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Request to formhandle. do you back my views


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Request to formhandle. do you back my views
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/20/05 5:35:00 AM, ox wrote:
>On 7/20/05 4:45:00 AM, APHRODISIAC
>>On 7/20/05 2:29:00 AM, ox wrote:
>>>i understand your concern. i
>>>am not a true pua since i dont
>>>lay 8+ girls consistantly. so
>>>you always have to take my
>>>advice with a grain of salt or
>>>may be 2. still i benefit from
>>>the free advice here. and you
>>>too. thing is that it is free.
>>>you always have to take it
>>>with a grain of salt. dont
>>>worry about who is a pua or
>>>not. most puas will not post
>>>here because it is free and
>>>they are not going to be
>>>giving away their stuff.
>>>period. if they do it here,
>>>they do it for commercial
>>>purposes or post teasers(as a
>>>bait for you to buy into their
>>>method, i hate those btw).
>>>again, you are entitled to
>>>your reaction but it is
>>>experience for you. also
>>>remembers that what works for
>>>one guy can be death for
>>>another guy. no 2 guys will
>>>use the same technique in the
>>>same way. if i used g string
>>>routine, i know i will bomb. i
>>>could never make it work. it
>>>doesnt mean it is shit.
>>>manyguys have use it
>>>i do hate method guys shoving
>>>their stuff down our throats,
>>>day in day out, trashing one
>>>method or the other,
>>>highjacking the threads with
>>>their teaser material. i hate
>>>that and formhandle should
>>>keep an eye on this. it
>>>cheapens the board. i love
>>>puas like jlaix who post lr
>>>like a newbie, and reflects
>>>his fuckups as well as his
>>>successes. he is not afraid to
>>>report that he took a girl
>>>home and only got a bj or that
>>>his approaches bombed at
>>> pua will post like
>>>that. my respect is higher for
>>>this because i know for real
>>>that no pua can fclose all the
>>>girls. still for them the fuck
>>>ratio is low compared to the
>>>i already posted something
>>>related to this you are
>>>posting now. i am glad i am
>>>not the only one with this
>>>take it easy,
>>hey ox,
>>thanks for posting here and the things
>>you mentioned are 100% true. I think
>>masf is a curse on me. I have laid so
>>many chicks premasf but none after masf.
>>I feel like a total dick, no kidding. I
>>have not laid a single chick over the
>>past 3 months(since i joined masf)! I
>>have had alot of field work though and I
>>cannot understand where I am going
>>wrong. I think this added to my
>>frustration and I posted here. What i've
>>ended up being is a player infront of
>>most of my friends, who DOEs not get
>>chicks. Most of them just trust my
>>abilities due to previous hot lays but
>>currently I'm totally uncool. Infront of
>>my work mates ( the chicks) i'm
>>considered as a total asshole who has no
>>respect for chicks and fucks everything
>>that moves. Well I dont take shit from
>>anyone . IF i dont like them i simply
>>eject them from my life and always have
>>the believe if they know me , it is
>>their good luck. Anyway, that is where I
>>was coming from, if you honestly ask me.
>>Maybe i've been trying to hard. I dont
>>know. Maybe i've confused Myself, i DOnt
>>know. I just dont know.
>>Best REgards
>dont think you are alone there. i was
>the same for my first 4 months reading
>this shit. i could number close girls
>but couldnt close. it is a normal thing.
>my ex-wing got pussy day in and day out
>by leeching off my sets and i wasnt
>getting any. he was getting a new girl
>everyweek and me, i was just jerking off
>to porn, as usual. there was a moment
>when my game kind of exploded: i started
>going solo and getting my wings in
>field. right now my wing is anybody near
>me. i just grab a guy and introduce him
>to group and i am the coolest mother
>fucker in the world to this guy. what
>you are going through is perfectly
>normal. i might help you to get on a
>workshop or some 1:1 with somebody good
>that knows his stuff and is not going to

Yes, i was talking to sheriff once and he saids its like gym. but i really dont
know what is wrong with me. Maybe once i get successful i'll start getting on
the role. the first pussy is the issue( post masf). once you get it you keep
going. regarding the workshops: i have no money to spend on them. regarding the
one on one, I'm from nz so I dont think there are any pua's that i know of. but
ox, thanks for your concern. You give me hope. btw, what is giving me hope are
my ex lays. all were above 8's 9's . so i just think 'if i could seduce them(
maybe foolsmate but each lay was after some connection which i do not have, as
now days i view all chicks as targets. earlier i just used to talk to them for
fun and boom. they would do all the work. these days, ' he is a fucking
disrespectful player without chicks' is what keeps ringing in my mind.I'm not
seeking sympathy. I'm no virgin. I just think something's gone wrong. and i
dont know what!


best regards

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