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Theory about modern women´s bisexuality

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Theory about modern women´s bisexuality
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

this is a theory of mine about women´s increasing and widespread latent and
overt bisexuality. There was an article in Helsinki a few weeks ago where they
were telling how more and more women are having sex with both sexes. I and many
other guys who have been a lot in the field seem to agree that most of the
chicks are - either overtly or on a latent level - bisexual.

It may seem strange to guys with less experience but one of the easiest thing I
have ever done in my player life is to have two chicks to make love to each
other while I am with them.

In free minded places like the one I live there are more and more women who are
having sexual experiences and relationships with both sexes.

I have a theory about this: I believe this is connected with the following

- Need for Communication
- Need for Rapport
- Need for Comfort

Of course we take into account also that having sex with a woman is surely a
pleasant experience otherwise.

Why this? A man is an aggressive creature full of muscles and able to SHUT
HIMSELF to complete coldness and express himself into ACTION.

It is common knowledge in this board that men who try to be too "communicative"
with women and go too much for "rapport" are easily having women´s sexual
attraction go down.

So women need GIRLFRIENDS and the nature of their relationship is at least on
latent level homosexual.

Why? When I observe women who sit in the evening in set of two in front of each
other in bars what I see is a sublimation of homosexuality which happens by
touching, talking, expressing feelings, there are also fights, drama and so on.

While women are more and more acting so that they divide men into two

- Alphas who don´t communicate and fuck them (the "assholes")
- Betas who sit with them in bars and communicate more or
less with them like malegirlfriends.

They clearly have increasingly difficulties in respecting and loving both Alpha
qualities and more "beta" sweetness and communication qualities in the same man
because of their increasing tendency of not being supportive and loyal to their
men when these ones show them their more human sides and because of the power
battle going on between sexes in Western world.

Now the truth is that a real man can manage for very long times in a cave
without too much comfort and communication but for a woman this is very
difficult, almost killing.

So women´s increasing bisexuality is due to the fact that women are in regard
to men in an impossible conflict: they long communication with them but they
PUNISH them promptly with all the kind of disturbing behavior if men agree to
give it to them.

This is due to the increasingly bad TOUCH women have with men´s world and
masculinity. Also both overt and latent homosexuality are used by women as a
mean to reduce their neediness in regard to men so to make for them easier to
switch from a man to another without too much suffering.

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