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Lay Report: i cant stop it, man(pics)

mASF post by ox

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Lay Report: i cant stop it, man(pics)
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

“is it gonna you are keeping me up all nite..”

new money line: “I don’t know if we would work out in bed”. I think this line
got me laid, specially because after we fucked this is the first thing she
asked me “do we work out in bed or what?”. The second question was “how old are
you?”. Always the same. It is boring already.

this is insane. Telling you. My dick is so sore that to maintain an erection I
have to think of 2 chicken going at it. Man this is hard. Had sex too many
times in the last 3 days. Actually I tell the girls right off the bat that I
don’t think it is gonna go up tonight. And of course they rape me after that.

Anyway let´s talk average. 11 for 14. 11 new girls in the last 14 weeks. Let´s
talk fb´s: 4 fb´s fully operational plus 3 newly laid girls pushing to join the
team. Is this not a harem tell me what the fuck is. Rotation baby. I can
actually fuck a different girl everyday of the fucking week. Kind of hugh
heffner shit. Gonna call them Monday..tuesday..
Let´s cut sucking my own dick.

Anyway I laid this brunette that I hooked up in my last lr. Actually she is a
couple of steps down the blonde that I laid. Felt kind of disappointing at
times. She is 27, brunette, long black hair with red stripes, not big titties,
flat stomach, big tight ass, cute in general. Before I laid her she looked like
ltr material, not anymore after I laid her. Sorry.

Anyway I am not a big day 2 guy. Actually I don’t do them..i think if you do
day 2’s your game is weak. I used to think that. Not anymore after this lay. I
can see the power of day 2´s in term of confort and trust shit.
Anyway we have an interesting convo on the phone on monday. She called me and I
acted as if she was a friend I was getting advice from and I said I had met
this girl on saturday and she was a good kisser and she had potential and what
did she advice me to do about her? She jumped into this roleplay immediately
and actually gave me a few tips about how to treat this “particular girl”(who
was her by the way). Actually I asked her if I should kiss the girl right off
the bat when I see her on my day 2. she said ofcourse that if I didn’t kiss her
it would wreck the vibe and be weird.
We set up a date for yesterday because she is free in the afternoon. I also
apply the rules of phone game: finishing the call first, being cooler than her
on the phone, non-needy, playful, etc. I don’t know how really because I don’t
do phone game at all, nor I am interested in it. She called me at work a couple
of times and I hung up on her saying I was too busy and I will call later. This
absolutely skyrocketed my value. Strongly recommend it.
Day 2
I am wearing my cool sunglasses that I bought recently and I arrived in the
venue. Surprise. Her pathetic friend is there with her. This girl is totally
negative and throws shittest left and right. Did a good job with her though.
Anyway we sit down and her friend starts bombarding me with questions. What´s
your job? Guess?..i give her the same standard treatment. Show a picture of me
at work. They still cant guess my job. I tell them finally. Still her ugly
friend hangs around and I am suspicious if I am being set up. We fluff and
finally she leaves. We are alone…venue change.
We walk near the beach. Fluff. Talk about my upcoming Vegas holidays etc. we
talk about hers. We hug, tongue down but I still not feeling her. And I think I
am setting up for some major relationship material. Fuck. No relationship
frame. Actually it kind of looked that way.
We came back and had dinner. We had kebabs. I paid. Exactly. Lover provider
We went to a park and had dinner there in a bench. All the time she is talking
about her job, her new high paying job. All in all she is trying to impress me.
I just lay back. I make more money than her and I laugh inside. You can not
impress me with that kind of money.ha. still I don’t say anything. She is
totally impressed that I am not impressed with her new paycheck at all. I lay
back and fluff, and fluff.
We went to a pub for a beer. Went upstairs and we were alone in the upstairs.
Just as I liked it. I start making her horny. We tongue down etc. i always
break up the tongue downs first and lean back on the chair. Pretty soon she is
sitting with both open legs facing my dick. Her legs are on my upper legs. We
are like fucking with cloth on. Cool. I lay back. Money shit. She is sucked in
most of the time. I start fingering her in the back and caressing her back.
This is too try hard and I lay back again. I am overdoing this move: making her
horny and taking it away at the peak of horniness so that she is vacuum in
again..and again.
Then she starts asking about my age like 100 times. I play it cool and say if
she is a good girl I will tell later. I do all my age destroyers. She keeps
insisting. She asked me “how old are you?” more than 20 times in the whole
date. I finally said my age after we fucked. Of course.
I continue the push and pull endlessly. She is hot as hell. Still I look try
hard and she said.

Brunette:not gonna happen today. It is not the right time.
Ox: I wasn’t thinking about that. What were you thinking
Brunette: wtf?
Ox: yeah, you have a dirty mind.
Brunette: well..
Ox: I don’t think we would work in bed anyways.
Brunette: really? Why are you so sure?
Ox: well you are such a good girl…I don’t think I can relate…
Brunette: I am not a good girl. I am sometimes bad…
Ox: I don’t know
This was like a splinter through her brain. For the rest of the night she tried
to prove to me she was bad and wanted sex etc.

I make her horny and we venue change…we go to a bar…
We start dancing and grinding. Things start to heat up. I always break first.
Make her more horny and vacuum her in. I over do this technique. We get horny
as hell and I break and say let´s talk. I make some hilarious conversation
about the news. Totally funny because I am playing the role of the shy guy that
doesn’t want to get horny so he talks about boring things. She gets into the
role play and we have a good laugh. I make her horny and break up: talk about
taxes(always bring sexual drive down). I continue to do this until she is
superhorny. Time to pull. I just say “let´s go now”. We walk to my car. As soon
as we get in the car she fucking rapes me. My dick went south because it was
tired from the 3 hour horny section before. Still manage to fuck her.(my 5th
car extraction, credit loverboy for extraction tactics). When we finish she
asked me the question that was bugging her. “do still think we don’t work out
in bed”. My answer. Yeah I do.
Time from meet to lay: 2-5 hours.
Credits for the lay.
1. car extraction tactics(loverboy of course, it is getting boring already uh
2. comfort and trust(loverboy too, he told only spending time with a girl can
get you laid, no game)
3. me. I am the ultimate chase weapon.

Learning points
1. money line: “I don’t think we would work out in bed” “you are too much of a
good girl”.
2. comfort and trust is the game. Spend time with her.
3. always break up make outs and vacuum her in.
4. lay back and let her seduce you. But still lead with venue changes and money

My dick so sore.

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