are clues that can
give you confidence other person is interested in you, so READ CARFULLY)
Have you notice, when you walk and hold eye contact second longer and because
that sec longer it get so much power, you turn around and think wow that was
cool who is that person? (don’t be afraid to say hey, how long you practiced
that look? Coz for this „killer look“ i practiced for whole my high school, and
i really did i got special look girls dig and notice really fast so all that
work paid out)
Lets go now level up and during that eye contact she usually removes hair from
her face, to show you her cute face, or she removes hair from her face turning
head right and left (not with her hands). Other day i picked up ice cream coz
it was hot summer day and i walked on the street, and two girls were walking
towards me, left one looked at me one time, then returned look on me, and while
i was right in front of them, her brain stopped. (How do i know it stopped?
Well while you are talking to someone and see something truly amazing you
stretch out word that you are saying in that moment, after few steps later you
continue talking normal, maybe i am wrong maybe she was looking at ice cream
she was little bit bigger..). Or cool thing i noticed when i was buying bread,
i walked outside and girl was choking me out for sec, and then i passed next to
the wall so she couldn’t see me for 2 seconds, and then again i noticed her
gaze. (Like you see something really interesting and then it went away, you are
just dieing to see it again) There are always open invitations for everyone to
came, if girls are standing/sitting like they are waiting for someone, they are
probably waiting for YOU to move your sexy ass over there and give them
pleasure of life time. Look closely when girls are together and they dont look
at each other, they look around don't talk to each other, this is time to do it
boys, this is time to throw the hook...
This things just pop to my head, here is another one. I for example love to
dance and i am really good,(Hey other people said it, i was just shaking my
sexy ass and they notice) anyway after i get off the stage suddenly all girls
who were looking me while i was on stage come around me and wait some time
shooting signals i named up, waiting to be approached. If you wait too long
you will lose them, later you will see them standing next to some other guys,
this is invitation so open your eyes., and HIT IT! (this is their direct
opener, its like they say with their body „i like you i want to

But man how do i know when i am IN while talking to them?
(Well ask them „can i get in?“ Or walk up to her and say „i have nothing to say
to you...“ i bet it will get them thinking what is he talking about? Well let
them figure it out, they will have something to think about that night....)
Anyway woman are really strange little chreatcures, they all want to be special
for us, they prepare such long time just so we can have more fun taking those
thing off. I love to talk to many people and get away with talk out of strange
situations. I tryed not to pay public transportation's, just so i can try to
talk myself out of a ticket (how many of you did that? This is where you learn
communication baby). One day i was cough 2 times in same day, and i must say it
was exciting, and i learned many things doing it. This isn't just fucking
around, coz they can call police and i would have lot of trouble. Only thing i
know when i could play them is because how they talked to me. When people say
more words then they need to, they are giving you signal and tools you can use
to get what you want. That day i played one old control lady, she even cuddle
me on the face at end, and one mean looking guy who looked like someone
preformed lobotomy using nails and sledge hammer. You see this was my fear well
you should see peoples faces when you mention control during the ride, this is
building of character for me and it was so much fun....

Same is with girls, lot of them try to sell them self on much higher price then
they usually are. Its like sale, where salesperson tries to sell you used Ford
with crappy back seat for 50.000$. If you get feeling that something isn’t
right in this situation, then you are probably right. It means she is doing
something that is against her normal behavior, and her body and words don’t
match up. When I experience this, i turn my awareness up and check out what is
she trying to do, because it’s obvious she is playing the game.

Have you ever experienced instant click with someone?
There you just click, people don’t pretend about nothing, they don’t hold back
they are just like that, when they are opposite from this it means they are
doing something. When you experience this „game“ they are playing, play along
and call her on it.

I remember old days where i was still learning this art, and over time i
noticed that i won over some girls already with first words „Hey girls“. They
will do following, they look at each other and they have big smile and sparkly
eyes, (that shows how much they really like you, its really good thing so don’t
get shocked when it happens like, holy shit they love me, play it cool man) i
noticed what ever i said they drinked it up like baby drinks mothers milk.
This is for me No.1 important reaction you can get, after this, it’s hard to
fuck it up unless you are total moron. Opposite reaction from that is that
girls look at each other with cold faces (and those cold faces say, not another
idiot this night), and basically what you do is read that expression of their
face witch shows emotion,
„I bet before me 10 drunk idiots came to talk to you, did i guess the number
right ?“ you turn it around how you know the feeling coz 10 drunk girls
approached you and grab you for the ass or what ever your imagination tells
you. Trust me they look at you differently, coz you know to read „girl
code“(Gosh we are such geeks, who started to use this „girl code“ i bet some
geek invented this, i bet it was same geek who invented „amog“ or 12 ranks of
player levels, at level 12 you can aim better and smell when girl is on period
its Jedi power baby, soon there will be book out to explain all this stuff).

There are so many interesting things i want to share, but this is getting to
long and i hate long posts. I tried to cover few things that you see most often

NUGET OF GOLD....(if you skipped here first i wont blame you coz this is best
thing in this post, but i am at pua level 11 and when you came to Zagreb i will
read it from your pupils did you read all this or not, its secret society Jedi
Now that little nugget of gold is called „Body Talk - UK Channel 4 - 2 of 2 -
24 May 2004“ there is also part One, but second episode is more interesting coz
its about seductive body language. This will open eyes for you and show how
game is much easier when you notice these things. By all means, try to get
that show, and watch it until you don’t notice those things around you in
everyday life. Its better then all videos of pick-up, coz you got real expert
commenting what is happening in the field.

Hope you are enjoying excitement that summer brings, i know i am coz next 10
days i am on island in middle of Adriatic...(i love islands girls cant run
away, ha-ha-ha <- this was smile with wicked grin on my face)

You are tired of repeating words that other people gave you ?
Make your own WAY
- -

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "kiLLaBee" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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