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wtf?she broke up with me. need feedback

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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wtf?she broke up with me. need feedback
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/26/05 8:21:00 PM, centralcali wrote:

>she is a lse (and lsd) girl.

I assume you mean LD (low sexual drive) and not "lsd". Anyway the effect of her
manipulation on your mind seems to be like the effects of LSD so maybe this is
a Freudian lapsus from you.. LOL.

>i was the
>first bf she ever had.

When I was young I have laid quite a lot of Philippine ladies when I was in
Italy. They tell ALL of them this story:"Our men are not trustful, they cheat
on women all the time, they are bad guys and we like foreign men because we
cannot trust them."

And I was thinking:"With whom these Philippine guy cheat?" and telling to
myself "But with Philippine ladies of course!"

Down there there is a WHOLE CULTURE in families where girls are taught that the
main purposes of their life is to find a "good, trustful husband" and that
means in womanese often the same like a "good sucker!"

>i met her in late
>march. she asked to be my bf in early

Another Freudian lapsus. I assume you mean "my gf". Almost probably she has
rush to find a guy who takes the role of the sucker so she can go to her mom to
say:"I found a nice guy, who would be good husband mom!"

And if she does that to please her mom what she REALLY wants down her heart is
STIFF, PULSATING DICK HERE AND NOW! But she cannot tell that to her mom..

>she told me in may she loved me
>and wanted to marry me. i said yes i
>would marry her.

Oh man.. you really are Speedy Gonzales with these love things.. HOLD YOUR

in the middle of june
>she goes to the phillipines to see her
>mom. she is gone a month.

She is telling the story to her mom. Probably she is telling her the stories of
the x 10 nice guys she told "I love you" to and telling to mom about the size
of their bank accounts???

>While she is in the phillipines we talk
>for only 4 minutes on the phone (it cost
>too much to talk to her long distance).

I hope you did not qualify to her about this.

>when she comes back (a month later) from
>the ohillipnies i text message her,
>'welcome back...i miss u". she does not
>respond to my text message. i call her 2
>days later. we talk for 1 min. cause she
>is working. she text messages me later
>that night and says she will text
>message me tomorrow when we will meet.
>she never texted messaged me (when
>tomorrow came). i text message her
>asking is she busy? and why she did not
>text message me back.
>two days later i
>text message her monday (which is
>yesterday) mourning. i tell her i had a
>great weekend with my friends. she does
>not text message back.

Read FinalD`s answer. You really need to DAFS and GFTOW..

>I go over to where she lives (she lives
>with relatives) with some flowers. she
>asks where is my kiss. i giver her a

Oh man what a nice guy you are! Next time ask her:"And where is my blow job?"

She is practically testing you about your niceness and here you come out as too
nice EVEN for a Philippine girl. This means you just won the 2005 Nice Guy

I mean man! She does not return your text messages and disrespects you and you
give her kisses?

>i suggest we eat, so we go eat
>dinner at a resturant. she says she has
>something to tell me but its not bad.
>she tells me i will tell you after we
>eat. after we eat we get to my car.

She really does not love you. She is not even worried that you could throw your
meal up after hearing her bullshit.

>says things like'I have to break up with
>you, cause of my family. My family needs
>me(blah, blah). its not you, its me. i
>dont think i love you, etc." puas what
>does this mean in woman talk?

In the talk of a Philippino lady it means that she talked with her mom and they
together agreed on the fact that you are not enough of a good Provider to her
and you are going to be nexted.

I would say DAFS on Lover/Provider on this forum and you will find LOT of VITAL
information which will spare you in future lot of trouble.. Also DAFS on
Selector/Selectee, that also will spare you lot of trouble.

>After she talks to me (and i tell her im
>heartbroken) she asks me to drop her off
>at her aunts house. on the way to her
>aunts, she asks me if we could be her
>friends. i said ok.

She gets more proofs about your niceness. You even "drop her off at her aunt.."

>i need friends
>because i dont have a soical circle and
>i know soicial circle is important in
>pua. I then start do (non-needy) dlv
>tactics on her.

Too late. You have been already screened out as a nice guy who does not have
enough money to be a Provider.

i tell her its best she
>broke up me because im no good for her
>anyaways. i told her i could help her
>get some cool dates and help her find
>someone way better than me. these
>comments obviously shock her

And make her horny.

>and these
>comments i made bothered (because she
>was expecting me to say something
>different and needy). my dlv commects
>obvioulsy worked. when we get to her
>aunts house she asks 'where is my kiss?'
>then she says 'oh yea [were borken up]'.
>I tell her you cant kiss me that would
>ruin our friendship.

I think "Kiss my dick" would be more appropriate here. You used some Seduction
techniques TOO LATE, in a TOO LAME WAY. DonĀ“t worry. You will learn.

>Puas give me feedback and comments.
>by the way, "why do you think she broke
>up with me?"

With her mom they decided that you are not rich enough to be her Provider and
buy her stuff. INSIDE HER HEAD she decided that she is not horny enough to you
because you are being too nice to her and believe me that is a record with a
Philippine lady.

While I write this post I get memories from the past.. I remember that the last
Philippine lady I had sex with told me:"You are too dangerous to fall in love

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