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“I‘m moving away...”

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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“I‘m moving away...”
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

On 7/23/05 6:42:00 PM, rcoombs wrote:

you have symptoms of one-itis-for this girl so be careful.

>yea i see what franco is
>saying as she is putting
>herself on the free market.
>the other day i surprised her
>by sending her a guerilla with
>earings in its ears for her as
>a nice gesture to make her
>smile. not supplicating, just
>a nice surprise from someone
>who is back in town letting
>her know i still care and want
>to see her at some point soon.

And how this fits with the disrispect she does when she promises things to you
and does not maintain the promise? How this fit with what you write that she
likes jerks?

>i don't even remember a
>thanks, but she seemed to like
>it when i called her to set up
>a meeting this weekend. it
>was during that conversation
>that she told me she is

Maybe she is even forcing herself to "believe" that she wants a LTR and more

>i don't have a cell phone and
>we had agreed on meeting
>tomorrow evening, she said she
>would send an e-mail letting
>me know what is going on.. no

So she "email-flaked" and disrispected you. What is happening here is that for
some reason when she said she will leave it effected you mind in some way.

Let´s put some logic: if she starts to be even more attracted to you she will
not leave and stay with you. So work more on what attracts her and less in
being nice to her..

and i will be working
>all day tomorrow, thus i won't
>be able to find out what the
>deal is until late in the
>evening.. the result will be
>iF no e-mail before i go to
>work tomorrow no meeting
>tomorrow night reguardless,

Watch at the frame in the above: there is Rcoombs waiting for what she WILL DO.
The place you want her to be is her worrying what YOU WILL DO.

>but i think already this is
>getting me a little curious as
>to what is going on here.

You are telling BS to yourself now.. I have read your posts here. You are
experienced enough to know what REALLY is going on here.

>she has been talking to my
>friends and i'm getting mixed
>signals. it is good that my
>friends ask about "us" as it
>makes us in relationship mode
>when we meet again?

You want a relationship with her?

>one of my
>friends was telling me she was
>getting emotional when they
>spoke and she was saying she
>just wanted me to have a good
>time in australia,

And what is she? Australia´s most rewarded tourist guide? The frame should
ON YOUR TERMS" and not the other way around.

my boy was
>telling me she seemed really
>into me and missing me. then
>last night another friend saw
>her the night i called her and
>she said to him when he asked
>about us that she had tried to
>no avail to get with me..
>(maybe her telling me she
>would pick me up from the
>airport and i declined as i
>let my mother and little
>brother have the pleasure.. i
>didn't tell her that tho, just
>that i was all set for the
>pickup, she may have taken
>that as a diss?)

If she did that is good. Maybe she was emotional because she felt you are not
giving yourself away for free.

>and then she
>to him had already figured out
>the top 3 places she wanted to
>move to..

Ahhhh... here is her BULLSHIT. She does not even know yet where she is moving.
This means in female sub-communication:"I am waiting for someone to lead me
somewhere, maybe you rcoombs?" Now what I read your second post I understand
better what this "Moving away" really is. It means: maybe I have to take
responsibility for myself UNLESS someone else does. ( You Rcoombs???).

Why I think it is BS? Well she told to you she is moving and she tells to your
friend that she does not know even WHERE??? Or did I miss something in your
former post?

>she has had a bad relationship
>with her father, and close to
>her mom.. but told me as well
>on the phone that she wasn't
>close to her family thus
>another reason justifying her

Ok, this girl is looking for someone to tell her what to do.

Run on her some screening a la Neo-Rio. I mean ask her in details about her
future plans, where she wants to move, how she is planning to achieve success,
does she think she will find good stores in the new place, good friends.. make
clear to her that you do not take her BS and that you will be very DEMANDING if
you will CONSIDER to let her into YOUR WORLD.

>she claims to be very
>high self esteem, but has been
>cheated on during everyone of
>her previous relationships and
>has an issue trusting men.

Yes, a person who is HSE never goes around telling:"I am HSE".

>she loves alpha jerks
>apparently for what i've seen
>in her choices.

So you should behave like a jerk to get her. Maybe this is the reason she was
so "emotional" when you did not let her to come to the airport and gave
preference to mother and brother?

>she also
>hates her ears touched, and
>isn't "kissy".

What she is saying is:"I am horrified of the idea that men could touch me" ( in
particular places? or everywhere?"

>she has big
>time and i mean big time mood

And it raises your testosterone so much isn´t it? Are you sure you want an LTR
with this chick? I think MLTR secondary/FB would be the place for her to be.

>unfortunately she is
>a former top 3 finisher for
>miss vermont and i am a sucker
>for sex with extremely fit

Well you can get sex with her if you attract her like a jerk would do and do
not kiss her too much and/or touch her ears..:)

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