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Field Report: Day 2: Taking Leaps and Bounds

mASF post by the_f0x

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Field Report: Day 2: Taking Leaps and Bounds
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mASF post by "the_f0x"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Taking leaps and bounds

DAY 2:

I get a txt the next day. Hookah bar. I make conditional plans with them.
Obvious IOIs through word choice : "no tears lost if you can't make it. call if
you want to go".

Okay, sure. I bring a wing, he's dying to go. He's beta at best and suplicates
himself by beta-bragging to win my approval. Noob.

fox: "I just gotta assume state and lead, assume state and lead. I'm already
wing: "Orgy. Only possible answer."
I laugh.

We arrive at the hookah bar. It's very hot and I'm sweating. The hookah doesn't
help, I feel a bit nervous but I try to lean back and relax. Let the anchor be

The talk isn't important, it's how things are being said.

Fox looks into HBAsians eyes. "Tell me, what's your favorite season?"
HBAsian smiles : "Spring."
Fox waits, and smiles : "I'm one to disagree for the fun of it, but Spring is
my favorite season too. Why do you like it?"


I'm going to get into a lot of detail relating to the relationship I had
between these two girls later. But here's a pic in the meanwhile:¤t=IMG_0146.jpg

HBStraddler leaves to go pick up some people. I befriend a beta and elevate his
status by his approval seaking. This is commonly called "being cool and a good
guy." Lead.

HBAsian and I discuss the hookup:
"She'll hook up with you if you want fox."
"I want to kiss her"
"You should/so you want to hookup?"
"We'll see"
"You don't want to kiss her?"
"I dont have any expectations. Whats your favorite color?"

HBAsian was obviously feeling beta to HBStraddler because of my IOIs toward
HBStraddler (to validate her sexuality). I open HBAsian wide, deep eye contact,
comfort. I want to keep every girl open for tension.

I randomly connect with some "friends" from school, coincidence. They sit and
smoke with us. Cool. HBStaddler comes back. I introduce her as my girlfriend,
Tiniesha. School friends buy it, I'm DHV, social proof is high.
SchoolFriend : "How long have you been dating?"
fox looks at HBStraddler : "four...five..."
HBStaddler : "six months. our aniversary is tomorrow."
fox slaps head : "oh shit i forgot."


I introduce myself to HBAthelete who joined with HBStraddler and forget her
name instantly. This is a habit. We have minimal contact. Not strategical, but
it probably helped that things were so on with her two friends.

We decide to leave at 1:30am and head back to HBAsians house for hookah and
some drinks. Cool. I suggest a pajama party. It goes over. I grab drinks and my

We arrive, start to drink, and things escalate quickly.

But...with all the girls.

HBStaddler and I go at it, toungedown and moans and then she rolls over and
hits up SchoolFriend and HBAsian hops on without me having time to think. (I
had like 4 drinks)
And then the dry humping begins. And then HBAthelete joins in... all on me.

I hadn't kissed a girl in over 6 months.
To this.


Things get really wild, lots of stimulation, lots of fun. We went from 2:30 to
6:30 am. Orgy, like the wing predicted.

HOWEVER. During the whole event, HBStaddler wanted me on HBAsian, HBAsian
wanted it but wouldn't because I had mentioned the hookup with her before at
the bar. This means no solid close with anyone of them because HBStraddler
wants HBAsian to be mine because HBAsian wants me.

I'm not sure what to do about this problem. It prevented me from having sex. Do
I focus on one sexually? All of them and don't say a single word about it? Tell
them all I wanted them..

What I know I didn't do enough was to pick and lead. I didn't say : "HBStaddler
come here." then "HBAsian I want you now, come here." Ect..

I lied back too much, let them do me, let them seduce me. This is good... but I
didn't lead, I let.

When I was ready, I should've said "Okay" and lead.

Oh well.
The irony of all of this is I've been gaming an ex from my AFC days
( Girl on the left:¤t=34387923232fp4nu32522679WSNRCG323298363nu0mrj.jpg )
and she messages me saying she had a dream about me and we kissed, and she
wants to see me...
And I look like I have a purple ring around my neck from all the "love bites."¤t=P1010239.jpg

I txted her to validate her message she gave me (the dream). "Go look at the
stars. I wish I could be with you."
Just as I'm writing this report she responds : "Ah I am outside on a dock and I
totally thought of you too"

I'd like to close with a Taoist prayer I read before I went out last night.

Giving birth and nourishing,
having without possessing,
acting with no expectations,
leading and not trying to control:
this is the supreme virtue.

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