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Need Your Opinion...

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Need Your Opinion...
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/26/05 5:05:00 AM, Solo wrote:

>away from each other.) We
>ended up cuddling and making
>out that night... all seemed
>to go well.

And was she resisting when you tried to f.close her or was it so that you did
not try?

>I was tryin' to set up a day3
>today with her, but she was
>being evasive.

Was she looking for a ONS on day2?


>they're not going out, she
>would feel like she's cheating
>because the other day he said
>"I think I'm falling love with
>you". (BTW, they've only been
>hooking up for a week, but
>apparently have known each
>other for much longer.)

Ahahaha what a BULLSHIT! They have been hooking up for a week and he told
her:"I am falling in love with you" and "they have known each other for
longer.." Ahahahah!

She is social proofing herself with you using that guy and propably uses you to
social proof herself with him. She tries to game both of you.

>So the way I respond to all
>this is basically telling her
>this guy sounds perfect for
>her. And she should be with
>him instead of me, it would
>never work out between us...
>and we probably should just be
>friends anyway.

Good move! If done while keeping on gaming her until you have sex with her.

>After I say some of this
>though, she keeps askin' me if
>I'm mad and I'm telling her

Ahahahah. Read from womanese:"I did not expect this. How is it possible that I
do not succeed in manipulating you?"

>She then tells me that in 18
>days she'll be going to my
>university and moving right by
>where I live, and she's going
>to get rid of him then.

Ahahaha. Solo you MADE MY DAY! She could not manipulate you with the first
one:"He is big and jealous" and now - without having absolutely ANY GROUND to
pretend to have anything going on with you and especially NOT if you did not
have sex - she is already promising to get rid of him for you!

>after she gets to college,
>then we can "hangout alone and
>get to know each other then"

Ahahaha. Is she an expert in marketing of what? Sounds like she is showing her
pussy everywhere with writte on it:"Coca Cola" or "Microsoft Corporation".

>because we'll be living right
>by each other and going to the
>same university (btw, she's
>going to be a freshman so this
>will be her cumming out
>So I'm not sure if I handled
>this the right way... and if I
>should even take her up on her

Man you G I V E M E A B R E A K! If you did not fuck her you would be giving
away your ass for 2 Dollars if you would take her seriously.

>The way I left the
>interaction was that it was
>"uncertain whether or not I
>still like her or not... and
>that we *might* still be
>friends" I just felt as
>though she should be a little
>punished for telling me BS
>like "in 18 days we can

And you did very well!

>And I didn't want
>to be all hunkey dorey like
>"oh yes! 18 days sounds fine
>with me! I'll be waiting for
>Also, I'm not sure if I should
>frame it as her being the
>prize by making me wait for
>some and putting some other
>guy in front of me, or if I
>should frame it as a free
>ticket for pussy 18 days from

You did not frame yourself as the Prize when you made out with her without
escalating to the f.close.

>The way I'm thinking of
>handling it right now is
>talking to her a bit between
>the 18 days, and taking her up
>on her offer, but making her
>make this up to me somehow
>(she'll have to qualify
>herself to me again).

You are thinking too much about HER FRAME and fail to BUILD A STRONG FRAME OF
FUCK HER while keep on telling her:"I am not the right guy for you.."

You did the right moves - except for not fucking her on day2 - but you need to
work more on the INNER GAME» especially in regard to FRAME CONTROL. You posted
this because you felt yourself sucked into her frame.

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