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Borderline chick..advice??

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Borderline chick..advice??
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

On 7/21/05 3:51:00 PM, SmoothGuy69 wrote:

The simply fact that you write this post tells that your "pissed off" quota is
close to reach it´s limits.

She breaks your balls and she is a psycho.

If you go to Las Vegas and marry her it happens to you what very often happens
to people who marry there: they get quick marriage and quick divorce after
getting a wonderful ceremony.

If you like her set a time limit in your week for her, let´s say 3 hours a week
just to fuck her. Forget her in the other time. Consider her at the same level
of a wild animal you are keeping in a cage: in a word watch your back and don´t
forget to shut the cage after you fuck her.

If she broke your balls so much that you do not feel attraction anymore next

She is a LSE Psycho. If you have a "real" relationship with her you will
SUFFER, no matter how good PUA you are because she is not able to get good
things from men.

Franco" target="_blank">
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"Sarge Est Necesse, Vivere Necesse Non Est " Gnaeus Pompeius, revised
>OK Guys, finally. I am
>passing this over to the full
>weight of the mASF community.
>Over to you.
>Enter HBMODEL, adopted, issues
>with her mother,
>overprotective father,
>overbearing stepmother stage
>school style mother. Gets
>validation from her daughter
>by not rewarding nething she
>achieves. The girl is a
>borderline model type. Very
>drama queen. Princess type of
>girl, very high maintenance,
>but she can be jolted out of
>it into being a normal human
>being and when she is she's
>quite nice!
>The girl loves me yet shows
>borderline behavior, has run
>away to cabs, calling and
>putting phone down today,
>attention seeking stuff, I am
>not playing the games anymore.
>It ends here. She's just
>acting like idiot. Fake. The
>shit doesn't work with me. I
>think about the shit tests,
>best way is to act like the
>cool guy and she doesn't
>bother me. She's testing to
>see if I am strong man and if
>I will break.. so therefore?
>"we think it's cute how u're
>teasing like that,i'm in your
>mind,u kinda insecure.. but
>after the bomb scare thing, ur
>coming off creepy.E!"
>She'll think nothing of
>wasting her time on the phone,
>I have better things to do.
>Focusing on my career and
>other chicks that aren't so
>fucking wierd.
>I've seen the following
>strange things..
>1. Seen her go into a
>regressional kiddy fit. You
>can't get thru to her like
>2. Seen her go into a fit and
>say that maybe her mother knew
>she was worthless etc
>therefore adopted her.
>This shit has been going on
>for too long now. Attention
>seeking rubbish. It's kinda
>getting a little wierd now.
>What do you guys suggest? I
>want to break this.
>I was thinking of addressing
>her as her MOTHER. And
>talking to her from that alter
>ego. What do you guys think?
>Any psychiatrists out there?
>I want to enlist the full
>power of mASF to stop this
>shit. I used to enjoy the
>drama, I hit her back with
>putting rich chicks on the
>fone to tool her and rub three
>way sex, other girls i am with
>in her face. Sending her pics
>of better looking girls that I
>am fucking. All that shit.
>She's been proposing marriage
>etc last night, 'Getting
>hitched in Las Vegas' - just
>crazy bitch. What do you guys
>think? I want some real mind
>shit, the works, whatever you

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