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A rambling sort of update.

mASF post by GoneSavage

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A rambling sort of update.
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mASF post by "GoneSavage"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

A rambling sort of update.

I fell asleep where I had parked to finish writing this post. It actually took
me hours out of four different days to write up and I truly appreciate the
responses. Thanks guys.

I’m up now though because some fucker entered the vehicle while I was sleeping.
(Note to self—lock your fucking doors!) He comes into the front seat passenger
side and it wakes me. I bolt upright and say, “Hey man, what the fuck are you
doing!” And he says some shit about needing to rest. WTF? I tell him to show
me what’s in his bag. “I didn’t take anything.” And I tell him to fuck off.
So yeah, I’m awake.

I have four dates today. It’s crazy. I’m scheduled to see three new girls at
once today (they don’t know about the others). It’s a stupid time to pull
this Elimidate shit, I know, but I’ve got more women to follow up with than
time right now. This is going be a lesson in frame control. How to handle
three women who will be speaking French with each other, whearas I have no idea
what they are saying….

I had one girl lined up to meet yesterday and she flaked. She sends an email
telling me that kissing me the day we met has reminded her of her ex-boyfriend
that she is not over and seeing me is too much for her right now. OK,

I actually met a new girl yesterday instead. In front of a theater and then we
went for coffee. Ended up making out in the coffee house. I got her to Metro
with me all the way to the van. But it’s late, she has a curfew, etc etc. So
here’s another one to follow up with in my dwindling days…

I’ve discovered that a cool date or venue change is to go into s sex shop. You
know with toys and lingerie and shit. I actually have befriended two female
employees at this one place when I roll in with four girls. Two of which I am
really affectionate with and close. Both bi-sexual. So we’re having fun in
there. I ask the employees what their favorite products are and I’m telling
this one employee to come with us. She’s like, “You already have four girls!”
And just then one of the girls phone rings and I say, “Make that five.” And
sure enough it was for me. Damn funny.

HBmetro and HBfountain are both jockeying hardcore for my time. HBfountain
sends the sweetest emails. HBmetro, who is “bad with English, but can French
very well” just sends me direct emails telling me that she wants to give me a
“naked surprise.” Of course, I’m curious.

HBcafe has already had a second helping. What a girl. She’s like a 5’3 female
me. It’s sick. Her outlook on life and her passion for enjoying the present
moment is eerily similar. She speaks my language. I’m only the second guy she
has fucked. Yet she has made love with five women and currently has a
girlfriend. Apparently they pull girls and have FFF fun. Of course, she wants
me to meet her. She also wants to meet the other girls that I have told her
that I have met here in Montreal….

HB: Let me tell you about Amile, my next target. She is gorgeous, etc etc…
GS: Look at you talking about a ‘target,’ what do you do ‘seduce and destroy?’
HB: Hell yeah, I seduce and destroy. Why not? It’s all in fun. They love it.
GS: Damn it sucks that I have to leave, we’d have so much fun together.
HB: Yeah it sucks—you and I would seduce the world!

Huh, is this really happening? I may never leave… GoneSavage

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