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Zen and Dominance 2

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Zen and Dominance 2
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/17/05 2:46:00 PM, Jestor wrote:

very good post! I have a question for you. You sarge in Toronto and are
obviously seeing lot of very "Secret Society" ladies. Due to the HUGE progress
you have done I take the freedom of asking a few questions I would be very
interested in hearing your opinion about.

If you should give an opinion about the strength of their sexual drive would
you consider them:

- LDs and having sex randomly and rarely only with the rare guys/players who
are very Alpha and need them less while performing their 101 on them.
- HDs and so having sex with LOT of guys randomly to be able to stand the
necessary delay to perform their 101 without having to face longer sexual

And evaluating self-esteem how many of them are LSE and how many HSE in your
opinion? Also do you believe that being very HSE and being sexually promiscous
can cohesist in the same person?

Which one of the two groups is more represented in your opinion between the
women you sarge there?

There are also very RARE HD HSE chicks who - while being able to be very HD in
a relationship with the right guy - are also able to control/sublimate their
sexual desire for longer time if the right guy is not available for a reason or
another ( my actual wife is one of them ). For example they can take very long
periods of "dating" without going into casual sex, until they find what they

Are there women like the ones of this latter group in the area you are sarging?

Franco" target="_blank">
Online Seduction School for Single Men, Husbands & Players

"Sarge Est Necesse, Vivere Necesse Non Est " Gnaeus Pompeius, revised

>Women are always in the game.
>Or at least, their feelings
>always are. Therefore, always
>be mindful of your actions.
>You can't do whatever you
>want, no matter how good you
>think your inner game» is.
>There are rules to follow, a
>minimum number of them but
>nonetheless you must follow
>them. In the most general,
>broadest sense they are: never
>appear needy, never
>supplicate, don't care about
>the outcome, and treat 95% of
>her actions as shit tests (ie.
>tests where she is more
>interested in how you respond
>than in what you respond).
>Fear of loss is the biggest
>thing fucking up guys, even
>guys who have experience.
>Things like wanting to reach a
>lay quota and not willing to
>experiment with an idea, for
>fear of not reaching the
>quota, is what fucks us up.
>When I am with a girl I am
>100% there. This is not the
>same as being needy. I am
>dominant, impudent, physically
>affectionate and constantly
>invading her space with my
>physical presence. And when
>I'm not there with her I move
>on to something else.
>Make the ho say no, as a flake
>prevention strategy, and to
>get her to want to see you
>again. I have lost girls by
>being "considerate" at the
>first sign of resistance.
>Bad. Push as far as you can.
>Keep pushing, keep smiling,
>and never appear like you're
>losing patience. But don't
>give up without a fight. Even
>if she ultimately won't go
>back to your place, by
>persisting like an animal you
>lay the groundwork for her
>wanting to see you again. If
>instead you give up at the
>first sign of resistance she
>will most likely see you as
>weak. This is especially true
>for Secret Society women.
>More on this later.
>You: "Let's hang out at
>my/your place"
>Her: "No"
>You: "Cool, so how about
>hanging out at my/your place"
>Her: blah blah, basically a no
>You: rub her ass and say
>"Nothing will happen"
>Keep doing this until she
>gives in, or until it becomes
>clear that she won't budge.
>If she doesn't give in then
>the symbol (your persistence)
>is most important.
>Subcommunicating sexual
>selfishness is how you make a
>woman feel cherished. If you
>want to show her you care, go
>for the lay. You are living
>the moment after all, just
>like women do.
>Another example: You move in
>to kiss her. She moves away.
>Move in again and say "you
>have pretty good
>reflexes...let's try this
> can't avoid my
>lips forever".
>Women like men who are
>expressive, and who can reach
>them with their words, and
>actions. Be that man.
>Secret Society women are
>basically attractive women who
>date a lot (and/or get a lot
>of offers). They are jaded by
>AFCs and generally view men as
>needy until proven otherwise.
>These women look out for
>themselves and only respond to
>men who are like-minded. They
>are very intolerant of
>mistakes; just like people who
>are jaded with movies, and are
>very hard to please at the
>Secret Society women (even
>those attached) regularly
>structure opportunities for
>casual sex by putting
>themselves in the heart of
>situations where players can
>fuck them. They put up token
>resistance, to shift conscious
>responsibility away from
>themselves, but deep down they
>know it's only a matter of
>time before "it just
>With these women you need
>absolutely no fear of loss.
>Women who are recent
>immigrants, and/or have little
>experience dating, and aren't
>(yet) brainwashed by feminist,
>anti-provider stigma, are the
>ones with whom you can afford
>to be "nicer", more
>"considerate", and less
>I recognize these women by the
>fact that they use very little
>101 on me, shit test little,
>and are visibly enthusiastic
>about being with me.
>To recognize Secret Society
>women on dates pay attention
>especially to how she ends the
>interaction. Does she end the
>date early when it comes time
>to go to the next level, even
>when she is clearly attracted?
>Is she withdrawing, telling
>you she has to go meet a
>friend or whatever? With
>these women you need harsher
>treatment. More dominance,
>more 101, more impudence.
>These are the hoes whom you
>want to get the NO out of.
>Dominate, show impudence,
>connect, build rapport, flirt,
>make the ho say no (sometimes
>yes), then say goodbye. And
>is solid game for the
>attractive, jaded women who
>want the very best. You will
>give them the "worst" and will
>succeed that way.
>Positive reframe: This is the
>heart of the Zen Philosophy.
>So now that the date is over
>and you made her say no, you
>will part ways with a "We'll
>keep in touch", or "Let's
>catch up another time" or
>similar variations. Then kiss
>her passionately, walk away,
>and don't look back. Don't
>contact her for 3-5 weeks
>(rough estimate). You can
>send SMS or whatever small 101
>technique (to touch base, not
>to set up a date), but it's
>not essential. This is what
>keeps the passion alive. If
>you try to set up another date
>even a few days after the last
>date you run the serious risk
>of turning her off. Where's
>the passion she asks herself?
>Now I'm turned off. One woman
>actually told me she likes it
>when she doesn't know what the
>guy is going to do next.
>If she contacts you first and
>suggests another meet then
>accept it. The iron is hot,
>and she likely wants to fuck.
>Otherwise, make her wait (esp.
>if she didn't fuck you on the
>last date). The point is, get
>around to seeing her again,
>don't plan to see her again.
>That IS solid game.
>And don't worry about her
>nexting you because you made
>her wait. Very few women (the
>truly feminine ones) have the
>inner strength to resist a guy
>who is totally there one
>instance and then gone
>indefinitely the next. Also,
>by doing it this way you are
>subcommunicating a very
>important thing, you are
>fucking other women and are in
>no hurry to get around to
>doing her.
>"So what you don't want to
>fuck me! Do you have any idea
>how many chicks have pussies
>and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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