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what can the best minds of masf come up with?

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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what can the best minds of masf come up with?
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/19/05 2:57:00 AM, Legion5 wrote:

you probably had lowered cerebral activity when you did this ( where you drunk
or did you forget to DAFS??? )

I show you why.

>11/10 model, famous, lesbian,
>intelligent, and has a superiority
>complex, and she's a brat.
>I only have her e-mail.

Well with this picture your next move was almost a suicide. BTW do you mean
with lesbian LESBIAN or BISEXUAL. If she really is lesbian then you really have
a challenge here.

>""Hey! It was fun meeting you, we should
>totally be best friends, if anything we
>should get drinks together again, you're
>fun, I'm fun, we'd make a great couple.
>Hit Me back.""

Are you kidding us? She is "lesbian", has a superiority complex, is for sure
Secret Society and you tell her:"We´d make a great couple!". Your testosterone
is acting on you in the same way of Vodka.

If you got the smallest chance of having this chick to consider heterosexuality
with you you just lost it.

>Wait 3 days
>""If your playing retarded games with
>people, I don't respect that.
>If you don't want to reply to your mail,
>it probably means you have the
>personality of a penut.
>So just don't bother, go away.
>Have a fantasticly awesome day though.

And what do you think you achieve with this "asshole" behavior? If she is
lesbian and Secret Society after this she has already put you in the book "THE

>HER: (just to clarify) ""oh i'm not
>playin games with anyone.....i just
>don't think ur good enough for me thats
>all......i'm a perfact 10 all
>around...don't ever forget it bitch ""

Ok you got the "tough guy" reaction you wanted. It makes even me horny from
here. I imagine all the kind of chains I would put on her and how I would fuck
her with my dick and a big dildo..

Seriously: next time invent something more "Secret Society" than telling her
you could be a good couple if you want at least "some chances".


>The main thing is, what would you say to
>her at this point? What e-mail would you
>send this girl to wooe her into
>number-closing, and seeing you again?

You already fucked up with your first message. It is more what you should have
not done before. You cannot easily "do something" on such a huge fuck up like
suggesting a couple relationship to a lesbian..


>All women like men, even lesbians, oh
>wait actually real men... that rare
>comodety. (from my experience, and other
>people (Rick said this into a microphone
>which I later heard) "All women are Bi")
>ha ha but cummon, you think it's THAT
>I was actually trying to run "best
>friends forever" game, hey let's be best
>friends! It's very funnny... Just to

You are mixing lesbian women with bisexual women. A real lesbian is horrified
and/or indifferent at the idea that a man would touch her. And yes: most of the
women are bisexual at least on the latent level but there is a small minority
of women who are really lesbians and who would simply vomit at the simple idea
of even looking at a dick..

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