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2nd Still Can‘t F#$#ing Close

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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2nd Still Can‘t F#$#ing Close
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/6/05 3:08:00 PM, slikplyr wrote:

I put here your former FR and comment all.

>Okay, first week of college and everything is doing good. I >sarge as much as
possible, doesn't matter what age 18, 20, >30 w/e.. i'm 18 by the way. anyway I
met a girl yesterday >in class, asked for some help in that subject, we met up
at >the libary started talking, she got interested, invited me >to come dancing
with her at this club paris. anyway we get >there, we talk a bit more, we dance
alot ( i can dance ).

First mistake: you are letting her lead you. She defines the frame of the
interaction by telling you what you will do together ( go to dance ). This
"may" seem a smart way to get closer to her but it is not. Remember: one of the
things a women will test from the first very beginning that you try to seduce
her is are YOU GOING TO LET THEM LEAD YOU! If you do things get bad from the
point of view of the seduction.

>Then we decide to leave the club, she asked if I want to go >back to her
place, I said sure.

She is SARGING you and now ISOLATING YOU. She holds the frame.

>We get there, look at some pictures, C/F on the pictures, >by the way this
gurl is a figure skater, went to the >olympics at 15 so her body is well... I
don't even have to >tell u, you know what i'm talking about. She gets into
>something a bit more comfortable, sofi's and t-shirt, talks >to me about how
she likes to ride on her man ruff, and she >gets turned on by wearing lingerie
with steletos...

Okay now she isolated you, she has run attraction game on you and now she is
seducing you.

Now here there are two possibilities:

- This is one of the very rare female players who sarge guys to their apartment
with the purpose of fucking them. A rare female player. You did not escalate =
you lost the chances of having sex with her. Even a female player needs at
least at the last moment of her seduction a guy who is ACTIVE with her and
- This is a chick with problems who only APPARENTLY is sarging you but in
reality is looking for guys to COCKTEASE to get more sadomasochistic pleasures
than a great fuck.

Let's see what happens later on..

>sit on her bed for a lil and then? BLANK!!!!!!! I didn't >close, at this point
i didn't know how.

You are 18, very young. Almost probably you have problems in displaying your
masculine healthy aggression. Go to the gym and pump iron, eat a lot of meat,
learn to grab chicks' ass and tell them with guttural voice:"I take your
panties off right now because I am going to fuck you now like no tomorrow"

>so I'm here just for that piece of info, I'm trying to stay >off masf because
i'm in college I think I can do things >here without this, but I need advice on
how I should of >done this... all comments and advice is appreciated thanks.

You sound like a little whining girl when you say:"I am trying to stay off
mASF". Instead what you need is more field experience and a lot of DAFS.

>Anyway, a few days past and we
>just regular talk u kno the
>regular. yesterday I went with
>some other kid to her house
>for studying for an exam the
>next day.

How old is she?

>well as u kno, no
>studying got done, just
>talking and blah blah. the
>other kid was not really doing
>anything just putting in his
>comments here and there.
>Anyway this girl starts
>talking about her ex...

Talking about her ex may be a sign of cockteasing and/or a sign that she is
horny and is using social proof to turn you on so that you fuck her.


>Okay well it's getting late we
>turn the TV off, turn the
>lights off and we are in total
>darkness, my legs is in
>between her legs right be her
>pussy. and she is laying kind
>on me, we start talking about
>sex, and how she likes it ruff
>and all the KINKY ASS SHIT!!

Okay so this is MAYBE and I say MAYBE a female player with S&M preferences. If
she is not the kind of LSE/Psycho who goes around cock teasing guys the only
reason you did not fuck her was a lack of masculine aggression in yourself.

You need to work in learning how to dispplay healthy masculine aggression. If
you would be older I would bust the shit out of you but you are 18 and still
have time to learn.

>so I start touching her but
>she acts like she's tired, but
>still she is here telling me
>how she is a nypho and all,
>and she loves sex, and i'm
>like here like wtf lets

You almost probably ended up with a chick who is a player and/or a cockteaser
psycho. There is not enough information in your post so that we can be 100%
about sex openly from the beginning like this one does. If a woman does that
you need to suspect from the beginning:
- She is a LSE Psycho (this is much more frequent when a girl talks openly
about sex from the beginning like this)
- Or a female player (very rare and most of the female players would not need
to talk so openly about sex to have sex with you)

>Okay well guess what she moves
>her arm and fucking pokes me
>in my eye, then I play like im
>kinda hurt she gets all close
>saying sorry blah blah blah...
>ask me what she can do to make
>it up to me... "FUCK ME
>STUPID!!" that's what i wanted
>to say

Ok you feel here your masculine aggression but you do not have the courage of
putting it out. What you should have done here was simply to take her hand, put
the hand on your cock and tell her "Make it up to me. Suck it". If no
initiative from her you simply go closer to her and put the cock in her mouth.

If she is a LSE Psycho at this point she will stab you in the back by giving
you physical LMR. If she wants sex she will simply start to suck your cock.

>but i asked her for a
>back rub, and she did a very
>half ass massage, after that
>more sex talk... i did so much
>kino... I got tired of it.

I do not have Kleenex close to me now otherwise I would start to cry..:) You
are playing like two lesbians here and there is not even the ACTIVE LESBIAN.

You WILL always get tired of kino if you don't put your masculine
agġression out.

>next thing u kno she was tired
>and I was like FUCK it because
>yea IT got to me how she could
>talk so much... so I rolled
>over and just went to sleep...

There is no man in the room..

>This HB talks so much shit,
>about her ex, how she is a
>freak, nypho, everything she
>makes her self look like she
>would fuck me up in bed, but
>then again she doesn't do

Because not even a female player would take the role of the man with you.

You are being her male girlfriend who talks with her and is used as emotional
tampon while naked with her in the bed.

Plus the fact that
>she's not something that good
>she looks ok, but I wouldn't
>stress her... WTF IS WRONG
>One must not find himself, but
>instead, become the person he
>wants to be...

You need to put out the BEAST in you and start to grab chicks by the ass and
tell them:"Honey spread you ass. I am going to put this pulsating dick inside"

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