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EXPERT Help needed from people who like to read.

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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EXPERT Help needed from people who like to read.
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/3/05 4:17:00 PM, Legion5 wrote:

>- Being in high places

>Yes, Yeah she wants to be a high paid

>- Having a wonderful career
>Yes, Yeah and she's getting to it.

>- Money, success, extreme intelligence
>and pride

>Yes, she considers herself a "rich white
>girl", wants to be sucessfull, is
>inteligent, and is pridefull.
>Does she live alone? And if not with
>No, she used to live with her mom (18),
>now she lives with her room mate in
>college (barely 19)
>How does she treat waiters, sellers,
>taxi drivers, workers?
>A: Like Tools.

Ahahaha.. "The rich white girl who has GRANDIOUSE fantasies and treats waiters
like tools and is scared of falling in love and showing the sensitive part of
her personality.." I have bad news..

Have a look at this:

I think you have a chick witn Narcissistic personality disorder in your hands.
If I could talk to her personally I could be 100% sure but basing on this data
you give me through internet I would say chances she has the disorder are

These people lack totally of empathy, have grandiouse fantasies, are totally
selfish and respect only one thing: POWER.

Do whatever you want with her but NEVER start a LTR with her.

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